TV shows that I can't wait for its season renewal

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I’m sorry but I think Gossip Girl has sort of pale in comparison to other tv shows out there now. It’s sad but it’s the truth. Like a sort of old article on Popsugar which listed tv series that successfully made its transition from high school to college,at that time they were undecided over the fate of GG but now,after the first half of the 3rd season,I’ve to say, Gossip Girl sort of failed to do so.

The series didn’t show what college life is all about unlike what Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek,and even the old Beverly Hills 90210 successfully managed to do.Remember Rory’s awkward phase in adapting to college life in season 4 &5? Gossip Girls again and again focuses on the scandals and whatnot which in truth is boring me. The reason why I even watch the show at times now is just because of Chuck and Blair.If they break up,I’ll probably stop watching the tv show altogether.

Now on to the list of tv shows which I’m super excited to be renewed next year.


This series really surprised me.I didn’t really like it or even wanted to watch it during its first season.Particularly because the character Annie is super annoying and painful to watch,not to mention very anorexic-looking (a plus for Gossip Girl girls for being healthy—Blake Lively & Leighton—duh!) which made them being scrutinized by the media in the States.Thus,their weight issues got more press than the show which did not sit well with me since it meant that it wasn’t that good.

BUT,the 2nd half of the 1st season got better.With the addition of characters like Teddy and Liam.Plus,my favourite character in the show has got to be Navid,Naomi & Adrianna—both girls has got to be the most gorgeous actresses on tv nowadays next to Sarah Walker(from CHUCK) & Blair Waldorf.I also loved the villainess who’s Jen,Naomi’s big sister.

The first episode of the 2nd season sold me with Navid’s showing off his Lamborghini and the 3 girls—Naomi,Ade & Silver colourful shades & outfits.Oooh,I have to say I’m currently in love with the fashion on 90210 more than in Gossip Girl because each of the girls has great individual style.Naomi is sexy and totally stylish.Silver is more rock/vintage while Ade is totally channelling old Hollywood & looks amazing everytime.

Annie was going into a downward spiral in season 2 which is really fun to watch..And really,Jasper???Like what the heck & she loses her virginity to him?EWWW..ahaha.At the end of the first half of the 2nd season,Naomi & Liam got back together which really excites me although I did like Jamie with Naomi as well.

Dixon used a dirty tactic to woo Silver back which angered me because duh---he broke up with HER and then manipulated his way back to her by backstabbing his own friend Teddy who has genuine feelings for her!argggh.Annie is in big trouble with Jasper—like we didn’t see that coming?

I wonder if Navid & Ade will get back together?I really like them together!Can’t wait for the 2nd part of the 2nd season!

Some of my fave Naomi quotes among many:

Season 2 episode 7:
Naomi: I can't be distracted by rock-hard abs and thighs that have driven countries to war.
Adrianna: What country has ever been driven to war over thighs?

Season 2 episode 11:
Naomi: Did you see that shirt Ivy is wearing? I wouldn't use that shirt as a rag to scrub my own bathtub.


Ah Chuck...I remembered watching the 1st season and remembered how ‘green’ he was with the whole CIA thing.In 2nd season things got waaay better.Jeffster antics made me laugh so many times during the whole 2nd season.Emmet also brought some dysfunctional color into the show.

One of my favourite episode was when Chuck & Sarah played house in the suburbs,when she made him breakfast & the line that she said to him made me go awwww.I so want to do that to my boyfriend too..hehe.The whole FULCRUM & Orion thing was really awesome as was Mr.Awesome—isn’t he THE perfect fiancĂ©/boyfriend/husband ever?

There were many celebs guest starring in the 2nd season, proving it’s popularity like Nicole Richie and Jordana Brewster. The brief appearance of Agent Cole in a few episodes spiced things up too.And I could not believe how totally similar Chuck & his dad looked & that they could find an actor who looked exactly like his own father in real life could be.

