The hardest post to write ever!

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These past 3 months has been amazing for me..I never thought in a million years that I would get to do my practicum at my old school.It was luck that brought me here and gave me such a great experience filled with many wonderful memories.I was however a bit apprehensive about it because I thought I would never be able to control my temper with my students and surprisingly,I rarely had to assert my anger.

The pictures above was during the last 3 days of practicum.Had a get together with form 5 students at OT where Atiq(thanks so much Atiq!!I miss our gossiping session!!) baked a chocolate cake for me & Fana.The next day it was the HUGGGGEEE potluck with 6 form 4 classes which involved too much food until people had to bring some home!There was Domino's,Pizza hut,pasta's,kfc,malay dishes,thai dishes--shrimp on sugar cane stick!--,desserts,& I made a huge pot of bolognaise for my students.

On a serious note: Teaching both 4 STE AND 4 IK1 has been a great experience.I’m glad that I managed to teach them all the things that I wanted them to know.I managed to incorporate Martin Luther King Jr.,the song Imagine by John Lennon,episodes of Glee,Micheal Jackson,Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s victory,Wildlife—WWF,Perhilitan,National Geographic,the harmful effects of using plastic bags,eating disorders,and many many more.

Although I have to apologize if there was any 4IK1 students who were offended when at times I jokingly called them monkeys,or their class is akin to a zoo or that 4 STE are better behaved than them.ehehe.Truthfully speaking,every each one of you has got a place in my heart and your myriad of antics and personalities will be remembered by me forever!

Thanks so much for the gifts that you gave me and you also made me realize that hey,I can teach.Because I did doubt myself and was very scared before I entered practicum.I was amazed that I managed to handle them and even when 4IK1 was at their noisiest I didn’t throw anyone out of the building.haha..Kidding!

I'll remember all the funny memories like Aidin always following me around in class,always wanting to salam me after class ends and how his face get really2 red when he's embarassed.Hizami always being so hyper in class.Nadzril always being sleepy at the back.Nizam for always being sorry for me because his class is so noisy.ahaha.Zahirah's sorry essay to me.

Faiz who always volunteer to read in class and didn't mind when his friends laugh at him when he pronounce something wrongly.The time when the boys beat up Wan Danial(for fun..-__-) when I relief them.My own cousin,Faiq for being so mengada in class..bwahaha.Farzin for being so nice in class.Faiz Sobrie who is my primary school friend,Amal's lil' brother. Hatim for being so noisy in class but meant well and he actually calls me from time to time now.hahaha.

The time during the English singing competition in class that was suddenly joined by students from other classes like 4STE,STM and SC2.Or the time they asked me to sing to them which was recorded & uploaded on FB...-__-...And many other names that are too long to be mentioned in this post because there's 41 of them in 4IK1!!:))

In 4 STE, I’ll remember the times when Shafizal came up to me when it was only 2 weeks of me teaching there and gave a big love poem and the students making fun of him for it.I’ll remember when I would get mad at Tun for being so keypoh but now he is a friend to me.Of Hakim talking English with an unrecognizable accent.The girls like Hani, Nabilla,Ainaa,Alya,Azuana,Putri and other that I might have forgotten about,who was always so attentive compared to the boys.ahaha.Hariz for giving me his Percy Jackson book to borrow.Shamsul for being quiet in class but no in YM--ahaha & taking great pictures!

Naqib & Hakim lipbalm skit for the advertisement presentation in class & they never gave back my BRAND new lipbalm because they USED it during the skit.Iman,Amirul & Acap for always helping me out before and after class.Iman for introducing me to Peter answers and managed to creeped me out.ahaha.Haziq for always calling me 'awek'..-__-.Khairul & Naqib who sort of introduced me to my former senior at school & now he's my you-know-who.ahaha.

On a fun note:Although I didn't teach the Form 5 students,we became close through sports practice and relief classes.They’re a bunch of fun loving people and I’ll always remember the good times that we had. I always get 5IK2 as my relief class.And they're a noisy bunch of people who are very friendly.Once when I relief their class,they camwhored and I joined in too..resulting in a picture of me with the guys in the class along with guys from 5IK1 & 5STE too.

I became close with the Buanarians like Aizu,Nikki,Atiq,Afiqah,Mey,Hazim,Yasmin,Fatin and others because we have sports practice twice in a week for a month.Went out with them to buy stuffs for the sports day preparation a couple of times.They like to hang out at OT and managed to roped me in as well cos' previously I don't really go there.

Got to know Nick & Mazrul through Fana when we went to send back Segara's costume at Mutiara Damansara.I had some interesting experience with Aizu,Hazim & Mey..ahaha.I remembered the whole Aizu being pranked thing which involves my name..-__-.

Despite teaching them was such a wonderful experience and the school administration was very nice to us and we even had a photoshoot to put our pictures in the school yearbook this year--YEAY!!...I didn't apply for posting because I want to do something different with my life and teaching in school is not one of them but,I do find teaching a noble profession and it definitely wasn't a walk in the park although some people think it is.

Made new friends at the school because we had many many other practicum teachers and I think it was more than 20 people.Became friends with the teachers as well like Kak Maz,Kak Kash,Kak Syam and many more.My mentor was just super nice and supportive and I definitely miss her.And my supervisor was very supportive as well.The 3 months at SMKS9 was such a great experience for me & I'll never ever forget it for my entire life!