Cherry necklace,K-Pop & Things I'm looking fwd to..

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*Pics taken with my new hp!yeay..after months of using my aunt's hp due to my old one being stolen & my dad refused to replace it because of my 'kelalaian'...:(*

A few days ago I went to the Old Blossom Box Store with a friend who have just found love which equals to I am doomed(inside joke..haha).I have been reading Jezmine’s blog(the owner of the boutique) a long time ago ever since a fellow blogger friend & Shah Alam-ians,Hanie Hidayah linked it on her blog.I always admire Jezmine for her classy but quirky fashion sense and her ability to walk daily in high high heels!woweee..I seriously can’t do that..anymore!hahaha.

Anyhow,I was a wee bit sad that I couldn’t go to her store opening unlike my friend Fira HERE.Jezmine said that due to the space of her store,she had to nix the open invitation and limit it to 80 people only.But it’s okay since the store is so near my place(only 5 minutes away!),I can go there,every week(pokai la macam tuh!).Thus,I went there and was greeted by Jezmine herself and her mom & brother was there as well.Aww,I love it when people are close to their family members.

The shop is so pretty!The decor color is light pink and white.I love the whole concept. because it looked like an old candy store like Pop Tates in The Archie Comics.hehe.I had to buy this one of a kind cherry necklace(pictured above) and after asking Jezmine if there’s more of it(because I thought of buying it the next time around),I just had to get it!I love cherry motifs on stuff. Though I don’t actually own anything that has cherries on it...yet.Probably because I tend to buy lots of butterflies stuff.

The wall in my bedroom at my parent’s house is filled with butterflies motif which my mum decorated as a surprise because she saw the lavender (one of my favourite colors!) and deep purple butterfly mural that I painted on my wall a while back. There’s glow in the dark butterflies on the wall too. I have many butterfly tops, dresses and necklaces. I haven’t found the right t-shirt and earrings yet though.

Jezmine was very nice and friendly and she even remembered Fira and said that she wished she would have won the best dress instead which made Fira very happy when we told her about it.:)
Because of some of my students,I have become moreinterested in K-Pop.If before this,I was over the moon with Korean actors,my students have given me more room to like them even more via K-Pop.

They just love Super Junior’s ‘Sorry sorry’.But I’ve got to say that I prefer Big Bang and DBSK.I watched Big Bang performed with Lee Hyori a few months ago on tv and was like...woaahh,they’re super hot!haaha.Especially one guy in particular.:) Big Bang’s ‘Lies’ song has been playing in my HEAD for a few days now ever since I watched the clip below..:))

Things I’m looking fwd to:
1) Going on a road trip in March with the girls & someone paying the expenses & place to stay & all I’ve to do is pay for food—wahoooooooooo(kunun2 lain dr yahoo.muahaha)!!!
2) A particular concert that I’m going to go..maybe la kot...have to get the moolah quickly!


A bunch of things

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People have been yapping on and on about Cotton On ever since it arrive on our shore & I sort of knew about the brand because 2 of my friends who came back last year from being exchange students there bought a few things from it..

Thus, a few days ago I bought 3 ballet flats(2 Bronte Flats in red & black & one that resembles Chanel's in black/white) from Cotton On because they're cheap & so comfortable.Plus,I prefer wearing them to school since the classes that I teach is on the 4th floor & walking fast in flats feels much better on my feet than my high heels.Wedges are comfy too but I haven't found ones that caught my eye yet.

Anyhoo,while I was perusing my faculty's library on a SATURDAY afternoon(giler xde life kan aq skang?),searching for materials that I can use to teach my students with,I stumbled upon this charming little book.... I borrowed the book(along with several others that I can actually use for teaching) & finished reading it in a couple of hours.

Basically the book is about 4 friends(2 girls + 1 twin girls) who have their own catering business at the age of 11!hahaha.They cook for their neighbours who are too busy to have the time to do so.I thought that it's a cute and different concept for a teen book series.

Oh,I LOVE the smell of Kim Kardashian's perfume.It smells like tuberose in a bottle when I first sniff it on the February issue of Instyle Magazine--yes,the Feb issue is out people--go & buy it!As I search online for what's actually in the perfume---I was right!!It does contain tuberose!!I instantly know this because my mom loves tuberose and planted it in our garden(it grew!!although I'm sort of feel creep out over it especially at night because of the Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam movie).

Malaysians know tuberose as bunga harum sundal malam(means fragrant night whore--haha).But the perfume will only be available in February in the States.Wonder when it'll arrive to our country..hurm..

Another perfume that I've tested & love is Lola by Marc Jacobs.The smell is fresh and lovely.Look at the bloomin' bottle(BELOW)??I love perfume with a beautiful bottle.My current perfume is With Love and the bottle is so pretty!My previous perfume,Vera Wang Princess had a lovely bottle & crown but it was STOLEN along with my bag & ALL of it's contents,during the month of Ramadhan.T_T...
My love for perfume stemmed from both of my parents who took perfume very seriously and they've accumulate a LOT since they were young.My mom doesn't trust perfume shops as they could be selling fakes & buy em' at department stores like Parkson or Metrojaya.

