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*This pic of arwah was taken during Hari Larian SMKS9 & I snap it because a student of mine liked him--see his bright green shoes?*

Aminul Rasyid,a form 3 student of my old school and the school that I did my practicum at recently,SMKS9 Shah Alam,passed away yesterday.

I didn't teach him but I did got his class for relief period 2 times and whenever we have sports practice every week before sports day happened,the girls would be telling me, 'Teacher2,tu yg pakai kasut hijau tuh..cute sgt!'.They called him 'budak kasut hijau'.Lots of girls find him cute and told me constantly about it, and he ran really fast and won a few medals because of that.He is only 15 years old,my brother's age and it was sad the fact that he died while being shot for just doing something that a lot of the kids his age are doing--driving without a license,and that does not mean someone should be shot to death.

It's such a pity and I hate the fact that they're covering up their mistakes by saying that he's a suspected 'penyamun(robber)' or 'penjenayah(criminal)' when he's not that kind of a person.Dah jadi arwah,tak payah la buruk2kan nama orang tuh.Ish2.

I can't imagine if that was my little brother Raffiq,who is his age too.It is an injustice,no matter what excuses the police force are using to cover it up.I hope justice will prevail because what was portrayed in the news last night definitely was not the truth!

*UPDATES:My boyfriend who went to the 'pengebumian(funeral)' yesterday told me the whole truth about it & it makes me even more mad than before.Fret not,the main witness is being kept safely and we'll just wait for the truth to prevail!*


Syud Ridzuan said...

i know! i just read about him td. br tau he was in sec9. yap. sangat injustice! i hope he will get good pembelaan. sigh. menipu betul la berita2 sekarang :(

Li said...

tu la..mlm semlm pengebumian die...
sedey sgt sbb from what i can see at school,he was cheerful and he love to run..bab2 lari mmg terer..i was one of the teachers yg slalu kene tlg latihan sukan..die satu rumah sukan with me,buana..ramai girls minat die..

yang ramai bengang is the fact that polis bukan nak buat pc mintak maaf secara terbuka,dh buat salah & korban satu nyawa xberslh kot!!!ini lg la kunun ade parang dlm kete la,suspek penjenayah la,penyamun la..penyamun ke jadah! rumah die dekat dr tempat kejadian xtau ape nk rase psl polis skang..

Syud Ridzuan said...

sedeyh :(

the only salah he did was to go out at night w/o his parents consent and to drive w/o license..but he did not deserve to be shot like that. and he was form3, mcm our brother' age kan? tp tu la, that's his fate..hopefully the truth will prevail.

hope his family will sabar. da la anak bongsu :( sian his friends. da la nk pmr hujung tahun ni..they will be greatly affected :'(

hopefully some kids will learn lessons from this..never ever keluar rumah w/o ur parents consent..karang ape2 jadi kite x tahu..orang jahat ke some policemen ke..same je..huhu..

not blaming the whole police force. I believe they have reasons for doing so. I just hope arwah will get keadilan. and his death tak la sia2. kan? enough is enough. berape ramai da orang yg x bersalah jadi mangsa. huhu. innocent until proven guilty da x dipakai da skrg. huhu.


Alfatihah for Arwah :(

bende ni buat aku depressed. need to study for the 2pm paper tp xde mood. li, blajakan for me pls?

Li said...

syud:tu la..mmg pon dh nk ajal die kan??sbb tuh 1st time die sneak out & kuar rumah naek kete kakak die..mak die pulak tido & xsedar..
oh,die xde ayah..dh meninggal..

aq bengang ko dgn 1 junior kite ni..maen ikot sedap mulut jer kate aminul is not an admirable person la sbb sneak out mlm2..hello,die gi tgk bola & adik aq pon pernah buat kot..that doesn't mean that person is not admirable..macam la baek sgt..haihhh

pastuh bley plak ek kutuk PARENTING SKILLS mak arwah ape lg..pantang d'cabar kot!hisshhh
geram aq...

and polis mane boley tembak org sesuke hati??ade ke peraturan kate boley tembak org yg xbersenjata..adoiss...bengang btul aq dgn hujah2 xbernas junior kite tuh..bodos tul..if aq jumpe kat fac..mmg siapla!

yg buat org bengang ialah statement kate aminul penyamun/penjenayah & ada bwk parang..tuh je..that's the justice that we want..but xpela,kwn aminul berjaya diselamatkan & he will testify xsilap aq..kite berdoa je la agar kematian aminul ni terbela...amin.

syud,good luck!!!u can do it!!