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Tuesday, May 18, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Been very very busy lately that I almost forgot Adela's 19th birthday!!Sorry adikku!!!HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY & STAY PRETTY,NICE & CHEERFUL!:))

*You can also read Izza's VERSION on what we did these couple of days....*

The picture above shows what I did on Friday & Saturday.Went to the career fair on both days at PWTC,Izza drove her car.Had to go on Saturday because of Media Prima's newscaster audition.Turns out,an old school mate of mine handle the audition process which was cool!I think I talked waaaay too fast while reading the piece of news in English.hehe.

Nonetheless, it was a good experience .After going to PWTC for the 2nd time(Saturday),rushed back for lunch at SA,met up with the boyf for a bit and then played kites with Izza & we actually walked barefoot on the big field which was fun!

There were many people enjoying the sun & playing football with their family members and cute kids were running around the field..It made me go like awwww..the beauty of doing a simple activity like having fun in the sun with your loved ones gave me a rush of happiness..:)

At night,our friend,Freaky took us to Putrajaya skate park which was just beautiful!Thanks Freaky!Below,are few pictures of us there...

After Putrajaya,went to AC for supper & watched our other friends(Iki,In,Paeh,Joe & Minoza) who came there, playing snooker..

The next day,went for karaoke with the boyf,Naqib & Acap at Ampsquare & I hogged the mic..sorry syg!hehe.Cos' he usually does that with his friends..hehe.The best part was when we sang Bad Romance & My Heart together & when he sang Lelaki Ini & Sampai Syurga..hehe.

I sang quite a few songs with Acap & Naqib too like Way back into love,knock you down,ceritera cinta,lucky--yep2 I sang my heart out that day..:))..Some of the songs that I sang was All you wanted,Cobalah untuk setia(to counter Ewan's Separuh Jiwaku Pergi),tak ada logika,sampai menutup mata(:p) and a few others.

Ate at Imtiyaz(man I haven't ate there in years padahal near my fac) afterwards with Azam,Nad,Izza,Tatie along with boyf & Acap..

And then at night went to Gravy Baby with Azam,Paeh & Izza.Fynn Jamal & Mior's performance was AWESOME.I admire her a lot that night--impromptu singing man---giler terer kot!Like she came up with the lyrics then & there...Brilliant!Pics of those activities are below.:)


you're busy these days!

Li said...

ellen:pretty much!but i will go to monash on saturday..:)