Iron Chef America + The White House

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

As you my dear blog readers know,being an avid fan of cooking and baking,I love love watching shows such as Cake Boss(amazing baking chops & I’m going to download episodes from season 1 & 2 soon!!),Iron Chef America(I have lots of the episodes stored in my trusty vaio),Racheal Ray Show,Martha Stewart and many more.
Thus,since I have been quite busy with my practicum and dealing with my colourful personality-wise students,I didn’t get a chance to download new episodes of Iron Chef America.boohoohoo

BUT,since my last observation for my practicum ended last week,I managed to do so while hanging out at my aunt’s place in Mahligai (which had the super fastest internet speed ever—imagine the fact that I manage to download an episode in just 1 hour!!).

This episode of Iron Chef America was MONUMENTAL!Why??Because it was a battle between four amazing chefs and their secret ingredient involved the White House!The 4 chefs are Mario Batalli(I still don’t agree with the uber ugly Crocs that he wears...euughhh..doesn’t matter what color/how comfy it is,it’s still UGLY fashion-wise!My dad wears one too in brown,but he never wears it outside,only to do his gardening..hahaha),Bobby Flay(he’s so cute!),Emeril Lagasse(love2 the way he cooks) and of course,the White House Executive Chef herself, Cristeta Comerford.

I mean,the start of the episode was just so funny!How the heck the chefs managed to keep a straight face(I’m sure they did many takes of it!) with Alton Brown mucking about??He is so hilarious with the whole secret agent bit.

The best part of course was went Michelle Obama came out from the White House.It was like—tadaaaa!!The White House vegetable garden(which was the secret ingredient in this battle!!) is amazing!I loved the fact that she said that the president and the family loves sweet potato in response to what Bobby Flay asked her—which I love too(though I love the Japanese deep purple ones—so yummy & the colour just beautiful!).

The 3 judges was Nigella Lawson(woohoo!),Sigourney Weaver and Natalie something(an Olympic medallist swimmer).I won’t reveal who the winner is because it’s like so obvious!hahaha.


Li, come to think of ot i never get to taste any of your cookies and cakes when i was at shah alam! hahhaha, can only drool at the pics u posted here.

Li said...

ala i bake cookies pon kadang2..hehe..never given cakes to friends yet..:)..cookies dh..
but tu la,wish u could taste it too..