Thursday, February 25, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

No more mentor observation for me..only 1 more supervisor observation to go..My AE is moving a bit slowly...ayeyayay..Atleast it's moving although at a snail pace..Currently I'm at my parents house..but this Saturday there's this football match happening at my school & Muhyiddin will be there.Next week,there will be NO learning in the classroom because it's Co-academic week!!--how great is that for the students??

During my time being in the school,there's no such thing like that.Next week I'll be auditioning my students for the class singing competition(Mon),we'll have crossword puzzle and spelling bee comps(Wed-Fri) too.I think the singing thing will definitely be a blast & the students can even bring their own guitar to school & perform in class.I'll definitely be ready with my camera.:)

Some of my male students are becoming more and more like monkeys nowadays..haha.Nevermind,I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt since this week has been hectic & tiring everyone--frm Mon-today there was sports comp(tarik tali,sprints,relay race & so forth) & marching practice.Plus next week is a no-learning week--thus the other week they have to buckle up--OR ELSE!!-_-

Tuesday will be the much awaited Sports Day and it'll be held at the huge Shah Alam Stadium..woohoo!!I'm in charge of the program book--thanks to Freaky(of Boonga Art Shoes) for helping me design it.He has helped me with my previous class PD seminar too..You're such a great friend!!Here's his WEBSITE!! --EDIT:Oops sorry,cos' I didn't get to use his design since the school has their own template..hehe

I just found out recently why every morning,in front of the school,there'll be MBSA ppl helping the traffic moving..turns out S'gor MB children goes to my school..yikes!I hope that his children is not in my class because it'll be nerve wrecking.

Haven't been sleeping much this week..Thus after this..it's zzzz time on my comfy bed..Actually I've much to blog about but I forgot about it..eheh..Oh,I finished reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks last week & I've to say,although the ending was sad(spoiler,I know!),it taught me that sometimes loving someone does mean letting go.I was a bit peeved over the fact that Amanda Seyfried looks nothing like the Savannah that was mentioned in the book...But hopefully her acting chops will make up for it.

I can't wait for the much needed trip!!Plus,it'll happen after my last supervisor observation..woohoo!There's the 1 week school break that's happening in 2 more weeks..yes!!More holidays!!

I think I have a clear vision of what I want to do after I graduate.My mum suggested it to me & I should have thought of it sooner but I didn't want to do it while being a student,thus I think once I graduate,I'll DEFINITELY embark on it cos' I know I can do it!!:)

Anyway,what do you think about a 10 year old using vulgarities such as the word F&%$ & sial & many more on her fb shoutout?Everything is F*&^% this..or sial that..ish..Oh,this girl is an enemy of my little cousin & she is such a spoiled kid..like if you look at her FB account,you wouldn't believe that she's only 10 because she acts like she's 17 years old..aiyooo..

The worst thing is,her mother is on her fb friend list & she does nothing about it?tsk2..I didn't give a damn at first but after what the girl said to my cousin on her FB,I was like,'walahwei!Ur just a kid--so act like one--don't try to be rude,obnoxious & whatnot because u think it's cool'..Goodness!When I was 10,I was playing masak2 still.-_-