l love you dr.michelle

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The title refers to my beloved dentist who did two minor operations on me yesterday and gave me my first stitching EVER!I have never been stitched for anything and it was my first time watching the needle and thread being pulled out of my MOUTH!I tend to go to my uni’s health center because I think we should use it to the max and because I rarely get sick,I tend to go to check my teeth.

Thus,last month,I went with the intention to get some filling but when the dentist (not Dr.Michelle)checked my teeth,she wanted to pull out one of it and she checked all the other teeth and realize that I need to schedule a minor operation to take out a teeth right at the end of the left side of my mouth.Got an x-ray and after I couldn't go to my 1st scheduled operation due to post-practicum,yesterday was the day of the wreckoning.

Dr.Michelle was super nice and always asked me if I was in pain,which I wasn't.She even suggested if I want to take out the teeth above the one that was being operated because it doesn't make sense to keep it since there's nothing underneath.I said sure.She injected me with bius 3 times and it didn't hurt because it was the bottom teeth.But during the 2nd operation,when she injected the bius on my upper teeth,boy did that hurt & a drop of tear came trickling down my face.ahaha.

When she drilled my teeth for bone trimming(her words not mine & yeah it sounded scary but doesn't feel anything) I just imagined that my neighbour was reconstructing her house again since the drilling was defeaning.Think happy thoughts people!My face is swollen now & I got 3 days of MC..yeay!

Below are a fuzzy pic of my 2 huge teeth that was taken out yesterday...