Hooked on GLEE & girly sleepover

Saturday, December 12, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

I haven't blog in quite sometime..Been busy going back & forth to Tasputra,Whoa Willow stuff & haven't slept for more than 5 hours(that's the max--most of the time just 3 or 4 hours) yet although I'm back at my parents house since Thursday night.Yesterday morn went to Tasputra again with 4 other friends,got back in time to prepare for the sleepover with my teenage cousins.They've been asking me to teach em' how to cook & they want to have a sleepover but I've been busy that I couldn't set a date for it.

Last night 3 of them came--Ika & Wani are siblings & Nana who is the only girl in her family(like moi')came too.We baked choh chip cookies & made creme caramel last night.Today I made spaghetti bolognaise for lunch.Probably going to a book warehouse sale this evening--hopefully.I'm hoping to find books to give to others rather buy lots for myself since I have many books that I bought but haven't read yet.

Anyway,thanks to a post by my friend Jessica HERE,I decided to give GLEE a chance.Although my other friends like Moja,Acad & Tajul have been watching it & promoting to others,I thought that the idea of a musical tv series just doesn't appeal to me.Probably because I have watched Brittania High & Jonas & when they suddenly burst out singing it was just so bloody annoying.BUT because of Jess rave reviews & because I wanted to see who the heck Sue Sylverter is,I decided to watch GLEE & thanks to Nad who have the episodes.

After giving GLEE a chance, I have to say I love it!I just can't believe how brilliant their singing voices are!I was a wee bit disappointed about Sue Sylvester because in my head I thought that she was like Sharpay in HSM but turns out she's a cheerleader coach!But she's still quite the bitch..haha.I find Rachel super annoying though.Quinn & Will's wife are just evil.I mean both of them are lying to the ones that they love.Like HUGE lies!!What's up with that?I have a bit of a crush on Puck.hehe.Can't wait to see what the upcoming episodes will bring.My fave rendition was when they sang one of Kanye's song.That was awesome & fun!And duh,when Puck sang Caroline..sigh...Aite,gtg & get back to the family.Buhbye!!


Jessica_Lyne said...

gah! glad u shared my sentiment. There's no sharpay in Glee, I thought Quinn was going to channel some sharpay but she's in the club and gets nicer every time. Sue is the crazy bitch in the show :D i hate hate Will's wife, but she's gonna pay for it (a lil spoiler if you are not there yet) :D

Li said...

quinn is nice but i don't really like her singing voice...it's too soft..haha..omg..will sooooooooooooo need to DIVORCE her plz & marry Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emma & Will has amazing chemistry..hehehe

love glee! welcome to the club liyana! :)

Li said...

fira--u dh ade blog??woohoo
nanti i link..hehehe

haah--i siap burn all the songs from the show & burn it in a cd & listen to it in the car..my fave,puck's rendition of sweet caroline & gold digger--cos' cool gils cikgu bley rap..lolss..