Made me cry buckets:Grey’s Anatomy season 6 finale—(warning:full of spoilers)

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I love Grey’s Anatomy.Quoted the quotes years ago,especially Christina’s ones because she’s my favourite character and I loved her relationship with Burke.But when Burke left at the end of season 3,I didn’t watched season 4 at all.Just a few episodes here and there.I started to continue following the series again during season 5 and the finale of season 5 was heart pounding.

And now, the end of season 6 has came upon us and it was just one of the most emotional and adrenaline-filled and fear inducing finale ever!I can’t wait what season 7 will bring to us ardent followers of the show.

This episode (including the 23rd one) was just heart pounding. I was going like OMG2 a lot of the time and covering my eyes during the scary parts(imagined being shot like out of the blue & having a mad man who shoots anybody,near you—super scary man!) which woke someone up a few times.

That dude was just crazy.Like he shot whomever he wanted or got in his way.The elevator scene between him & Christina was just like----dup dup dup,goes my heart!Man Reed should have been nicer to him!

I cried buckets during that crucial scene between Ted,Bailey & Mary(Mandy Moore).Cos’ he told Bailey to tell Reed that he loved her and he never got a chance to say it and we know what happened to Reed in the episode before the finale. It made me cried a lot because not being able to say I love you to someone that you love until you’re about to die has got to be one of the saddest thing in the world ever. I am never embarrassed ever to tell the person that I love that I love him. I think that’s very important because you never know when your time is up.

Oh,Lexie told Alex that she loved him,in front of Sloane who still loves her.I guess McSteamy now knows definitely where he stands.Sad though cos’ he wants to make her his wife and Alex actually said Izzie’s name when he thought he was about to die.But that didn’t stop Lexie from being by his side when he was okay.I guess Sloan will be with Teddy now since Owen choose Christina.

When Owen choose Christina over Teddy,it made me cry too.Like,yes,he actually do really love Christina because I tend to doubt him since he’s pretty much ‘kayu’ in that department.And when Christina told Mer to save her guy since she’s saving hers,it was a very touching moment.Poor Mer too because she lost you know what.I really hope that in season 7,they’ll promote Christina to a surgeon because she single- handedly (with the help of the gorgeous Jackson Avery) saved the life of the Chief!


Giuliana & Bill

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I just love watching Giuliana and Bill on the E! Channel because they are so right for each other although they are polar opposites. Giuliana is a bit bimbo-ish and fun loving while Bill is more serious and level headed.

They are one of my favourite real life celebrity couple and yesterday there was a marathon of episodes of their reality show—I watched 4 episodes in total and I’ve got to say,Italian(Giuliana’s family)is almost similar as conservative Malaysian family like my own.Like Giuliana’s dad doesn’t even allow Bill to enter her room in their house even when they were engaged.

I like the fact that Bill is more straight-laced while Giuliana is crazier and aloof.Like he wouldn’t even make out with her in her own bedroom in her parents’ house even with the fact that they are husband and wife!

They reminded me of me & my boyfriend!Because he is more mature than me(maybe because he’s 2 years older—which I like) while I am more like a kid with him..ahaha.He calls me ‘budak kecik’ at times..:P..

The point is,I wish I can download all of the episodes of Giuliana & Bill or buy the dvd’s if they’re out..they’re just too cute!!


Movies:Leap Year & The Back-Up Plan

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Watched two romantic comedy movies with Izza and I have to say that people should stop dissing these kind of movies.Yeah,at times the male lead can be unrealistic but you know what,they give us something to hope for.The movies give single females out there(not that I'm one anymore,after being one for a very very long time) that hey,one day a guy will find you and you will find your happily ever after.

Watching romantic comedies is a fun experience because you get to scream,laugh,cry and sometimes even cringe at those embarrassing moments.It's even better when you are watching them with your girlfriends.


I first saw the trailer for this movie months ago and actually put a video of the movie in one of posts here.I have to say that the movie was great and it surpasses my expectations because initially I thought that it was going to be boring.It definitely wasn't!The scenery of Ireland in this movie was amazing.Utterly breathtaking and beautiful.

