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Saturday, April 24, 2010 Unknown 5 Comments

I love22 Alex Pettyfer and waited for the trailer of this movie to come out after a sucky teaser a few months ago.And now tadaaa it has!!The movie looks pretty promising although I don't like Vanessa Hudgens,I'd watch the movie just for the fact that Alex's in it!Woohoo.Can't wait!

TV Series


Argggh!!I love Cassie & Cappie together but he had to screw up and ruined it.Like hello,she's studying in the States,not moving to Mongolia or whatsoever.He really needs to grow up!

2.Gossip Girl

Sigh.The end of Chuck & Blair.It was inevitable because,Chuck was just too mean.Poor,poor Blair.But..I really really hope that nothing will happen between Blair & Dan..can you say ickkk?Jenny has become a bitch and I wish I could strangle her--poor Serena!Lily should just come out and tell Rufus about her 'condition'.I think she has a deadly disease of some sort and only Serena's dad can treat her.


1.The September Issue

The life of Anna Wintour,one of the biggest figure in the world of fashion and is the one whom The Devil Wears Prada was based on,was documented in this film.The title of the documentary of course refers to the September Issue of VOGUE,the 'January' issue for fashion magazines and it's the thickest issue of VOGUE magazine,every year!

As a person who loves loves the magazine industry(ahaha..I know you might think I prefer the fashion industry),it was great seeing behind the scenes on how a magazine is published and get a glimpse of Anna's life.I have to say that she looks lonely at times.This is a great dvd to buy and keep and I know that I'll keep watching it from time to time.

2.New York,I Love You

This movie consists of many short films that was shot by different directors and one of them was even made by Natalie Portman.Scarlett Johannson even directed one but it didn't make the cut and instead was in the bonus section of the dvd.I loved all of the love stories in this movie and one of the best has got to be the one starring Orlando Bloom & Christina Ricci or Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen.I wish we can make something like this for Kuala Lumpur.It'll be really great!

3.Love Happens
I had high hopes for this movie because of duh, the title and the tagline on the poster,I can TOTALLY relate to(ehehehe).BUT,as much as I love both Aaron Eckhart & Jennifer Aniston,I've got to say that this movie is not good!It was just...bleargh.There were some good parts like I don't know,the flower shop maybe because I love flowers..ahaha..Other than that...meh!

4.KL Drift 2

I love Bohsia Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam.But,I have to say that this movie,despite the awesome trailer,was BORING!The love story between Scha's & Syamsul's character was just icky!The best part about the movie was of course the drifting scenes!Woohooo..super duper awesome!


Hmm, need to watch more TV and movies!

Li said...

ellen--ahaha..Most of the tv series are downloaded since I don't have the time to sit in front of the tv nowadays...

izlin said...

yana, i dah download new york i love you. tapi tgk separuh tk best. i think i dh delete kot. huhu. :p

Li said...

oooo..die mcm artsy sket..but i ske..huhu..i have the dvd..:)

tingin gak nak tgk beastly