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Saturday, December 19, 2009 Liyana Hanim 10 Comments

No time to write much words since this is my dad's pc--this house of my parents although there's Streamyx,there's no router=no wifi for my pinkerton(that's what I named my pink Vaio..hehe).Thus,the pc is always being occupied by my brothers since it's the sem break & school hols & they download lotsa movies=slow internet connection for me.haih.

Anyway,below are the pics of books that I bought at a recent warehouse sale that I went with my parents & my 3 lil' cousins.I've finished reading the orange one titled Slightly Single which is a very empowering story in my opinion.Because the main character,Tracey showed me that you can stand on your own two feet without having a man by your side.

The number of books that I have is amounting to 200 & I have no idea where I'm going to put the 100+ books that I lend to Ethos Society after I graduate since my empty bookshelf is filled to the brim already after 1 year.I feel so 'sayang' to sell them as each & everyone of them has sentimental value.Seriously.Everytime I buy a book,I'll write down the date thus I'll remember where I bought it & when & the story behind the purchase.Ooh,I found the book Beaches II,a sequel to the dvd of the movie that I have,starring Bette Midler.Can't wait to read on how Cee Cee's life ends up...Remember the vintage LBD's that I bought last week with my mum?Below is the picture of one of em'.Isn't it pretty & classy & something that Blair would totally wear??hahaha.And it's such a steal like you wouldn't believe it!!

I heard that list of schools for practicum will be out on Monday--god I'm so effing nervous!Oh,my final results are waaaay better than last semester & the semester before in fact..hehe.NO MORE FINALS FOR ME!!It's official!!!Only practicum & AE left to go before I graduate with a B.Ed in TESL...yikes!

More Looklet sets that I created recently...

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missyonne said...

kak yana,

that dresss! u look gorg in that.


Li said...


tak aci tak aci shopping tanpa akuuuuuu!!! huhu nak shop gak. cantek yana the LBD mesti harga meletops weh :P nnt nak tgk!!!

Jessica_Lyne said...

that, my dear, is one hell of a gorgeous dress and you look ubersexy wearing it! me loves it :D

p/s yes, it's totally Blair!

liyana! omg. love nmber 3!! mcm mane nak main looklet ni? looks like so much fun lah! :)

Li said...

jess---super thanks for the compliment!!!!can't wait to wear the dress for a formal affair/date..lolss

so Blair rite???

Li said...

napz--xshopping mane pon..hehehe
dress tuh xmhl langsung..harganya harus dirahsiakn sbb nanti ramai yg jeles..hahaha

the dress is awesome! wear it to practice! mana tau ada budak music yang terjatuh hati! hehe lawl. btw looklet under construction kann.. xbest

Li said...

izza--motif pakai ke practice??pakai time show la nanti kat audi..hahah..bdak music yg mane tew???lolsss
what??cit...aq bru 1 day meninggalkan ia dh kene construction..aiyaaak...

Li said...

fira--u just bukak looklet.com,register & bley start maen!