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Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Unknown 1 Comments

It has been a long time since I have blogged about something that makes me emotionally charged to do so.This time it is about self respect and it boils down to how I feel women should have more self respect towards themselves in relation to what happened with the whole Tiger Woods and his I-lost-count-how-many-girls-he-slept-with piece of news.

I am just utterly appalled and sick to the stomach when I see how the girls that slept with Tiger Woods while he was somebody’s else’s husband are now achieving their 15 minutes of fame.One of them are working for Extra(like WTF?) and another had a spread in Maxim. It makes me,1.Judge the credibility of these magazines and entertainment channel when they use those girls to up their ratings and 2.How pathetic these girls are for using the ‘Omg,I like,totally slept with Tiger Woods!’ as their claim to fame.GOOD GOD!Have some self respect please!

I know Tiger is to be blamed for sleeping with those girls but still, seeing them milking their short lived fame for what it’s worth is just wrong! It makes me wonder what kind of world we live in now whereby people are celebrating people who sleep with a husband/father.The thing that urged me to post this whole thing was when I heard one of the girls commenting that Tiger’s recent public apology as a joke.What the f*&^?

Yeah,it was a little too late(it’s been 2 months!) BUT one should not open one’s mouth when one is the one who has slept with someone else’s husband/father.Like hello??You’re not a saint either as he didn’t rape you and you slept with him willingly so why the heck are you giving so much flack about it?I don’t see you apologizing to Erin are you?Sigh.

Okay,the reason why I am so hell bent over the issue of a cheating spouse and his many mistress is because it has happened to my own family a long time ago and it happened not just once. But of course it wasn’t as sordid as what happened to Erin but still it affected me, a lot.I have serious trust issues and whenever I feel or see that a guy is a bit shady and has many girls around him,I tend to not want something more than just being mere friends. Yeah,my family is okay now, but it used to be HELL back then.Thus I am sort of glad that Erin’s children are little for they won’t be able to understand what is happening at the moment.

Tiger cheated because he CAN(as in he's rich & famous & girls throw themselves at him & instead of turning the other cheek,he went straight to the meat!)---because of course the girls who slept with him will brag to their friends that hey,I like totally slept with Tiger Woods,the one who has too much money that he doesn’t know what to spend it on.It wasn’t like he had to beg them to sleep with him.It takes two to tango.As much as he should be blamed, those girls shouldn’t be left unscathed either.

But I’ve no idea if they’ll divorce or not because as what I’ve experienced being the children in the middle of it all,when marriage and children is involve,it is harder to leave because you can’t just think about yourself.It’s a different matter if you’re just a couple and then you can just get up and leave. Maybe they’ll try to make it work,if she loves him that much to forgive him,we’ll never know.

Oh,marriage is different than being in a relationship because you are bonded legally/religiously and if you’re a Muslim,you’ll know that divorce is one of the things that should be avoided if possible.BUT if you have a cheating boyfriend who has cheated on you many times,LEAVE him.SCRAM and just let him rot!

Sorry to those who might be affected by this post.But to me,cheating is not the answer.If you don’t want to be with someone,then end it.And I don’t condone the ‘open relationship’ thing.Meaning you and I can date other people.Like wtf?If you truly want to be someone,just be with them.Don’t call it a relationship if it isn’t.It’s a different matter if you date a couple of people when you’re not someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend(I’ve done that & I was single so it’s not like I belong to anyone)because to me that’s allowed.

But being in a relationship where you can date other people?That’s an OXYMORON!If you don’t want to be in a relationship,don’t be in one.Easy as that!I for one have given up on this whole 4 letter word thing because I don’t believe the one is out there for me.Maybe he has gone to Mars.:)

****Oh,just read it in the paper today--Cheryl Cole texted this to her philandering husband,Ashley Cole who cheated on her with 5 women--"Move out.It's over"...Simple&sweet.:)


GoDdEsS M said...

im a bit torn over the Tiger Woods issue..

on one hand, yes, he's a bastard and a pig and serial whore especially for putting his wife and children through media circus hell...

but on the other hand, it IS his private life, so what he choses to do shld remain just that - bad choices? its not like most men in america dont cheat anyway.