Wednesday, December 16, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Currently i'm at my friends house,I can't blog about my recent warehouse sale book purchases since most of them,excluding 3,are at my parents house.I bought 3 amazingly beautiful vintage LBD's with my mum last Saturday & maybe I'll take pics of me wearing em' when I go back home.hehe.

Anyhoo,I stumble upon this website today & can't stop playing around with it.I guess Scrabble Worldwide has a website that's competing for my attention over it.haha.Below are some of the looks that I've created today.The web is great but I guess because it's still new,there's not so many things to use unlike Polyvore.But I like the fact that 'models' can wear the clothes that we've chosen.
The first look is actually what I wore out today.Everything is the same except that my studded flats are in black but the web has no black studded flats.


hye Lil.
the outfir posted on your blog are super duper Hot..

same goes with you. Hot stuff..

~xde keje. sori kalau comment ni ntah apa apa.haha

Li said...

rindu sama kamu!!hehe
thanks!ape lg gi la try wat outfits ko plak kat web die--looklet.com..:)

totally go for number two and 4. i would wear it! :D