Oh,BTW,people shouldn't be able to smell the perfume of a person when they're like a few feet away from you.That's NOT the way to wear a perfume.But people still DRENCHED themselves in perfume that you can smell them a MILE away.*sigh*

I remembered when my mom gave me my 1st bottle of perfume when I was 12 years old--Versace Red Jeans & the bottle came in a pretty tin casing. After that,I never stopped wearing perfume.Some of the faves that I've worn were:

Burberry Brit--love the smell!
YSL Cinema--the bottle is pretty & I love the smell & so does my mom.
Moschino Cheap & Chic--The heart shaped top is so pretty!
Chic by Carolina Herrera--Yaya said she loved the smell of this.
Esprit--in a pale purple bottle that had hints of blackberry & I don't remember--but they don't make the perfume anymore!!!
Davidoff Cool Water & Summer something--I wore this brand for a long time,I think 3 bottles of it in the span of 1 & 1/2 years.
Ralph by Ralph Lauren--wore this when I was 15 years old.

I watched this

movie last night & I've got to say that I love it because it's true to life.There are people who get by,by living off others like Nikki and Heather.Of course,this movie is not for one who is not comfortable watching sex scenes because there's a lot of it.Ashton's character was charming & all but his style was just blerghh..Like suspenders??Really???tsk22.
I love it when Nikki met Heather and she treated him the way he treated all the girls/women in his life.The table was turned & it was fun watching him being put through all those emotions.The character Samantha is very empowering to me because she has a lot going on for her and she doesn't depend on the guy.Very sexy!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT THAT SEPHORA IS NOW OPEN IN SINGAPORE???BLASPHEMY!!!!COME DOWN HERE TO MALAYSIA PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!ARGGGHHH I'M SO EFFING JEALOUS...Because I've been yapping on an on about Sephora to my friend even before it was mentioned in the Shopaholic takes Manhattan book...Everytime Christmas comes,Instyle will show all the great Sephora deals & I'll be drooling all over the mag.WHY OH WHY doesn't Sephora open a store HERE????T_T...

Okay enough with the ranting,I HAVE TO complete my ROS Report which has to be sent by tomorrow..yikes!!!Byesss!!


Dearest everybody that I love...haha

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Due to the fact that this is my last semester..which means I have to complete my Practicum + Thesis(Academic Exercise) THIS semester.I’m hoping that all of you know that you are still important in my life but it’s just that I won’t have much free time to spend it with you because to be frank,it’s been 3 weeks & I only managed to go back to my parents house which is only like 30 mins away,for just 1 day!

Thus,I would like all of you to not be hurt or feel neglected by me because currently my time is preoccupied with trying to figure out creative ways in which I can teach my students, arranging the debate team for the school, going to sports practice twice a week (since I’m the secretary for the sports team),figuring out how the heck I am going to finish my AE and trying to atleast get 4-5 hours of sleep so that I don’t look all squinty eyed at school.ahahaha.

Despite ALL that,I do miss my friends who are happily embarking on newfound love(ehem2,uhuk2 Izza..muahahaha),going to cool places or just plain lepak-ing at Pelita.This is because during my free time all I want to do is SLEEP.hahaha.Anyhoo,school is a blast despite the nerve wrecking feeling of planning lesson plan the night BEFORE you teach your students.

All I have to say is,if whenever my friends want to see how I am doing,you’ll probably see me lurking in the evening/night in Sect 2 photocopying pages and pages of handouts/worksheets/blah22 for my students.Seriously,I spend lots of my money on printing/photocopying nowadays.

It’s a small world after all: Even when I’m confined in school,my students still have some connection with the people around me.Case in point,I have 3 cousins at the school that I’m doing my practicum and all of them are in the morning session which I’m in and I’m TEACHING one of my cousins.ahaha.One of my uncles(my mum’s cousin) is the Vice President of the PTA.3 of my students are close friends with a few cast members (Ghazi,Sonia & Ziany) of Whoa! Willow!! which I recently was a part of.

A group of F5 boys hung out with this bohemian dishevelled looking chick whom style I reckon looked like a homeless person from behind and the 2nd time I bumped into them,it turns out,she is my cousin whom used to be a teeny little girl and has blossomed into a Mary Kate/Ashley clone.We hugged and shrieked because we haven’t seen each other in quite sometime and much to the chagrin of my sports team students whom I am closed with, whom poked fun at me because a few days ago I was making fun of her.In my defense,she was wearing sunglasses so I didn’t know it was her!sheessh!

I have so many things to blog about but due to the fact that there’s SO MANY THINGS TO BE DONE and ROS report has to be send this Monday..yikesss..Better get back to work!!


Eyebags are getting heavier

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Those that made it all happen!!

*Those who came to watch it!!

Referring to the title above,it reflects how hectic my life currently is--which is why I haven't updated this blog in awhile...
Whoa! Willow!! has ended and although it was bittersweet,somethings just had to come to an end.

