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Sunday, March 28, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

1.The Blindside
Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her role in this movie and being a fan of hers,I thought I should watch this much talked about movie.By the way,this movie is based on a true story and Leigh Anne was actually at the Oscars when Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her portrayal of her in The Blindside.

When I first watched it,my heart reached out to Michael. He makes me feel really sad and looking at his expression and his clothes and the fact that at the start of the movie he only has a couch on someone else’s house as a place to stay,was just utterly heartbreaking.He looked like a big teddy bear that needs a good hug.Oh,the title of the movie refers to the game of American Football which was explained by Sandra at the start of the movie but when people talk about sports,it goes right through doesn't register to me..:P

I cried when Michael said to Leigh Anne that he never had a bed to sleep in before when Leigh Anne thought that he never had a room of his own.That was so sad!And man,I admire Leigh Anne so much!I can only say that it’s a really really great movie which emphasize on love and family which Leigh Anne has so much to give and I admire her for that.

I hardly recognized Tim McGraw with his beard shaved off,playing Sean and Lily Collins--daughter of Phil Collins—duh & how appropriate that she’s playing Leigh Anne’s daughter whose name is Collins--looked really really beautiful! SJ character is just so cute and funny!!!I loved the part whereby he trained Michael for football.hehehe.I’d give this movie 4.5 out 5.People should definitely go and watch it!!!!I want to watch the movie all over again!!:)


Man,I've been waiting to watch this movie &I've to say that it disappointed me.I love Alexis Bledel & am a big fan of hers & think that she's one of the most gorgeous celebs in the world.BUT,I hate the ending of this movie.I can however identify with what she's going through in the movie because I am about to embark into the working world in a couple of months myself(insyallah).

Fashion-wise,I like the fact that in the movie she wears this big manly watch like I do which to me is so chic!Like Rachel Zoe(fashion stylist extraordinaire) said,she likes her watch to cover her wrist.

This is such a spoiler but I hate the fact that Ryden,after getting the job that she so badly wanted,left it just so she could go to Columbia & tell Adam that she loves him.Like QUIT the freaking job opportunity that's so hard to come where the heck is the logic in that??Why can't she just tell him that she loves him and keep the job too??Only in movies people,only in movies.Sigh.I'd give it 3 out of 5 just because I love Alexis and her hot neighbour David.But I would love someone like Adam as a boyfriend because he is so funny & sweet!