Dearest everybody that I love...haha

Friday, January 22, 2010 Unknown 2 Comments

Due to the fact that this is my last semester..which means I have to complete my Practicum + Thesis(Academic Exercise) THIS semester.I’m hoping that all of you know that you are still important in my life but it’s just that I won’t have much free time to spend it with you because to be frank,it’s been 3 weeks & I only managed to go back to my parents house which is only like 30 mins away,for just 1 day!

Thus,I would like all of you to not be hurt or feel neglected by me because currently my time is preoccupied with trying to figure out creative ways in which I can teach my students, arranging the debate team for the school, going to sports practice twice a week (since I’m the secretary for the sports team),figuring out how the heck I am going to finish my AE and trying to atleast get 4-5 hours of sleep so that I don’t look all squinty eyed at school.ahahaha.

Despite ALL that,I do miss my friends who are happily embarking on newfound love(ehem2,uhuk2 Izza..muahahaha),going to cool places or just plain lepak-ing at Pelita.This is because during my free time all I want to do is SLEEP.hahaha.Anyhoo,school is a blast despite the nerve wrecking feeling of planning lesson plan the night BEFORE you teach your students.

All I have to say is,if whenever my friends want to see how I am doing,you’ll probably see me lurking in the evening/night in Sect 2 photocopying pages and pages of handouts/worksheets/blah22 for my students.Seriously,I spend lots of my money on printing/photocopying nowadays.

It’s a small world after all: Even when I’m confined in school,my students still have some connection with the people around me.Case in point,I have 3 cousins at the school that I’m doing my practicum and all of them are in the morning session which I’m in and I’m TEACHING one of my cousins.ahaha.One of my uncles(my mum’s cousin) is the Vice President of the PTA.3 of my students are close friends with a few cast members (Ghazi,Sonia & Ziany) of Whoa! Willow!! which I recently was a part of.

A group of F5 boys hung out with this bohemian dishevelled looking chick whom style I reckon looked like a homeless person from behind and the 2nd time I bumped into them,it turns out,she is my cousin whom used to be a teeny little girl and has blossomed into a Mary Kate/Ashley clone.We hugged and shrieked because we haven’t seen each other in quite sometime and much to the chagrin of my sports team students whom I am closed with, whom poked fun at me because a few days ago I was making fun of her.In my defense,she was wearing sunglasses so I didn’t know it was her!sheessh!

I have so many things to blog about but due to the fact that there’s SO MANY THINGS TO BE DONE and ROS report has to be send this Monday..yikesss..Better get back to work!!


hahahha "new found love" la sangat. cit :p

Li said...

hahaha..okais..have found love..kot!