Recent things & a bunch of trailers

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

Actually I had already drafted an entry about why I'm a commitment phobe & yada2 & why I had to decline when someone poured out his feelings towards me recently(btw,I didn't lead him on!)..but then I thought,like a friend of mine said,my blog is not about the heavy stuffs..well sometimes it is,but most of the time,it's about things that I like,what's happening in my life,what I eat,buy and many more.Thus,I think I don't have to explain myself here or go on about how complicated I am when it comes to certain things...Moving on to brighter and better things....

Although life as a practicum teacher can be pretty hectic and tiring,I managed to fit in a few quality time with my family and friends..

There's been impromptu picnic,futsal night,flea marketing,archifest and buying stuffs for my sports team with my students.Below are some of the pics..
*Bought myself 2 pairs of sunnies(god I've so many of em'),a pink tee(with wrong spelling but if for cheap since my fren bought 1 too-buying 2 is cheaper than 1) & a uber pretty black replace the black skirt of mine tat sum1 ruined&didn't have to courtesy to replace..ehem*

I've to say that I was very envious over Archifest because I really wished that our own faculty could do something akin to that because I know for a fact that there are lots of creative and talented people in our faculty that's just waiting to come out and given an outlet to do so.sigh.

I haven't gone back home in over a month & when I did it was for a day or imagine my surprise when I cam back I saw there's butterflies on my wall & a new dress inside the wardrobe..weehoo(I forgot to take a pic of the dress)..I think my mum saw THIS on my wall..eheh..yes,the middle of the butterfly isn't finished yet cos' I've no idea what color to use..& I didn't have time to finish it..I MISS MY ROOM & BED--CAN'T WAIT FOR THE HOLS!!
Oh,I haven't done this in awhile but last night I download a bunch of trailers on iTunes & here are a few movies that I'm hoping to watch whether on dvds or the cinema..:)
Looks like it'll be the ghetto version of Romeo & Juliet..The hero is a hunk!

I love Amy Adams & Matthew Goode!I've only watched a few of Matthew Goode's film & I adore him.This pairing seems to be perfect..Can't wait to watch it!

Alexis Bledel is GORGEOUS and I am a big fan of her.Add Bryan Greenberg & BOOM!Plus the title is like...what I have been searching all this while..But yeah,we tend to fall for the bad guys because they're exciting but at the end of the day,a good guy is someone you'd want to raise your kids with...I thought the trailer raise very good questions that I HOPE would be answered in the movie..:)

Sue me but I love Jennifer Lopez as an actress.haha.Thus I can't wait to see her returning to the big screen in this movie.It looks to be a fun movie!Plus the hero is totally an unexpected actor to be paired up with her.I love the whole bumping into each other thing..hehe.So cute!

'You know what you're problem is Kirk?'...'What?'...'You're a moodle'...LOLSSSSS.I LOVE JAY BARUCHEL.I find him VERY cute..hehehe..Wished there were more scenes of him in Knocked Up and now he is the hero in this one!!yeayyy...Plus,I like the whole modern beauty and the geek/beast thing..So cuteeeeeeee!!

Oh,I've been a bit obssessed with Big Bang(Korea),particularly T.O.P(ommoooo he's so hot!)..blame some of my students...hahaha.Here's a few vids of him with no frills(no eyeliner,bad ass get up)..HE CAN REALLY RAP YO!hahaha

Rapping No Diggity--SHOWS HE CAN SING..but he choose to rap in that rough voice in Big Bang..he should sing more!!!!


Totally hot!!!!I like the head bopping thing...fuuuuuh!