More movies that I've watched

Friday, April 30, 2010 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

1.It’s Complicated

I have to admit that it took me a looong time to finish watching this dvd on the basis that it made me very uncomfortable to see old people prancing around having affairs and sex.Bleargh.Especially when they’re old enough to be my grandparents.

BUT,after my friend Hani said that the movie was good,I decided to finish watching it as I had only watched like 30 minutes of the movie and stopped after the bath tub scene and didn’t watched it again for weeks.I have to say that the movie has a very warm and feel good kind akin to like eating mashed potatoes.I love the movie and it is very much about family and how a divorce does affect the children and of course,both husband and wife.I dream of opening a bakery like Meryl’s character has.It looked amazing!

2. Bandslam

I thought that this movie was okay and it was filled with knowledge about music and although there were some painful to watch moments in the movie, I liked the fact that Lisa Kudrow was in it,the chemistry between Will and Sa5m and their super cool first date, to me, that was very sweet. The fact that the hot blonde chick,Charlotte, is not a bimbo and is the nerd’s best friend is pretty cool too. There are some great song in the movie but I’ve to say, I still don’t like Vanessa Hudgen’s singing voice.

3. Funny People

The start of the movie made me wonder about the fact that comedians especially stand up, make us laugh all the time but they might just lead a very lonely and not so funny life. In this movie Adam Sandler plays a famous comedy movie star, George Simmons, who has it all, but was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia and leads a very lonely life.He has bucket loads of money but he does not have anyone to love. So he took Ira under his wing and he became his personal assistant.

The movie showed the unique friendship between Ira & George and how it made him become a better person as he started to get closer to his family and opened up to his other friends. Aside from the copious amount of profanities and sexual scenes, I thought that this movie is a good one. Besides I thought Jason is sort of cute.

4. The Orphan

The much beloved movie by Izza which I did not watch for months although Kak Hani has the dvd. This movie is not one of those supernatural ghost stories although at first, one might think that it is so. I thought that the twist of at almost the end of the movie was unexpected. I love Maxine’s character and I thought she played the character very well. Esther is just plain creepy and physically strong for such a small person. The movie did not scare me but it creeped me out.

The most painful moment in the movie was when she tried to break her hand and the bone came protruding from her arm.Man that was painful to watch.I’ve to confess that I fell asleep during the middle of the movie and had to take a nap and watch it again after I woke up.That’s the convenience of having the dvd!

I don't know why but I suddenly remembered this line from Shakespeare's Sonnet 116:

"Love is not love ,Which alters when it alteration finds"-which meant that, 'Love isn’t really love if it changes when it sees the beloved change or if it disappears when the beloved leaves'. You make me miss you everyday.:)


Bring out the truth

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Today I got into a heated argument with someone who was dumb enough to think that he knows about the law in his own country which he DOESN'T and then goes to argue against me,a former English debater/adjudicator from our own Uni.

Dude,read the link below & watch the video & please,EDUCATE yourself before you start to argue with others.In a debate,no matter how much you BULLSHIT,in the end,an adjudicator will know if you actually know what you are talking about or not.

1)The police report of Arwah's friend who was beat up by the 4 cops that night

2)The video of the lawyers hired by Arwah's mother & what they had to say about the case.


I scream for ice cream

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Ice cream is one of my favorite food.I don't eat it everyday but I certainly have them every week.Not the on the popsicle stick kind but more of the one you have to scoop kind.

One of my most life changing ice cream eating experience was when I was 15 years old,when I tasted my first spoon of Ben & Jerry's.I think it was the flavor Cherry Garcia.
My 2 favorite flavor from Ben & Jerry's are Cherry Garcia & Neapolitan Dynamite.Sadly nowadays,Ben & Jerry's ice cream are hard to come by because unless you live near a Cold Storage(which I don't),you won't be able to buy them.Plus a pint of them is costly.

