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This post will be strictly about haircare because someone asked me how come my hair never looks out of place. Even a guy friend said that it amazes him that my bangs/fringe managed to stay in place all day(man are clueless sometimes..haha).The secret is easy(I’ll explain it after this) and this is the truth—I don’t use ANY product on my hair—no serum or gel ever since I found the right stuffs for my hair, about 1 year ago.

**I’ve been blow drying my own hair since I was —12 YEARS OLD.NO JOKE!!hehehe.Thus,if my friends are puzzled why my hairstyle haven’t changed much ever since I entered uni,it’s because back in my teen years,I’ve tried EVERY hairstyle imaginable.When I was 12,I’ll style my hair differently every day!SERIOUSLY!I’ve cut my hair really short & yes,I used to cut my own hair(NOT ANYMORE!) back in my teen years.

I had my hair really really long & one length at one looked horrible!I have horrible pictures as proof which are kept in a vault at home,away from the public eye because it’s embarrassing.Though some of my friends have seen me with short hair when they saw old Raya pics on the walls of my house..sigh..NEVER AGAIN!

ANYWAY,here are the things you should have in order to make your hair become well behave throughout the day/week.

1.A great haircut—and this doesn’t have to be expensive.

2.A great shampoo & conditioner & deep conditioning mask---these need not be expensive either!

3.A great blowdryer/hairdryer—now this one need a bit more of cash.You can get a great one right below rm100.

1.A great haircut
Throughout my uni life,until about 1 year ago,I always go to this one particular salon because its near to my faculty,accessible and my friends go there as well.But they never seem to cut my fringe/bangs right.It almost NEVER stays in place a day after and I always end up touching my bangs & fixing it which made my friends make fun of me.

Suddenly, right after out of the blue,I wanted to follow my mother to this one hair salon that she has been going to for years and even back when she was with the law firm. I wanted to cut my hair there with her.I let Uncle Terry,my mum’s trusty hairstylist to cut my hair and I was AMAZED.

Turns out Uncle Terry has been gone for about 2 years because he opened a salon in Sydney and came back once in a while to check up on his business and family members. Thus,I only went there when he gets back.But NOW,he is staying here!Which means—no more bad hair cuts!

Uncle Terry salon is the Redz Salon at PKNS Shah Alam.Yeah,who would have thunk that a great hairstylist lies there?I guess because his salon has been there for a loooong time,people doesn’t notice it anymore.He charges his clients moderately.It’s not expensive at all.I usually go there for a trim which cost me rm20 or to trim my bangs which cost me rm5.So people,go to Redz Salon and request for Uncle Terry!He manage to cut my bangs and it stayed in places for DAYS without me having to use ANY hair product like serum(which I don’t use ANYMORE) or pomade or gel.AMAZING!!

2. A great shampoo/conditioner/deep conditioning mask

Now,I used to be clueless over the fact that you have to condition your hair after you have shampooed it.Thus it made my hair very dry.I have also tried so MANY different kinds of shampoo that I swear there’s only like 4 or 5 brand of shampoos out there in Malaysian pharmacies/drug store/ that I haven’t tried yet.My favourite has always been either Pantene,Loreal or Redken.And I was very very sceptical when Clairol Herbal Essences came out with a new line of shampoos that looked very pretty and hip and smells amazing.This is because I’ve had bad experience with past Clairol shampoos and they made my hair very dry.

BUT,after reading the great reviews that it had in US Instyle,TeenVogue and Cosmogirl,I decided to give it a try.And boy how I wish that they had brought the shampoo down sooner to our country.It smoothes and makes my hair incredibly soft and manageable. All I have to do is let it air dry or just blow out my bangs and everything just falls into place.

My fave is Hello Hydration and Long Term Relationship.I use both shampoos/conditioner depending on my mood and they work great on my hair.I also use the split end protector mask twice every week.And,I only wash my hair every 2 days.

3.A great hairdryer/blowdryer

Now this is very important for girls who blow their hair almost everyday like me.Like I said,I’ve been blow drying my hair on my own since I was 12,so yeah,it takes a lot of practice to perfect it but it’s great cos’ I don’t have to go to the salon since I can do a great one on my own. When I don’t have the time I’ll only blow my bangs...but I would die without my hairdryer..haha.

Choose one that is ionic because it dries your hair faster and is far less damaging than regular blowdryer.Buy one with a nozzle(very important!) because it focuses the heat on your hair and smoothes it. I don’t even have to use a straightening iron when I use a nozzle with my blowdryer.Also,try to get one with a cool shot because after you’ve blown your hair,a cool shot makes your hair shiny!

Oh,btw,my hairbrush is like rm 1 something which I bought at Mydin but it works!It’s a paddle brush..hehe.


i just went to e saloon. i kena selalu buat treatment cos my hair cepat rapuh . hehe.
i think u don't nid to do much cos ur hair is already great. thanx for e tips though! :)

GoDdEsS M said...

patutla ur hair always cantik babe :)

Li said...

fira:omg--dlu hair i trok babe!!seriyes..i ingta lg..dh la pjg pastuh FRIZZY&kasar..i mcm uwaaa..sbb dlu i just shampoo my hair & didn't condition in..hehe & the wrong cut & the wrong hairdryer...
but the best shampoo next to clairol is REDKEN--try the chocolate bottle one--i lupe name die..dlu i use it..hehe..but now x sbb mahal!

mawar:thanks babe!!:)