I have got to admit that although he appeared only once or twice & that he died in the finale(sorry for the spoiler!!!),I think Bryce Larkin is mighty FINE...Ooooh he is super HOT!The end of the finale was AWESOME(I’m totally being influenced by how many times the word awesome is used in Chuck) since Chuck got some new moves--kungfu!!Can’t wait what more of his newfound intersect talents will bring in the 3rd season.

All I can say is that Chuck is getting better and better.I hope that Morgan won’t totally go away(he’s going to Hawaii with Anna to become a benihana chef) next season since he’s very funny and I hope Jeffster will still be there too!But then again,Chuck doesn’t work at Buy More anymore so...sigh..Waiting for the 3rd season is pure torture!


Ah, the show that totally surprised me. Since I blogged about it a few weeks ago,I’ll make it short for this one.

I can’t wait what songs the cast will sing for the 2nd half of the 1st season. What Sue will do to Will when she gets back from being suspended? What will happen between Will & Emma? What will happen to Finn? Will Rachel stop being annoying? Will somebody stop Quinn from singing solo cos’ I don’t like her voice at all!?!Only time will tell!

I’ve also blog quite lengthy about this series a few weeks ago so I’ll refrain from saying much here.All I hope is that Izzy won’t leave the show & that although I know this is mean,I hope something happens between Christina & Avery because he is HOT!!!Sorry Owen!


Half-a-day at the Syariah Court

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Last Thursday morning I woke up super early thanks to my mum who woke me up at 5.50 am!It’s because me & my mum had to go to Bandar Baru Bangi to my aunt & cousin’s house. I spent half a day at the Syariah Court with my mum,my aunts & my cousins because we were there to support my aunt and her divorce proceeding .

Before my aunt’s case, there were around 4 other cases and it was very shocking because their dirty laundry is being told to others in the court to hear. One of them made me sick to my stomach because the husband with such an innocent looking face, texted to his wife that he wanted a divorce but he claims that he was too drunk with his friends to realize what he texted her.Yes, a husband who drinks & he’s a Muslim.hurmph.

Oh,funny thing is,the judge pointed out that how could he texted a clear and concise sentence and claimed that he didn’t realize what he was doing or in his own words, ‘tidak sedar’.A bunch of BS!

There was one case whereby one of my cousins wanted to whack the head of the husband because he didn’t now know why he came to court & couldn’t answer the questions from the judge.So the judge asked him to leave the court and come back when he has figured out why he came with his ex-wife in the first place.Turns out afterward after the dude managed to get his bearings or maybe drank a cup of coffee to wake him up,they were there to get back together or in Malay term ‘rujuk’.

To cut it short,my aunt was represented by a lawyer from my uncle’s law firm in KL. He has 2 law firms,1 in KL & 1 in Kuah,Langkawi. The lawyer’s name can’t be put here but he is very handsome & a prominent Syariah lawyer.The case went well.Lawyers from both parties defended their clients and I’ve to say my aunt’s lawyer is waay better than the other one.hahaah.

Although the family came very early but had to wait until about 11 something and I realized that I just spend half a day at the Syariah Court of all places.haha.


Making Meatballs

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I have tried 2 meatballs recipe and both yield great results. Recently I wanted to make Jamie Oliver’s version of meatballs from the Ministry of Food podcast.The podcast can be downloaded via iTunes.

The video of Jamie was peppered with a cheeky bit TWICE, when Jamie was saying about the different shape of balls and his eyes twinkled and we all know what it means!lol.
Anyway,I wanted to try the recipe because the ingredients used are ingredients that I have never used while making meatballs like mustard and Jacob’s cream crackers(which works brilliantly as I found out!).

The recipe is so easy and I tweaked it a bit by adding a clove of garlic,1 teaspoon extra of mustard,a pinch of salt and sugar.

Below is the recipe because as Jamie said at the end of the video, ‘don’t forget to pass it on’!

