Cherry necklace,K-Pop & Things I'm looking fwd to..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

*Pics taken with my new hp!yeay..after months of using my aunt's hp due to my old one being stolen & my dad refused to replace it because of my 'kelalaian'...:(*

A few days ago I went to the Old Blossom Box Store with a friend who have just found love which equals to I am doomed(inside joke..haha).I have been reading Jezmine’s blog(the owner of the boutique) a long time ago ever since a fellow blogger friend & Shah Alam-ians,Hanie Hidayah linked it on her blog.I always admire Jezmine for her classy but quirky fashion sense and her ability to walk daily in high high heels!woweee..I seriously can’t do that..anymore!hahaha.

Anyhow,I was a wee bit sad that I couldn’t go to her store opening unlike my friend Fira HERE.Jezmine said that due to the space of her store,she had to nix the open invitation and limit it to 80 people only.But it’s okay since the store is so near my place(only 5 minutes away!),I can go there,every week(pokai la macam tuh!).Thus,I went there and was greeted by Jezmine herself and her mom & brother was there as well.Aww,I love it when people are close to their family members.

The shop is so pretty!The decor color is light pink and white.I love the whole concept. because it looked like an old candy store like Pop Tates in The Archie Comics.hehe.I had to buy this one of a kind cherry necklace(pictured above) and after asking Jezmine if there’s more of it(because I thought of buying it the next time around),I just had to get it!I love cherry motifs on stuff. Though I don’t actually own anything that has cherries on it...yet.Probably because I tend to buy lots of butterflies stuff.

The wall in my bedroom at my parent’s house is filled with butterflies motif which my mum decorated as a surprise because she saw the lavender (one of my favourite colors!) and deep purple butterfly mural that I painted on my wall a while back. There’s glow in the dark butterflies on the wall too. I have many butterfly tops, dresses and necklaces. I haven’t found the right t-shirt and earrings yet though.

Jezmine was very nice and friendly and she even remembered Fira and said that she wished she would have won the best dress instead which made Fira very happy when we told her about it.:)
Because of some of my students,I have become moreinterested in K-Pop.If before this,I was over the moon with Korean actors,my students have given me more room to like them even more via K-Pop.

They just love Super Junior’s ‘Sorry sorry’.But I’ve got to say that I prefer Big Bang and DBSK.I watched Big Bang performed with Lee Hyori a few months ago on tv and was like...woaahh,they’re super hot!haaha.Especially one guy in particular.:) Big Bang’s ‘Lies’ song has been playing in my HEAD for a few days now ever since I watched the clip below..:))

Things I’m looking fwd to:
1) Going on a road trip in March with the girls & someone paying the expenses & place to stay & all I’ve to do is pay for food—wahoooooooooo(kunun2 lain dr yahoo.muahaha)!!!
2) A particular concert that I’m going to go..maybe la kot...have to get the moolah quickly!