Currently I've been busy with my practicum at one of my old schools.ahaha.Ironic!Because there are a lot of teachers there who recognizes me and I recognized them.gahhh.I won't name which school I'm in.But I've to say that for these past 2 weeks I've tried my best to adapt and I've to admit it was brutally hard for me at first because it required me to behave myself(the HARDEST thing ever!),stay being confined in a place and many more.

The upside of it is the fact that I've met many cool students,form new found friendship with my practicum mates like Diandra.Learned what it felt like being in the shoes of a teacher.Man,that was hard because although I wasn't a bad/rebellious student in school,there were times when I slept in class or just disinterested and talked a lot in class.Now those things are happening to me!bwahahaha.

Nowadays my life revolves around going back and forth to school,racking my brains over what should I teach my students and trying to get more sleep because some of the students have dubbed me as 'sleepy head' because of the fact that on my FIRST day being officially introduced to the school(not the 1 week before because I didn't start teaching then),I only had 1 hour to sleep(went back from Willow around 5am) thus I was sleepy & droopy(my eyes) during the whole day!

It didn't help the fact that after school,there was a sports meet and I had to RUN with my students too..Only 1 hour of sleep + 1 bottle of Redbull (had to take it or else I won't be able to function that day!)+ running & roasting under the sun for 2 hours=CRASHED on the bed that night..hahaa.
Anyhoo,tomorrow there's a marathon at school..I miss going back home to my parents house...uwaaaa..Haven't done that in 2 weeks!!!I always try to go back home every weekend...:(


Snickerdoodle cookies

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*I'm blogging this while I'm at DBKL Auditorium thanks to WirelessKL!Been here since this morning till now(it's 10.30 pm) because of the bump in for Whoa! Willow!! which will be staged from 8-10th January 2010!!Only a few days away!

I wanted to make these cookies after I heard its funny name on an episode of Drop Dead Diva.Which btw I should have included in my ‘TV shows i’m excited for its season renewal’ but didn’t because at that time I haven’t finished watching the finale yet.Now that I have,I’m excited to see what the heck is up with Jane and her suppose husband & whether Grayson do have a crush on her or not.I miss Fred!
I cried when I watched a few of the episodes because some of the cases that Jane had to handle was very emotional.I got angry when Jane went to this boutique and they treat her differently than the way they treat Stacy just because of her physique.But I do love Stacy because she’s so blonde and very cheerful!hehehe.

I know I got sidetracked so I’ll share with you the recipe for these yummy & orgasmic inducing Snickerdoodle cookies which are so easy to make!Click HERE for the recipe.

Oh,they don’t have any snickers bars in it which is what initially made me search for the recipe because hearing its name on Drop Dead Diva made me thought that it contained snickers.No one knows why it got such a funny name but supposedly it originated from New England.

I also made 3 apple pies yesterday.1 for my brother who went back to UiTM Segamat and the other 2 I brought with me today to DBKL's Auditorium.This time I made 2 different pie crust.The new pie crust recipe that I tried is from HERE.


2010,Whoa! Willow!! is about to come 2u! & my blogshop.

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2010 will hopefully be a very productive year for me since I'll be graduating and have to find work...*argghhh*.There's so many things that I want to do for the upcoming year but I can't put all of em' here since I've no idea if it'll materialize or not..hahaha.

Although,right after the semester ends, I do hope to be able to go on a holiday trip with my friends--ALL of em' together before being thrown into the working environment, since everybody doesn't live near each other.

People,Whoa!! Willow!! the musical will be staged soon!!Only 1 week to go!!Thus invite your family and friends to buy the tickets HERE to benefit a tremendously good cause--TASPUTRA PERKIM.We will be featured on MHI TV3 soon & also NTV7 The Breakfast Show.You may have read about us on NST or heard us being mentioned on XFresh Fm.Other websites has been kind to mention us too from Kakiseni,KLUE,Around KL Town and Malaysian Today.

I have to say because of Whoa! Willow!! I have become more and more accustomed driving around KL.Thanks to Azri who always have to show me the directions while I'm driving during our weekly trip to KL to settle management stuff for the show.I've been driving to places like Tasputra Perkim,Dang Wangi Police Station(don't worry,it's for the shows permit),DBKL office and many other places back & forth.Oh,the Nestle office in Mutiara Damansara is very impressive!Very high tech and aesthetically beautiful.

Since it's a new year & all,I have started a little something on the side which is my own vintage dress blogshop!It makes sense since I always find beautiful vintage dresses and I thought why not buy them for others to buy?:)...Check it out's still a very tiny baby thus I'll be bringing out more dress in weeks to come!Oh,why did I named it Vintage Realm?Well because I use to loved watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch series when I was a kid & teen & she's always going to the other realm..hehe..:)..Ok,I've got to go!Enjoy the first day of a brand new year people!:)

Practicum will start on Monday--yikes!Although I am thrilled that I got one of my old school,I'm still pretty nrevous about it.Not to mention that I haven't bought anything yet.Have to wait for my Yayasan S'gor money to come in first..haha.