Thus I have to resort to Baskin Robbins which is quite good but they're not Ben & Jerry's.Probably because Ben & Jerry's uses all natural ingredients.

Articles on Ben & Jerry's

For Baskin Robbins my favorite flavors has got to be Pralines & Cream,Love Potion #31,Winter White Chocolate & Cherries Jubilee.
I like the fact that on any bad day or times when I feel like I want a scoop of something creamy and luscious,I can just head over to the nearest Baskin stand and buy a scoop of any of my favorite flavor and everything feels better.Oh how I wish Ben & Jerry's would open their scoop shop(that's what they call it there) right here in Malaysia.

Now,if we're talking LOCAL, my favorite ice cream flavor has to got to be---DURIAN!!!Yumaaahhhh.I love durian in any form actually.In doughnuts,in cheesecake,in ice cream,in bubur but nope,I don't eat tempoyak!ahaha.I remembered enjoying that rm1 or is it 1.50 ice cream cone from the ice cream man & I would always tell him to 'nak yg kaler kuning jer'(only the yellow ice cream),which meant more durian ice cream.And believe me,durian & chocolate ice cream together on a wafer cone taste really really good!

And of course for uni students with a limited budget,we always head over to Mc Donalds for the chocolate sundae or vanilla cone or choco top or oreo mcflurry.
I just had a chocolate sundae yesterday because in my swollen face/mouth condition,it's easier to eat ice cream--yeay!!!ahaha.
What are some of your favorite ice cream flavors?



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*This pic of arwah was taken during Hari Larian SMKS9 & I snap it because a student of mine liked him--see his bright green shoes?*

Aminul Rasyid,a form 3 student of my old school and the school that I did my practicum at recently,SMKS9 Shah Alam,passed away yesterday.

I didn't teach him but I did got his class for relief period 2 times and whenever we have sports practice every week before sports day happened,the girls would be telling me, 'Teacher2,tu yg pakai kasut hijau tuh..cute sgt!'.They called him 'budak kasut hijau'.Lots of girls find him cute and told me constantly about it, and he ran really fast and won a few medals because of that.He is only 15 years old,my brother's age and it was sad the fact that he died while being shot for just doing something that a lot of the kids his age are doing--driving without a license,and that does not mean someone should be shot to death.

It's such a pity and I hate the fact that they're covering up their mistakes by saying that he's a suspected 'penyamun(robber)' or 'penjenayah(criminal)' when he's not that kind of a person.Dah jadi arwah,tak payah la buruk2kan nama orang tuh.Ish2.

I can't imagine if that was my little brother Raffiq,who is his age too.It is an injustice,no matter what excuses the police force are using to cover it up.I hope justice will prevail because what was portrayed in the news last night definitely was not the truth!

*UPDATES:My boyfriend who went to the 'pengebumian(funeral)' yesterday told me the whole truth about it & it makes me even more mad than before.Fret not,the main witness is being kept safely and we'll just wait for the truth to prevail!*


l love you dr.michelle

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The title refers to my beloved dentist who did two minor operations on me yesterday and gave me my first stitching EVER!I have never been stitched for anything and it was my first time watching the needle and thread being pulled out of my MOUTH!I tend to go to my uni’s health center because I think we should use it to the max and because I rarely get sick,I tend to go to check my teeth.

Thus,last month,I went with the intention to get some filling but when the dentist (not Dr.Michelle)checked my teeth,she wanted to pull out one of it and she checked all the other teeth and realize that I need to schedule a minor operation to take out a teeth right at the end of the left side of my mouth.Got an x-ray and after I couldn't go to my 1st scheduled operation due to post-practicum,yesterday was the day of the wreckoning.

Dr.Michelle was super nice and always asked me if I was in pain,which I wasn't.She even suggested if I want to take out the teeth above the one that was being operated because it doesn't make sense to keep it since there's nothing underneath.I said sure.She injected me with bius 3 times and it didn't hurt because it was the bottom teeth.But during the 2nd operation,when she injected the bius on my upper teeth,boy did that hurt & a drop of tear came trickling down my face.ahaha.