Mince meat
1 tablespoon of dry oregano
1 teaspoon of Yellow Mustard
1 egg
6-9 Jacob’s cream crackers, bash it up into crumbs.
A handful of fresh rosemary

Mix them all together,shaped into same size and fry until golden brown!Serve with spaghetti & tomato sauce/bolognaise.


Of a LBD & books & more Looklets

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No time to write much words since this is my dad's pc--this house of my parents although there's Streamyx,there's no router=no wifi for my pinkerton(that's what I named my pink Vaio..hehe).Thus,the pc is always being occupied by my brothers since it's the sem break & school hols & they download lotsa movies=slow internet connection for me.haih.

Anyway,below are the pics of books that I bought at a recent warehouse sale that I went with my parents & my 3 lil' cousins.I've finished reading the orange one titled Slightly Single which is a very empowering story in my opinion.Because the main character,Tracey showed me that you can stand on your own two feet without having a man by your side.

The number of books that I have is amounting to 200 & I have no idea where I'm going to put the 100+ books that I lend to Ethos Society after I graduate since my empty bookshelf is filled to the brim already after 1 year.I feel so 'sayang' to sell them as each & everyone of them has sentimental value.Seriously.Everytime I buy a book,I'll write down the date thus I'll remember where I bought it & when & the story behind the purchase.Ooh,I found the book Beaches II,a sequel to the dvd of the movie that I have,starring Bette Midler.Can't wait to read on how Cee Cee's life ends up...Remember the vintage LBD's that I bought last week with my mum?Below is the picture of one of em'.Isn't it pretty & classy & something that Blair would totally wear??hahaha.And it's such a steal like you wouldn't believe it!!

I heard that list of schools for practicum will be out on Monday--god I'm so effing nervous!Oh,my final results are waaaay better than last semester & the semester before in fact..hehe.NO MORE FINALS FOR ME!!It's official!!!Only practicum & AE left to go before I graduate with a B.Ed in TESL...yikes!

More Looklet sets that I created recently...

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Currently i'm at my friends house,I can't blog about my recent warehouse sale book purchases since most of them,excluding 3,are at my parents house.I bought 3 amazingly beautiful vintage LBD's with my mum last Saturday & maybe I'll take pics of me wearing em' when I go back home.hehe.

Anyhoo,I stumble upon this website today & can't stop playing around with it.I guess Scrabble Worldwide has a website that's competing for my attention over it.haha.Below are some of the looks that I've created today.The web is great but I guess because it's still new,there's not so many things to use unlike Polyvore.But I like the fact that 'models' can wear the clothes that we've chosen.
The first look is actually what I wore out today.Everything is the same except that my studded flats are in black but the web has no black studded flats.


Taylor Lautner on SNL!!*hotness*

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How can you not love Taylor Lautner pray tell???Good God!!Even Taylor Swift who's 3 years older than him doesn't mind dating him..and neither would I,who's 22.ahahaha.He was on SNL last week & he was awesome!!!!Atleast in my opinion.;)And no,I haven't watched New Moon yet,but I've read the book long ago & I'll probably just buy the ori dvd just for the sake of watching Taylor Lautner himself..hehehe.

*As diehards Taylor fans may know out there,he is a martial artist that has won awards for it(I don't remember what it was..thus his monologue of course showed off his AMAZING skills.I love he insert about Taylor Swift like she did during her SNL monologue--I hope they end up together for good!!!:)))

*Below,Taylor plays Mariana,who's in Team Edward..My fave line "I wanna bake cookies on your stomach","His abs are fake--it's all CGI like the werewolves","The dude who plays Jacob deserve an Oscar!"..ROFL!!!!!!!!

Link to the school choir skit--CLICK HERE!


