Snickerdoodle cookies

Sunday, January 03, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

*I'm blogging this while I'm at DBKL Auditorium thanks to WirelessKL!Been here since this morning till now(it's 10.30 pm) because of the bump in for Whoa! Willow!! which will be staged from 8-10th January 2010!!Only a few days away!

I wanted to make these cookies after I heard its funny name on an episode of Drop Dead Diva.Which btw I should have included in my ‘TV shows i’m excited for its season renewal’ but didn’t because at that time I haven’t finished watching the finale yet.Now that I have,I’m excited to see what the heck is up with Jane and her suppose husband & whether Grayson do have a crush on her or not.I miss Fred!
I cried when I watched a few of the episodes because some of the cases that Jane had to handle was very emotional.I got angry when Jane went to this boutique and they treat her differently than the way they treat Stacy just because of her physique.But I do love Stacy because she’s so blonde and very cheerful!hehehe.

I know I got sidetracked so I’ll share with you the recipe for these yummy & orgasmic inducing Snickerdoodle cookies which are so easy to make!Click HERE for the recipe.

Oh,they don’t have any snickers bars in it which is what initially made me search for the recipe because hearing its name on Drop Dead Diva made me thought that it contained snickers.No one knows why it got such a funny name but supposedly it originated from New England.

I also made 3 apple pies yesterday.1 for my brother who went back to UiTM Segamat and the other 2 I brought with me today to DBKL's Auditorium.This time I made 2 different pie crust.The new pie crust recipe that I tried is from HERE.