Come to think of it,there has been a lot of romantic comedy movies that was shot in Ireland--P.s I love you and Maid of honor comes to mind.

The movie revolves around Anna,a very OCD kind of person(like who gets fitted for a dress to wear to a simple dinner with your boyfriend??) who wanted to propose to her boyfriend of 4 years(I think) on the 29th February because supposedly it's a family tradition and an Irish one.So she went to Dublin to meet Jeremy but along the way she met Declan instead and a whole new chapter opened up for her.

I find the chemistry between Anna and Declan was so real and sweet.My fave part was when they cooked dinner together--I want to do that too..:P..I also loved the what will you take in case of a fire part--because Anna managed to see Jeremy for what kind of a person he truly was.All in all,this movie was great and a must watch for the romantic souls out there.The proposal scene in the movie was just sooooo beautiful!!


I love Jennifer Lopez so I couldn't wait to watch this movie because she haven't done a romantic comedy ever since Monster In Law.This movie is about Zoe who got inseminated because she wanted to have a baby but haven't met the right guy.Irony happens when right after she came out from the clinic,she met Stan who turns out to be the man that she has been looking for.Thus the movie revolves around Zoe & Stan coming to terms with her pregnancy and how they overcome the problems that comes with it.

There are many cringe worthy and ewww and lol moments in this movie.Izza's favorite part was the poo2 part in the playground.We still laugh just thinking about that scene..ahahaha.Although this movie is not as good as Leap Year,it was still enjoyable and it showed how difficult giving birth and being pregnant can be which does not help Izza who's already afraid over the idea of having to give birth.ahaha.

Stan is just such a sweet and amazing guy because he actually stuck around Zoe through such a peculiar situation because they were just dating(2 dates in fact) when he found out that she's pregnant.That's a big responsibility and it was cute to see him help her and go through the whole process together.


From places to places

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Been very very busy lately that I almost forgot Adela's 19th birthday!!Sorry adikku!!!HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY & STAY PRETTY,NICE & CHEERFUL!:))

*You can also read Izza's VERSION on what we did these couple of days....*

The picture above shows what I did on Friday & Saturday.Went to the career fair on both days at PWTC,Izza drove her car.Had to go on Saturday because of Media Prima's newscaster audition.Turns out,an old school mate of mine handle the audition process which was cool!I think I talked waaaay too fast while reading the piece of news in English.hehe.

Nonetheless, it was a good experience .After going to PWTC for the 2nd time(Saturday),rushed back for lunch at SA,met up with the boyf for a bit and then played kites with Izza & we actually walked barefoot on the big field which was fun!

There were many people enjoying the sun & playing football with their family members and cute kids were running around the field..It made me go like awwww..the beauty of doing a simple activity like having fun in the sun with your loved ones gave me a rush of happiness..:)

At night,our friend,Freaky took us to Putrajaya skate park which was just beautiful!Thanks Freaky!Below,are few pictures of us there...

After Putrajaya,went to AC for supper & watched our other friends(Iki,In,Paeh,Joe & Minoza) who came there, playing snooker..

The next day,went for karaoke with the boyf,Naqib & Acap at Ampsquare & I hogged the mic..sorry syg!hehe.Cos' he usually does that with his friends..hehe.The best part was when we sang Bad Romance & My Heart together & when he sang Lelaki Ini & Sampai Syurga..hehe.

I sang quite a few songs with Acap & Naqib too like Way back into love,knock you down,ceritera cinta,lucky--yep2 I sang my heart out that day..:))..Some of the songs that I sang was All you wanted,Cobalah untuk setia(to counter Ewan's Separuh Jiwaku Pergi),tak ada logika,sampai menutup mata(:p) and a few others.

Ate at Imtiyaz(man I haven't ate there in years padahal near my fac) afterwards with Azam,Nad,Izza,Tatie along with boyf & Acap..

