Tick Tock Goes The Biological Clock

Sunday, March 28, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Last Sunday,an article in The Star newspaper stated that more and more Malaysians are choosing to get married later in life or NOT at all.Because I have parents that have embedded in my head that I should put career first once I graduate and to marry later in life--they said preferably when I'm 27-29 years old & plus my father is dead set AGAINST me having a boyfriend while I'm studying---but it's okay for my brother to have a girlfriend though!Double standards just because I'm the only daughter & other blah222 reasons..-_-..

Thus,the article did not affect me at all..or so I thought..Until after the conversation that I had with Izza a few days ago,which actually made me a bit afraid and started to think about my future.What if I NEVER found the right guy for me??damnz..It made me sort of regret some of the guys that I didn't want to be serious with.Okay to be truthful,I get a lot of flak from my friends for being a serial dater and never leading to anything serious.

I've dated quite a few guys,had genuine feelings for only 1 or 2 but it never lead to anything serious because to be honest,I just don't feel BOTHERED(a British expression-as in,I could care less).I'm not one of those girls who text you for no apparent reason or call whenever they want too..I never even do that to my friends(we usually text each other when we want to meet up or call when we have hot goss..ahaha).

Throughout 5 years of pursuing my bachelor's degree I've yet to find the one that made me want to have anything truly serious with them.Here's the truth,despite the fact that I might look all modern on the outside, but I still prefer the guy making the moves.BUT,a recent story about one of my lecturer's love life and how she nabbed a husband which was by being really really brave in getting what she wanted,made me rethink about my nonchalant way.

Plus,I'm soo not one of those cutesy2 girls who talks in a cute way or is all 'manja2' all the time(I am manja sometimes but not all the time!) and I don't like being joined at the hip and has to follow my boyfriend everywhere he goes or have to see each other everyday kind of thing.If others are like that,that's great but I'm not going to pretend that,that's me!Plus,I don't like being asked where did I go just now,what did I do--even my own family members know that this irritates me.

It's like this,I'm soo used to being single and comfortable being one that being in a relationship and the steps leading up to it makes me very uncomfortable.Thus,I'll need a MAN who's emotionally secure and one that I can depend on because I'm used to being independent, that it's good sometimes when you can depend on others instead.:)

BUT if worse come to worse,I'll accept my parents choice of a man that I should marry.Because like what I told my mum,if it ends with a divorce,it won't be my fault cos' they're the one who choose him..lols!


hahahah tick tock tick tock!!! gila scary!!