When she drilled my teeth for bone trimming(her words not mine & yeah it sounded scary but doesn't feel anything) I just imagined that my neighbour was reconstructing her house again since the drilling was defeaning.Think happy thoughts people!My face is swollen now & I got 3 days of MC..yeay!

Below are a fuzzy pic of my 2 huge teeth that was taken out yesterday...


What I watched recently + BEASTLY

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I love22 Alex Pettyfer and waited for the trailer of this movie to come out after a sucky teaser a few months ago.And now tadaaa it has!!The movie looks pretty promising although I don't like Vanessa Hudgens,I'd watch the movie just for the fact that Alex's in it!Woohoo.Can't wait!

TV Series


Argggh!!I love Cassie & Cappie together but he had to screw up and ruined it.Like hello,she's studying in the States,not moving to Mongolia or whatsoever.He really needs to grow up!

2.Gossip Girl

Sigh.The end of Chuck & Blair.It was inevitable because,Chuck was just too mean.Poor,poor Blair.But..I really really hope that nothing will happen between Blair & Dan..can you say ickkk?Jenny has become a bitch and I wish I could strangle her--poor Serena!Lily should just come out and tell Rufus about her 'condition'.I think she has a deadly disease of some sort and only Serena's dad can treat her.


1.The September Issue

The life of Anna Wintour,one of the biggest figure in the world of fashion and is the one whom The Devil Wears Prada was based on,was documented in this film.The title of the documentary of course refers to the September Issue of VOGUE,the 'January' issue for fashion magazines and it's the thickest issue of VOGUE magazine,every year!

As a person who loves loves the magazine industry(ahaha..I know you might think I prefer the fashion industry),it was great seeing behind the scenes on how a magazine is published and get a glimpse of Anna's life.I have to say that she looks lonely at times.This is a great dvd to buy and keep and I know that I'll keep watching it from time to time.

2.New York,I Love You

This movie consists of many short films that was shot by different directors and one of them was even made by Natalie Portman.Scarlett Johannson even directed one but it didn't make the cut and instead was in the bonus section of the dvd.I loved all of the love stories in this movie and one of the best has got to be the one starring Orlando Bloom & Christina Ricci or Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen.I wish we can make something like this for Kuala Lumpur.It'll be really great!

3.Love Happens
I had high hopes for this movie because of duh, the title and the tagline on the poster,I can TOTALLY relate to(ehehehe).BUT,as much as I love both Aaron Eckhart & Jennifer Aniston,I've got to say that this movie is not good!It was just...bleargh.There were some good parts like I don't know,the flower shop maybe because I love flowers..ahaha..Other than that...meh!

4.KL Drift 2

I love Bohsia Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam.But,I have to say that this movie,despite the awesome trailer,was BORING!The love story between Scha's & Syamsul's character was just icky!The best part about the movie was of course the drifting scenes!Woohooo..super duper awesome!


The hardest post to write ever!

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These past 3 months has been amazing for me..I never thought in a million years that I would get to do my practicum at my old school.It was luck that brought me here and gave me such a great experience filled with many wonderful memories.I was however a bit apprehensive about it because I thought I would never be able to control my temper with my students and surprisingly,I rarely had to assert my anger.

The pictures above was during the last 3 days of practicum.Had a get together with form 5 students at OT where Atiq(thanks so much Atiq!!I miss our gossiping session!!) baked a chocolate cake for me & Fana.The next day it was the HUGGGGEEE potluck with 6 form 4 classes which involved too much food until people had to bring some home!There was Domino's,Pizza hut,pasta's,kfc,malay dishes,thai dishes--shrimp on sugar cane stick!--,desserts,& I made a huge pot of bolognaise for my students.

