Saturday, May 08, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Hahaha..the title does not at all refer to the content of this post..It's just the way I feel right now..hehe...I love that expression though I rarely say it,like when you say 'homaigod' with a bimbo-ish conviction...lols

This week was one helluva ride for me.Thank thank you God and Mr.Kieran for my AE situation.Next week will be the last of it..Yeay!!It means that I have to do my resume either tonight or tomorrow since I have a few interviews lining up.A bit excited and scared as well.Although I have been blogging quite frequently for these past few years,I am going to take Mr.Kieran's advice & start a journal again.He showed me his & his explanation on why we should keep one is very valid & so I will sir!Soon!

Oh,I can't believe what a 'mengada' girlfriend I was this week.Sigh.I guess with everything else in my life,it was an emotional rollercoaster week.Glad I'm okay now & he was super calm & cute about it & actually made me LAUGH while I was CRYING(which is actually not an easy thing to do so kudos to him!!hehe), which annoys the heck out me because it made me look totally unreasonable.-__-...At that time it didn't,but now it kinda does & the situation looked so funny..ahaha.Got LOTSSSSSSSSSSS of things to do this weekend!!ayeyeyayay!Have a great weekend everyone!!I know I will..:P