Sad things that I saw with my eyes

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

*Been AWOL from blogging for a week because both of my mentor(about to deliver her baby so had to speed things up) and supervisor(just got pregnant & isn't feeling well so have to speed it up too) have been observing me for 4 days straight since Thursday*

2 things that I saw last week that made my heart sank and made me to remind myself to appreciate what I have and not complain much and just to be thankful for the fact that I have a roof over my head,enough food and love and such.

No 1:Last Saturday,my mum and my siblings were waiting in the car for my dad to withdraw his money.Suddenly my mum pointed out to a decently dressed woman who was rooting in the trash bin, collecting empty bottles and cans.Her friend was going through the contents of another trash bin,not far away from it.They were collecting trash to turn into money maybe to feed themselves or their children.Who knows..

But it made me sad because it was in the city and she wasn't shabbily dressed either.If we walked pass her in a mall or by the street we might think that her life is okay.But what's on the outside doesn't necessarily reflects what it is on the inside.

Watching her and her friend that day humbles me, because I tend to complain about trivial things to my parents.Things that are minuscule compared to the problems of others in the world.

No 2:I was driving back to Shah Alam from my parent's place one evening and it was raining heavily.A few minutes later,I saw a man walking by the roadside and he was soaked and he carried a bag and it looked like he didn't have much to live by with.It was just really heart wrenching because it was raining cats and dogs and here was a man who just had to push through and walk miles to go home.

When I said miles it's because the road was in the middle of nowhere and was surrounded with vegetation and the nearest housing area(where my family lives) was miles away.

All these things made me realize how small my 'problems' are compared to others who are trying to merely get by or survive from day to day. Their situation reminded me of this quote--'He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. '--Friedrich Nietzsche


Anonymous said...

Love the quote by Friedrich Nietzsche =) It's always, the post like this that keeps me going. Thank you. You've made my day =D

Li said...

wow...thanks so much..u just made mine..:)