Hooked on GLEE & girly sleepover

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I haven't blog in quite sometime..Been busy going back & forth to Tasputra,Whoa Willow stuff & haven't slept for more than 5 hours(that's the max--most of the time just 3 or 4 hours) yet although I'm back at my parents house since Thursday night.Yesterday morn went to Tasputra again with 4 other friends,got back in time to prepare for the sleepover with my teenage cousins.They've been asking me to teach em' how to cook & they want to have a sleepover but I've been busy that I couldn't set a date for it.

Last night 3 of them came--Ika & Wani are siblings & Nana who is the only girl in her family(like moi')came too.We baked choh chip cookies & made creme caramel last night.Today I made spaghetti bolognaise for lunch.Probably going to a book warehouse sale this evening--hopefully.I'm hoping to find books to give to others rather buy lots for myself since I have many books that I bought but haven't read yet.

Anyway,thanks to a post by my friend Jessica HERE,I decided to give GLEE a chance.Although my other friends like Moja,Acad & Tajul have been watching it & promoting to others,I thought that the idea of a musical tv series just doesn't appeal to me.Probably because I have watched Brittania High & Jonas & when they suddenly burst out singing it was just so bloody annoying.BUT because of Jess rave reviews & because I wanted to see who the heck Sue Sylverter is,I decided to watch GLEE & thanks to Nad who have the episodes.

After giving GLEE a chance, I have to say I love it!I just can't believe how brilliant their singing voices are!I was a wee bit disappointed about Sue Sylvester because in my head I thought that she was like Sharpay in HSM but turns out she's a cheerleader coach!But she's still quite the bitch..haha.I find Rachel super annoying though.Quinn & Will's wife are just evil.I mean both of them are lying to the ones that they love.Like HUGE lies!!What's up with that?I have a bit of a crush on Puck.hehe.Can't wait to see what the upcoming episodes will bring.My fave rendition was when they sang one of Kanye's song.That was awesome & fun!And duh,when Puck sang Caroline..sigh...Aite,gtg & get back to the family.Buhbye!!


Paranormal Activity,American Idiot musical & 2 Taylors

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The first time I heard about this movie was through an article that was featured in The Star newspaper over a month ago.The article stated that after Steven Spielberg had watched the movie,his bedroom door locked him inside and he was so scared that he put the dvd of the movie in a garbage bag.So tonight,after hearing reviews about it,watched the scary trailer and heard the various reaction of the people who watched it,I finally got to see the movie along with my 3 other friends.It was super scary.The movie was made on a shoestring budget--US$15000 & now,it has reaped over 100 mil!Very impressive.I cursed a lot while watching the movie and me & my friends was clutching pillows over our faces during the night scenes.hahaha.

I think the brilliance of the movie is over the fact of 'something' that we can't see.It plays tricks in our mind.After the movie ended,we watched the 2009(cinema) ending because the one that we watched was the 2007 version.I have to say I like the original ending better and there's a 3rd ending that said Katie slit her throat in front of the camera but it was only shown to viewers in one cinema,which I've no idea where.I think it was a very good scare movie without having to show any ghost or zombies whatsoever.It's been a long time since I watched a movie that's able to scare me.I actually want to watch the movie all over again but maybe I'll watch it with my brothers & parents..Wonder what their reaction will be??hehehe

Oh,did you guys heard about Green Day's musical titled American Idiot?I listened to their musical version of 21 Guns and was blown away.I loved it.Below are the trailer of the musical that has been getting rave reviews.Oh how I wish I could watch it but I'm thousand of miles away.sigh.The reviews of the musical has been excellent.

I just can't stop listening to the musical version of 21 Guns.Utterly beautiful.

I just love the fact that Taylor Swift is with Taylor Lautner.Love it!Both of them look so good together and she deserve waaay better after the whole Joe Jonas episode.But yeah,if they get married,she'd be Taylor Lautner too..hahaha.Below is a video that Evan Taubenfeld sang about her..I'm so jealous!How many girls would kill to be in her shoes?I know I would--hello,she get's to date,hug & kiss Taylor & ride in his Porsche Turbo!!woooweeeee...hahaha.


