More movies that I've watched

Friday, April 30, 2010 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

1.It’s Complicated

I have to admit that it took me a looong time to finish watching this dvd on the basis that it made me very uncomfortable to see old people prancing around having affairs and sex.Bleargh.Especially when they’re old enough to be my grandparents.

BUT,after my friend Hani said that the movie was good,I decided to finish watching it as I had only watched like 30 minutes of the movie and stopped after the bath tub scene and didn’t watched it again for weeks.I have to say that the movie has a very warm and feel good kind akin to like eating mashed potatoes.I love the movie and it is very much about family and how a divorce does affect the children and of course,both husband and wife.I dream of opening a bakery like Meryl’s character has.It looked amazing!

2. Bandslam

I thought that this movie was okay and it was filled with knowledge about music and although there were some painful to watch moments in the movie, I liked the fact that Lisa Kudrow was in it,the chemistry between Will and Sa5m and their super cool first date, to me, that was very sweet. The fact that the hot blonde chick,Charlotte, is not a bimbo and is the nerd’s best friend is pretty cool too. There are some great song in the movie but I’ve to say, I still don’t like Vanessa Hudgen’s singing voice.

3. Funny People

The start of the movie made me wonder about the fact that comedians especially stand up, make us laugh all the time but they might just lead a very lonely and not so funny life. In this movie Adam Sandler plays a famous comedy movie star, George Simmons, who has it all, but was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia and leads a very lonely life.He has bucket loads of money but he does not have anyone to love. So he took Ira under his wing and he became his personal assistant.

The movie showed the unique friendship between Ira & George and how it made him become a better person as he started to get closer to his family and opened up to his other friends. Aside from the copious amount of profanities and sexual scenes, I thought that this movie is a good one. Besides I thought Jason is sort of cute.

4. The Orphan

The much beloved movie by Izza which I did not watch for months although Kak Hani has the dvd. This movie is not one of those supernatural ghost stories although at first, one might think that it is so. I thought that the twist of at almost the end of the movie was unexpected. I love Maxine’s character and I thought she played the character very well. Esther is just plain creepy and physically strong for such a small person. The movie did not scare me but it creeped me out.

The most painful moment in the movie was when she tried to break her hand and the bone came protruding from her arm.Man that was painful to watch.I’ve to confess that I fell asleep during the middle of the movie and had to take a nap and watch it again after I woke up.That’s the convenience of having the dvd!

I don't know why but I suddenly remembered this line from Shakespeare's Sonnet 116:

"Love is not love ,Which alters when it alteration finds"-which meant that, 'Love isn’t really love if it changes when it sees the beloved change or if it disappears when the beloved leaves'. You make me miss you everyday.:)


Jessica Lyne said...

The Orphan annoys me so much!! i remember grinding my teeth the whole time the wife kicked the crazy kid/woman) into the water! i was like, "hah! die! die! die!"..hehe

babe! gila scary! masa aku scroll down at ur blog, tiba2 dia stuck kat gmbr orphan tuhh! creepy!!!

Li said...

jess:the movie creeped me out when she seduced her own 'father'..ewwwwww...hah part yg u ckp tuh..omg..i ws like,that tiny bitch is really strong!

izza:aaaa..esther is following u!!izza,nanti if ko nk adopt,pastikan bukan dr estonia..muahaha