Natrah & Whoa Willow promo vid

Monday, December 07, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Phew..I haven't blog in awhile because been busy with life and whatnot..ahaha.Last week I went to Istana Budaya along with 3 of my aunts and 4 cousins of mine and Izza too,to watch Natrah.It was very sad and a little bit scary(because of the huge statue of Jesus & church scene).I was a little bit annoyed with the Bollywood-ish dance/singing scenes.I thought Maya Karin did a very good job in portraying the character Natrah considering that it was her first time on stage and of course Sofia Jane did a wonderful job as well as Umie Aida who played Natrah's Malay mum,Aminah.

The hearthrob award goes to who else but Remy Ishak whom I think is very manly..haha.God,we need more manly Malay men around & not scrawny ones..lolss.Sad to hear that he got beat up by some guys during Saturday night after the show in his own dressing room..What's up with that??? Anyway,the message that Eirma Fatima wanted to convey through the theater was that there's a lot of 'Natrah's' out there who may be lost but are neglected by us.Watching the amok scene in Singapore when Natrah was taken to Holland was very chilling.I hope it won't happen to our country.

Anyhoo,below are one of the best promotion video from Whoa Willow which stars one of the cast,Acap.It's very funny & I would like to share the vid with you guys.Please come & watch the show next month!!Tickets can be purchase online through Ticket Axcess.