Paranormal Activity,American Idiot musical & 2 Taylors

Tuesday, December 08, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

The first time I heard about this movie was through an article that was featured in The Star newspaper over a month ago.The article stated that after Steven Spielberg had watched the movie,his bedroom door locked him inside and he was so scared that he put the dvd of the movie in a garbage bag.So tonight,after hearing reviews about it,watched the scary trailer and heard the various reaction of the people who watched it,I finally got to see the movie along with my 3 other friends.It was super scary.The movie was made on a shoestring budget--US$15000 & now,it has reaped over 100 mil!Very impressive.I cursed a lot while watching the movie and me & my friends was clutching pillows over our faces during the night scenes.hahaha.

I think the brilliance of the movie is over the fact of 'something' that we can't see.It plays tricks in our mind.After the movie ended,we watched the 2009(cinema) ending because the one that we watched was the 2007 version.I have to say I like the original ending better and there's a 3rd ending that said Katie slit her throat in front of the camera but it was only shown to viewers in one cinema,which I've no idea where.I think it was a very good scare movie without having to show any ghost or zombies whatsoever.It's been a long time since I watched a movie that's able to scare me.I actually want to watch the movie all over again but maybe I'll watch it with my brothers & parents..Wonder what their reaction will be??hehehe

Oh,did you guys heard about Green Day's musical titled American Idiot?I listened to their musical version of 21 Guns and was blown away.I loved it.Below are the trailer of the musical that has been getting rave reviews.Oh how I wish I could watch it but I'm thousand of miles away.sigh.The reviews of the musical has been excellent.

I just can't stop listening to the musical version of 21 Guns.Utterly beautiful.

I just love the fact that Taylor Swift is with Taylor Lautner.Love it!Both of them look so good together and she deserve waaay better after the whole Joe Jonas episode.But yeah,if they get married,she'd be Taylor Lautner too..hahaha.Below is a video that Evan Taubenfeld sang about her..I'm so jealous!How many girls would kill to be in her shoes?I know I would--hello,she get's to date,hug & kiss Taylor & ride in his Porsche Turbo!!woooweeeee...hahaha.


Jessica_Lyne said...

That movie scare the shit out of me. I watched in alone, at night with the lights off. I think the movie is waaayy scarier that the usual types because there is "nothing" there, no dramatic music or fancy effects whatsoever, so it looks very real ~shudders~. I end up sleeping with the lights on.

eiqaaa :) said...

hye kak liyana. yea i agree that the scary thing about this movie is the thing that we can see.

btw,yea friday ni ayah suruh kak liyana ambil kitaorg.

and about that girl yang eiqa cursed tu,sorry eiqa tgah marah gila kat &$#@&* seriously dia mcm gedik gilaaaaa. nanti kita hang eiqa cerita okay. can't wait this fridayy.and sorry cuz i tulis yang tak elok kat my blog :(