Natrah & Whoa Willow promo vid

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Phew..I haven't blog in awhile because been busy with life and whatnot..ahaha.Last week I went to Istana Budaya along with 3 of my aunts and 4 cousins of mine and Izza too,to watch Natrah.It was very sad and a little bit scary(because of the huge statue of Jesus & church scene).I was a little bit annoyed with the Bollywood-ish dance/singing scenes.I thought Maya Karin did a very good job in portraying the character Natrah considering that it was her first time on stage and of course Sofia Jane did a wonderful job as well as Umie Aida who played Natrah's Malay mum,Aminah.

The hearthrob award goes to who else but Remy Ishak whom I think is very manly..haha.God,we need more manly Malay men around & not scrawny ones..lolss.Sad to hear that he got beat up by some guys during Saturday night after the show in his own dressing room..What's up with that??? Anyway,the message that Eirma Fatima wanted to convey through the theater was that there's a lot of 'Natrah's' out there who may be lost but are neglected by us.Watching the amok scene in Singapore when Natrah was taken to Holland was very chilling.I hope it won't happen to our country.

Anyhoo,below are one of the best promotion video from Whoa Willow which stars one of the cast,Acap.It's very funny & I would like to share the vid with you guys.Please come & watch the show next month!!Tickets can be purchase online through Ticket Axcess.


Iron Chef America,more cooking & pigging out day

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When I was a kid or was it during my teen years,my family and I loved watching Iron Chef.You know,the Japanese show whereby chefs come to battle with one of the 4 iron chefs and they have to cook a few dishes that has to use the secret ingredient.But America has adapted this show and made it into their own and I have been hooked on it ever since.I have about 17 battles in my laptop that I have downloaded and some of my favourite battles were the ones that used puff pastry,pizza dough,hamburger,all-star holiday dessert,parmigiano reggiano,milk & cream,potatoes,cranberries and chocolate & coconut.

The 4 iron chefs in Iron Chef America are(although initially when it started there was only 3 iron chef,all male) Mario Batali,Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto and Cat Cora.I love the 2 people who gives us updates during the cooking process which are Kevin Brauch and Alton Brown.My favourite judge is Ted Allen although the judges change in each episode.

You learn a lot about food in each episode because Alton Brown is just so smart and everytime a chef mentions a cooking method or unique ingredients they are using, he can actually explain it to us what it is in quite a few words.

The different secret ingredient in each battle makes watching each episode so much fun and mouth watering because you get to see the chef coming up with innovative dishes using sometime weird secret ingredients like pizza dough and hamburger.One chef even made ice cream using meat!And who would have thought chocolate pasta existed as shown in the Chocolate & Coconut battle. The All-Star Holiday Dessert battle was the best yet because Paula Deen & Robert Irvine(from the great show Dinner Impossible which my parents love to watch) was in it.

The battle that made me actually wanted to eat everything was the onion battle.I am going to do the blooming onion soon!hehe.

Oh,the pineapple tarts actually tasted way better when you shaped it this way instead of the one that I did before.Because I tried a bunch of shapes and my parents prefer the one below.

I made mee rebus on Sunday.The recipe is past down from generations to generations.My grandma is famous for it among our relatives.I’m glad I can cook it as good as she does.hehe.

InStyle December is out & I bought it!Taylor Swift is on the cover & Taylor Lautner is in it too!!woohooo

Went to watch Karaoke today with Izza,Ella & Moja.The movie is it a bit hard to fathom at times but I guess one has to really focus while watching it??Anyway,ate way too much with them today.Lunch I ate bbq chicken wantan noodles.Then went to Zen for dessert which was creme brulee with a pot of English Breakfast.Dinner was at Strawberry Fields & I ate the sweet n' sour fish rice...*BURP*...Spend a lot on food today.. Now I'm watching 500 days of summer again,with Izza because I want her insights on it!!