And then at night went to Gravy Baby with Azam,Paeh & Izza.Fynn Jamal & Mior's performance was AWESOME.I admire her a lot that night--impromptu singing man---giler terer kot!Like she came up with the lyrics then & there...Brilliant!Pics of those activities are below.:)


BOH 1 Ummph,1 Smile,1 Malaysia

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Dear my lovely blog readers,I have never asked any of you to do anything for me before..but just this once can you please click the link below & vote for my SMILE for the contest organized by BOH?Had my lovely picture taken by one of the photographers from BOH tea 2 weeks ago while I was at Burger King with my friends & they told me all about the competition.

You can vote for my boyfriend & my best friend as well as both of their links are below too.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!





Reunion,gaga-ing& cupcakes!

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Been super bz with my life right now.About to finish with my last semester and my beloved faculty,Faculty of Education.hehe
Below are some of the things that I have been up to lately.

Whoa Willow Reunion Party

Went there with Izza,Adela & Shamsul(who's my ex student & a friend of Ziany,Sonia & Rawr).It was raining cats and dogs on the way to Ad's house in USJ & it ruined my hair waaaay before the party started.Sigh.ahaha.But it's okay though.The place is amazing!Would love to have a place there.:)Below are some of the pics taken during that night.

I went as a butterfly fairy but people thought I was going for a tooth fairy.whatever lah!ahaha.Didn't have much time or money to find a more elaborate costume.Wore my old white dress and grey leggings courtesy of Izza.Izza wore my red dress & she went as a vampire.Adela went as wonder woman & Shamsul didn't wear any costume.hehe.

Izza's Lady Gaga thingy

Went to Sunway Ginza to accompany Izza to this Lady Gaga dance thingy whereby they teach you how to dance to her song at True Fitness which she won via Hitz FM.I met up with her at KL Sentral(explaining the previous post on KTM) via KTM and from there went to Sunway Giza which is near The Curve.We arrived a bit late and I decided to not dance after trying out a few moves and go like man,I can't do this.ahaha.Izza however boogied and afterwards we had lunch at The Curve & browse at the Flea market.

Before that,we went to this super pretty cupcake store just a few steps outside of Sunwat Ginza because I wanted to buy some stuff to decorate my boyfriend's birthday cupcakes with.Bought some cute football candies,cupcake wrappers & candles for his cupcakes(the things I do for love..ahaha).

Oh,saw Amber Chia & Lee Sin Je at this boutique launch & Izza wanted to take a pic with Amber but by the time we got back from the cupcake store(will be explained below),she had already left.Saw Raja Azura at The Curve because there was this Ideal Celebrity Chef thing going on.


Baking Birthday Cupcakes!!

Both Syud & Izza helped me with baking cupcakes for Ewan's 25th birthday which was yesterday!!Baked the cupcakes on Monday night and it was fun & I learnt how to make em' from the master baker that is Syud.hehe.He was happy with it & I am glad that although life is a bit busy now,I managed to spend a few hours baking it for him.:)

Lots more to update but I've no time to do so & will do it right after I send my AE.hehe..Take care people!


KTM's Female Coach

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Ever since I got my first car which was three years ago,I have never taken the public transport anymore.Particularly the KTM.But on Saturday I did for the first time in 3 years & I managed to get on the Women’s Coach.And boy was I surprised when there was men there as well.

I was not as miffed as some of the girls that were standing in the coach because I got a seat and I was like,whatever.BUT,when 2 girls got out of the KTM & left the seat in front of me empty,I assumed that the 2 ladies who were standing NEXT to the now vacant seat will get to sit on it but NOOOO!2 rude men,came in out of nowhere & sat down before the ladies could!Boy was I pissed to see that happening in front of my own eyes.

Like hello,you’re not suppose to even be in that coach & you didn’t even have the courtesy to ask the ladies who were standing way longer before you,to sit down and instead just took the empty spot! Like WTF?I hate inconsiderate chauvinistic males!

