Wednesday, April 07, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

Truth be told,although as brave as a person that I am,I am scared of what awaits me after I graduate.Having to face the real world.After 5 years of pursuing my bachelors degree,it will end in a couple of weeks--provided I send in my AE on TIME..YIKES!

After 5 years,it’s time for us to face the real world.The working world.The world of work and work and work and no play.I am a person who is easily bored and cannot,I repeat cannot stand being confined in a space for a long period of time.I don’t know what I want to do after I graduate.

Should I work,should I pursue my masters?Would I want to do both or would it wear me out?Will I ever find true love(yes,contrary to popular belief,I do believe in it!)?Will I ever get married and have cute kids and feed them lots of cookies and make them fat?:P..

Sometimes I wish I have a crystal ball that will tell me what will happen in the future..Will I be successful,what will my dearest husband look like,will I get to own a BMW X5?hahaha.I’m scared,I really am.I can’t make up my mind either.If I want to work,where should I go?Editorial or teaching or something totally different altogether.If I want to pursue my masters should I go abroad or just stay in Malaysia? Argggh..questions,decisions,and lots of other seriously not fun things.

Despite all that,there is one thing however, I know that I want but I’ve no idea if I’ll get it.Maybe,just maybe,I’m getting softer with age?I thought that it’s hard for me let people in but surprisingly,this time around,I really want this to happen,whatever it is.

Okay,I’m not making sense.So,if any of you,who are close to me,or not,knows what I should do with my life after I graduate,please tell me.Cos’ I’m sure as hell,don’t.Right now,atleast,I don’t,yet.