On a serious note: Teaching both 4 STE AND 4 IK1 has been a great experience.I’m glad that I managed to teach them all the things that I wanted them to know.I managed to incorporate Martin Luther King Jr.,the song Imagine by John Lennon,episodes of Glee,Micheal Jackson,Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s victory,Wildlife—WWF,Perhilitan,National Geographic,the harmful effects of using plastic bags,eating disorders,and many many more.

Although I have to apologize if there was any 4IK1 students who were offended when at times I jokingly called them monkeys,or their class is akin to a zoo or that 4 STE are better behaved than them.ehehe.Truthfully speaking,every each one of you has got a place in my heart and your myriad of antics and personalities will be remembered by me forever!

Thanks so much for the gifts that you gave me and you also made me realize that hey,I can teach.Because I did doubt myself and was very scared before I entered practicum.I was amazed that I managed to handle them and even when 4IK1 was at their noisiest I didn’t throw anyone out of the building.haha..Kidding!

I'll remember all the funny memories like Aidin always following me around in class,always wanting to salam me after class ends and how his face get really2 red when he's embarassed.Hizami always being so hyper in class.Nadzril always being sleepy at the back.Nizam for always being sorry for me because his class is so noisy.ahaha.Zahirah's sorry essay to me.

Faiz who always volunteer to read in class and didn't mind when his friends laugh at him when he pronounce something wrongly.The time when the boys beat up Wan Danial(for fun..-__-) when I relief them.My own cousin,Faiq for being so mengada in class..bwahaha.Farzin for being so nice in class.Faiz Sobrie who is my primary school friend,Amal's lil' brother. Hatim for being so noisy in class but meant well and he actually calls me from time to time now.hahaha.

The time during the English singing competition in class that was suddenly joined by students from other classes like 4STE,STM and SC2.Or the time they asked me to sing to them which was recorded & uploaded on FB...-__-...And many other names that are too long to be mentioned in this post because there's 41 of them in 4IK1!!:))

In 4 STE, I’ll remember the times when Shafizal came up to me when it was only 2 weeks of me teaching there and gave a big love poem and the students making fun of him for it.I’ll remember when I would get mad at Tun for being so keypoh but now he is a friend to me.Of Hakim talking English with an unrecognizable accent.The girls like Hani, Nabilla,Ainaa,Alya,Azuana,Putri and other that I might have forgotten about,who was always so attentive compared to the boys.ahaha.Hariz for giving me his Percy Jackson book to borrow.Shamsul for being quiet in class but no in YM--ahaha & taking great pictures!

Naqib & Hakim lipbalm skit for the advertisement presentation in class & they never gave back my BRAND new lipbalm because they USED it during the skit.Iman,Amirul & Acap for always helping me out before and after class.Iman for introducing me to Peter answers and managed to creeped me out.ahaha.Haziq for always calling me 'awek'..-__-.Khairul & Naqib who sort of introduced me to my former senior at school & now he's my you-know-who.ahaha.

On a fun note:Although I didn't teach the Form 5 students,we became close through sports practice and relief classes.They’re a bunch of fun loving people and I’ll always remember the good times that we had. I always get 5IK2 as my relief class.And they're a noisy bunch of people who are very friendly.Once when I relief their class,they camwhored and I joined in too..resulting in a picture of me with the guys in the class along with guys from 5IK1 & 5STE too.

I became close with the Buanarians like Aizu,Nikki,Atiq,Afiqah,Mey,Hazim,Yasmin,Fatin and others because we have sports practice twice in a week for a month.Went out with them to buy stuffs for the sports day preparation a couple of times.They like to hang out at OT and managed to roped me in as well cos' previously I don't really go there.

Got to know Nick & Mazrul through Fana when we went to send back Segara's costume at Mutiara Damansara.I had some interesting experience with Aizu,Hazim & Mey..ahaha.I remembered the whole Aizu being pranked thing which involves my name..-__-.

