Iron Chef America,more cooking & pigging out day

Tuesday, December 01, 2009 Unknown 2 Comments

When I was a kid or was it during my teen years,my family and I loved watching Iron Chef.You know,the Japanese show whereby chefs come to battle with one of the 4 iron chefs and they have to cook a few dishes that has to use the secret ingredient.But America has adapted this show and made it into their own and I have been hooked on it ever since.I have about 17 battles in my laptop that I have downloaded and some of my favourite battles were the ones that used puff pastry,pizza dough,hamburger,all-star holiday dessert,parmigiano reggiano,milk & cream,potatoes,cranberries and chocolate & coconut.

The 4 iron chefs in Iron Chef America are(although initially when it started there was only 3 iron chef,all male) Mario Batali,Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto and Cat Cora.I love the 2 people who gives us updates during the cooking process which are Kevin Brauch and Alton Brown.My favourite judge is Ted Allen although the judges change in each episode.

You learn a lot about food in each episode because Alton Brown is just so smart and everytime a chef mentions a cooking method or unique ingredients they are using, he can actually explain it to us what it is in quite a few words.

The different secret ingredient in each battle makes watching each episode so much fun and mouth watering because you get to see the chef coming up with innovative dishes using sometime weird secret ingredients like pizza dough and hamburger.One chef even made ice cream using meat!And who would have thought chocolate pasta existed as shown in the Chocolate & Coconut battle. The All-Star Holiday Dessert battle was the best yet because Paula Deen & Robert Irvine(from the great show Dinner Impossible which my parents love to watch) was in it.

The battle that made me actually wanted to eat everything was the onion battle.I am going to do the blooming onion soon!hehe.

Oh,the pineapple tarts actually tasted way better when you shaped it this way instead of the one that I did before.Because I tried a bunch of shapes and my parents prefer the one below.

I made mee rebus on Sunday.The recipe is past down from generations to generations.My grandma is famous for it among our relatives.I’m glad I can cook it as good as she does.hehe.

InStyle December is out & I bought it!Taylor Swift is on the cover & Taylor Lautner is in it too!!woohooo

Went to watch Karaoke today with Izza,Ella & Moja.The movie is it a bit hard to fathom at times but I guess one has to really focus while watching it??Anyway,ate way too much with them today.Lunch I ate bbq chicken wantan noodles.Then went to Zen for dessert which was creme brulee with a pot of English Breakfast.Dinner was at Strawberry Fields & I ate the sweet n' sour fish rice...*BURP*...Spend a lot on food today.. Now I'm watching 500 days of summer again,with Izza because I want her insights on it!!


Syud said...

u know wht? smlm tgk ur blog buat spegeti hari terus lapa nk spegeti. terpaksa use daging korban as minced meat. hoho :P

Li said...

aq use daging korban utk kuah mee rebus tuh..