Giuliana & Bill

Sunday, May 30, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I just love watching Giuliana and Bill on the E! Channel because they are so right for each other although they are polar opposites. Giuliana is a bit bimbo-ish and fun loving while Bill is more serious and level headed.

They are one of my favourite real life celebrity couple and yesterday there was a marathon of episodes of their reality show—I watched 4 episodes in total and I’ve got to say,Italian(Giuliana’s family)is almost similar as conservative Malaysian family like my own.Like Giuliana’s dad doesn’t even allow Bill to enter her room in their house even when they were engaged.

I like the fact that Bill is more straight-laced while Giuliana is crazier and aloof.Like he wouldn’t even make out with her in her own bedroom in her parents’ house even with the fact that they are husband and wife!

They reminded me of me & my boyfriend!Because he is more mature than me(maybe because he’s 2 years older—which I like) while I am more like a kid with him..ahaha.He calls me ‘budak kecik’ at times..:P..

The point is,I wish I can download all of the episodes of Giuliana & Bill or buy the dvd’s if they’re out..they’re just too cute!!