Despite teaching them was such a wonderful experience and the school administration was very nice to us and we even had a photoshoot to put our pictures in the school yearbook this year--YEAY!!...I didn't apply for posting because I want to do something different with my life and teaching in school is not one of them but,I do find teaching a noble profession and it definitely wasn't a walk in the park although some people think it is.

Made new friends at the school because we had many many other practicum teachers and I think it was more than 20 people.Became friends with the teachers as well like Kak Maz,Kak Kash,Kak Syam and many more.My mentor was just super nice and supportive and I definitely miss her.And my supervisor was very supportive as well.The 3 months at SMKS9 was such a great experience for me & I'll never ever forget it for my entire life!


I just have to--Heidi Montag=TRAGIC!

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I know I shouldn't be blogging but COME ON!!!I just saw her pictures on Popsugar and man,her boobs looked like giant watermelons.SERIOUSLY???She changed her boob to E/F SIZE!I guess the upside is that she won't get drown if her boat capsized.:P
Btw,she was small years ago and she's MY age and get this--she has done 10 plastic surgeries--all at the age of 23.How can you live with this thing?GOD!Read all about it HERE!

And to think that her 'reasons' for doing was because a few people teased her online about her chin and whatnot.Hello???She was pretty and now she looks like,like..I don't know what to say!If she said that,that's the reason she did plastic surgery then what would other people who looked worse than she did BEFORE she did all those surgeries,feel?
I watched Laguna Beach when I was a teen and I remembered her being Lauren's friend and even when she was in The Hills I thought she's pretty..but now??I'm sooo glad that Lauren stayed true to herself and now she has her own fashion line and 2 books to her name.Heidi is just so tragic!


Packed schedule!

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Completing a huge wall deco/word thingy in the span of 2 days is INSANE and TIRING!!!Going to continue doing it tomorrow(d 2nd day) with my fellow friends.But,the person who asked us to do it,is just 1 person and even her fellow colleagues said that what she's doing to us is quite mean since tomorrow is our last day there kot!haih..but xpela..redha!

Tomorrow & Saturday from afternoon-night will be packed with things to do with the Form 4 and Form 5 students.Next week,the whole week is post prac.At this rate,when will I ever complete my AE???warghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...God help me please!!!



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Truth be told,although as brave as a person that I am,I am scared of what awaits me after I graduate.Having to face the real world.After 5 years of pursuing my bachelors degree,it will end in a couple of weeks--provided I send in my AE on TIME..YIKES!

After 5 years,it’s time for us to face the real world.The working world.The world of work and work and work and no play.I am a person who is easily bored and cannot,I repeat cannot stand being confined in a space for a long period of time.I don’t know what I want to do after I graduate.

Should I work,should I pursue my masters?Would I want to do both or would it wear me out?Will I ever find true love(yes,contrary to popular belief,I do believe in it!)?Will I ever get married and have cute kids and feed them lots of cookies and make them fat?:P..

Sometimes I wish I have a crystal ball that will tell me what will happen in the future..Will I be successful,what will my dearest husband look like,will I get to own a BMW X5?hahaha.I’m scared,I really am.I can’t make up my mind either.If I want to work,where should I go?Editorial or teaching or something totally different altogether.If I want to pursue my masters should I go abroad or just stay in Malaysia? Argggh..questions,decisions,and lots of other seriously not fun things.

Despite all that,there is one thing however, I know that I want but I’ve no idea if I’ll get it.Maybe,just maybe,I’m getting softer with age?I thought that it’s hard for me let people in but surprisingly,this time around,I really want this to happen,whatever it is.

Okay,I’m not making sense.So,if any of you,who are close to me,or not,knows what I should do with my life after I graduate,please tell me.Cos’ I’m sure as hell,don’t.Right now,atleast,I don’t,yet.


So funny!!

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I know we should NOT be teaching little cute cherubic kids the kind of words that are uttered by Pearl in the video but it's funny as hell!!Showed it to my family & my mum wasn't thrilled with the profanities but I still find Pearl sooo adorable!!