Hectic but fun

Thursday, March 04, 2010 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Update:I just realize that I have 106 people following me on Twitter--are my tweets that interesting?lolss

I’ve been pretty busy last week & this week too..The school sports day was last Tuesday and it was fun because we were screaming our lungs out, supporting the students who ran in the relay, took pics and some of them are below.

The weekend was spent with my family. Below is a picture of my 3 brothers (I am the eldest & the only girl aka the princess..lol).

The picture was taken during one of our rare family lunch. Rare because my brother Haziq (the 1 in the middle) is studying at UiTM Segamat.Let’s talk a little bit about them because I rarely put up pics of my family here.The one in the middle,Haziq, is the only one that is taken & he has a pretty girlfriend, which was my mum’s word and I agree too.hehe.He is 6 feet tall and just turned 20 on 12th of Feb. He eats a LOT and sleeps a lot too.Nobody messes with my brothers at school because they know that he’ll beat them up when he gets back from uni break..lol.

The second brother is Syafiq who is 17 years old and I’m very very hard on him. I nag and scold him a lot because at times he deserve it.ahaha.But he is very generous to his friends to a fault and both me & my mum like to nag him about that too.He buys extravagant stuff for them and even lends them his stuffs.
Although I’m very hard on him,he knows that I love him and last Saturday I taught him how to make rice krispries treats because he wants to sell it as a school project or whatnot. He is very the metrosexual kind of guy in the sense that he wears Loreal face products for men—yes,the one with the Vitamin C in it--,he buys lots of hairproducts, clothes and accessories too.I guess,the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..hehe.

The last one is Raffiq,who’s 15 years old BUT he is much taller than me.Can you believe it??He’s only 15 & much taller than me & he likes to remind me about it,many times.I told my family that whoever becomes Raffiq’s girlfriend/wife will suffer because he is a VERY picky eater.His ‘makanan ruji’ are chocolate chip cookies, pizza(just cheese+tomato sauce,NO TOPPINGS at all—he’ll take out all of the toppings until there’s only cheese on top), anything in a shell(cockles,mussels,oysters)crossaint and fried chicken. He doesn’t like lauk-pauk Melayu at ALL(except for my mum's/grandma's daging goreng dish)!He is the most ‘dennis the menace’ brother of all because he can be so rude at times.

Amidst all the hectic, I managed to watch 2 movies at the cinema(Valentine’s Day & Percy Jackson) and 2 on dvd’s(Sherlock Holmes & Old Dog)

Percy Jackson to me, although the storyline was predictable, nonetheless, it was enjoyable. I love adventure/fantasy journey movies that involves a bunch of friends. It was a fun ride, watching the movie and I especially love the part when they took the Maserati. Road trip in a Maserati? Coolness! Plus it didn’t hurt the fact that Percy is so cute..and I love the fact that Annabeth is a strong representation of a girl and not some waiflike damsel in distress type.bleargh. The movie got me interested in Greek mythology because before this I only knew a few stuffs like about Zeus,Hercules and Aphrodite.

Valentine’s Day turns out to be a comedy, in a good way. It doesn’t make people who are single goes all damn; ‘I wish I had a girlfriend/boyfriend’ if you watch it. There were many LOL moments in the movie. Although people gave Taylor Swift a lot of flack over her character in the movie, I thought that her character was one of the funniest and bimbo-est. I’ll always remember the ‘spit’ line, the way she dances, the ‘walk it off’ line to Taylor Lautner and the fact that she’s obsess with her big teddy bear.

My favourite scene has got to be one of the earliest scene..the one involving the LA Flower Market.There were so many beautiful flowers!I love love Siena Bouquet because they have a tiny bakery inside the flower shop.I want to open one too!!:)

Sherlock Holmes was awesome!Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law combination actually worked!I actually loved Jude Law as Watson.The plot was great too because I almost believed that it was sorcery that Blackwood was practicing.But of course,everything have a logical explanation.Robert Downey played a very dapper and funny Sherlock Holmes and albeit a very unkempt one.hehe.BUT,Rachel McAdams totally paled in comparison to both the male leads.

Old Dog was funny and I love the fact that the whole Travolta family was involved in the movie. His real wife and only daughter played Robin William’s wife and daughter.Seth Green character was so funny and I love the gorilla part.The movie is a celebration of friendship and family which I loved.
Ok,back to reality&back to my going-at-a-snail pace AE...:(


wow. hensem2 adek2 lelaki u... hahaha.
muka suma nak lebey kurang u tau... nice knowing ur family! :)

Li said...

fira:hensem2??ewwww..perasan la mrk nanti..hahaha
yup..muke sume lebey kurang jer...huhu..thank u!

missyonne said...

tecer o tecer ; )