Men like that should definitely hear what Ne-Yo said on the radio.BE A FREAKING GENTLEMAN la wei!Even my own lecturer Mr.Kieran actually let his female students walk up the stairs first before him.A guy that I know actually stood up when his date went to the toilet.Chivalry is near extinction among men nowadays.How sad!



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Hahaha..the title does not at all refer to the content of this post..It's just the way I feel right now..hehe...I love that expression though I rarely say it,like when you say 'homaigod' with a bimbo-ish conviction...lols

This week was one helluva ride for me.Thank thank you God and Mr.Kieran for my AE situation.Next week will be the last of it..Yeay!!It means that I have to do my resume either tonight or tomorrow since I have a few interviews lining up.A bit excited and scared as well.Although I have been blogging quite frequently for these past few years,I am going to take Mr.Kieran's advice & start a journal again.He showed me his & his explanation on why we should keep one is very valid & so I will sir!Soon!

Oh,I can't believe what a 'mengada' girlfriend I was this week.Sigh.I guess with everything else in my life,it was an emotional rollercoaster week.Glad I'm okay now & he was super calm & cute about it & actually made me LAUGH while I was CRYING(which is actually not an easy thing to do so kudos to him!!hehe), which annoys the heck out me because it made me look totally unreasonable.-__-...At that time it didn't,but now it kinda does & the situation looked so funny..ahaha.Got LOTSSSSSSSSSSS of things to do this weekend!!ayeyeyayay!Have a great weekend everyone!!I know I will..:P



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Here are a list of some of the songs that I have been listening to over and over again lately..:)

1.Fantasy Girls by Caprice--The only time that I envy skanky looking girl like Sophia Legend is due to this song because Caprice praise her in it..damn!It does not make me like him less though.Oh you're so fine!:P Yeah2,I know this song is like old but I love Caprice!:)

2.Airplanes by B.O.B feat Hayley Williams--Love this song & you know what,I REALLY could use a wish right now!

3.If we ever meet again by Timbaland feat.Katy Perry--the lyric is uber cute and a song that makes you happy and want to dance.The only downside of this song is the weird long beat at the end which the radio cuts but if you download it like moi,you will be weirded out by it.Maybe because techno/trance is so not my thang!

4.Hello by Lea Michele & Jonathan Groff--an excellent rendition of the song that I heard back when I was a wee toddler when Dato Sheikh performed it on RTM.hehe.See my memory is amazing!:P.I love2222 this version by Lea & Jonathan--it made the boring song sounded incredibly romantic and gave me goosebumps.

5.Like a prayer by the GLEE cast--The GLEE cast takes on this Madonna was excellent with their vocals in sync in perfect harmony!

6.What you waiting for by Colby Odonis feat.Mizz Nina--Way to go to Mizz Nina for being able to sing this song with Colby.A very cheeky & sexy song--'So what's ur name,hey baby what's ur name..Sexy's my name...'

7.I run to you by Lady Antebellum--I don't know why but I find them incredibly sexy..especially during their performance on 2009 AMA..This song although it wasn't as good as Need You Now is still something that I can listen too everyday.

8.Nothing on you by B.O.B feat.Bruno Mars--I love22 Bruno Mars voice(listen to Billionaire too..EXCELLENT!)..It's so silky smooth!I like the lyric to this song too..a cheeky but totally faithful/loyal guy is my kind of guy..:P

9.Issues by The Saturdays--I was introduce to this song a long time ago by my fellow practicum mate,Diandra.The lyric is so on point because at times I've seen how my girlfriends are affected emotionally by their respective boyfriends,which scared the crap out of me..

10.Nadiku by Sabhi Saddi--I love this song because the lyric is so beautiful and of course,mix in with a beautiful melody and a great voice,it's a winning combination.

I have more songs that I am listening to on repeat at the moment but because I have other things that I'm suppose to do(LIKE HELLO AE CORRECTIONS!ahaha),I have to stop here!

Can't wait for the party & the impromptu road trip that I'm going on this week..weeeee!!!Oh,I'm having 2nd thoughts about something...haih...Life,oh life,ooooh life...(Oh Life by Desree playing in the background..ahaha)