Taylor Lautner on SNL!!*hotness*

Monday, December 14, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

How can you not love Taylor Lautner pray tell???Good God!!Even Taylor Swift who's 3 years older than him doesn't mind dating him..and neither would I,who's 22.ahahaha.He was on SNL last week & he was awesome!!!!Atleast in my opinion.;)And no,I haven't watched New Moon yet,but I've read the book long ago & I'll probably just buy the ori dvd just for the sake of watching Taylor Lautner himself..hehehe.

*As diehards Taylor fans may know out there,he is a martial artist that has won awards for it(I don't remember what it was..thus his monologue of course showed off his AMAZING skills.I love he insert about Taylor Swift like she did during her SNL monologue--I hope they end up together for good!!!:)))

*Below,Taylor plays Mariana,who's in Team Edward..My fave line "I wanna bake cookies on your stomach","His abs are fake--it's all CGI like the werewolves","The dude who plays Jacob deserve an Oscar!"..ROFL!!!!!!!!

Link to the school choir skit--CLICK HERE!