Eyebags are getting heavier

Friday, January 15, 2010 Unknown 3 Comments


Those that made it all happen!!

*Those who came to watch it!!

Referring to the title above,it reflects how hectic my life currently is--which is why I haven't updated this blog in awhile...
Whoa! Willow!! has ended and although it was bittersweet,somethings just had to come to an end.

Currently I've been busy with my practicum at one of my old schools.ahaha.Ironic!Because there are a lot of teachers there who recognizes me and I recognized them.gahhh.I won't name which school I'm in.But I've to say that for these past 2 weeks I've tried my best to adapt and I've to admit it was brutally hard for me at first because it required me to behave myself(the HARDEST thing ever!),stay being confined in a place and many more.

The upside of it is the fact that I've met many cool students,form new found friendship with my practicum mates like Diandra.Learned what it felt like being in the shoes of a teacher.Man,that was hard because although I wasn't a bad/rebellious student in school,there were times when I slept in class or just disinterested and talked a lot in class.Now those things are happening to me!bwahahaha.

Nowadays my life revolves around going back and forth to school,racking my brains over what should I teach my students and trying to get more sleep because some of the students have dubbed me as 'sleepy head' because of the fact that on my FIRST day being officially introduced to the school(not the 1 week before because I didn't start teaching then),I only had 1 hour to sleep(went back from Willow around 5am) thus I was sleepy & droopy(my eyes) during the whole day!

It didn't help the fact that after school,there was a sports meet and I had to RUN with my students too..Only 1 hour of sleep + 1 bottle of Redbull (had to take it or else I won't be able to function that day!)+ running & roasting under the sun for 2 hours=CRASHED on the bed that night..hahaa.
Anyhoo,tomorrow there's a marathon at school..I miss going back home to my parents house...uwaaaa..Haven't done that in 2 weeks!!!I always try to go back home every weekend...:(


GoDdEsS M said...

cikgu!!! hehehe... sounds like school is not so cool when ur a teacher huh? but i bet its a great experience.. good luck dear!

Li said...

hurm...a LOT of my old teachers recognize me..there's almost 10 of em',still here....yikes!haha
the best thing about this whole experience is the students because they're the bomb..even the 'problematic' ones doesn't give me any probs..so far...hahaha

glad we pulled it of :) [willow, i mean]