KTM's Female Coach

Sunday, May 09, 2010 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

Ever since I got my first car which was three years ago,I have never taken the public transport anymore.Particularly the KTM.But on Saturday I did for the first time in 3 years & I managed to get on the Women’s Coach.And boy was I surprised when there was men there as well.

I was not as miffed as some of the girls that were standing in the coach because I got a seat and I was like,whatever.BUT,when 2 girls got out of the KTM & left the seat in front of me empty,I assumed that the 2 ladies who were standing NEXT to the now vacant seat will get to sit on it but NOOOO!2 rude men,came in out of nowhere & sat down before the ladies could!Boy was I pissed to see that happening in front of my own eyes.

Like hello,you’re not suppose to even be in that coach & you didn’t even have the courtesy to ask the ladies who were standing way longer before you,to sit down and instead just took the empty spot! Like WTF?I hate inconsiderate chauvinistic males!

Men like that should definitely hear what Ne-Yo said on the radio.BE A FREAKING GENTLEMAN la wei!Even my own lecturer Mr.Kieran actually let his female students walk up the stairs first before him.A guy that I know actually stood up when his date went to the toilet.Chivalry is near extinction among men nowadays.How sad!


Yaya said...

aish..I knew it's gonna happen.
malaysian men xde civic la..aish

thank u Li for the update..harap2 esk xde lelaki la dlm women's coach.huhu

Li said...

kan??SANGAT!i gave them the evil eye pon wat xtahu je & borak2..kesian kakak tuh kene diri sebelah dieorg!!hisshhhh

mesti ade punye yaya...ko pandang maut je kat dieorg..hehe

Syud Ridzuan said...

li, a makcik even went up to a guy and said, "ini tempat saya" and he din even bgn!!!!! sad thing is, kalau indon ke bangla ke ape ke aku faham la die xpaham. but then he is a malay. aku da 4 kali naik ladies coach. blardi annoying bile nmpak guys init! huhu. thing is, with all the pink paint, special waiting area, stickers and all announcements, kenape la laki2 takde telur ni still mao duduk jugak!!

annoy the heck out of me! :(

lelaki skrg x gentlemen!! :(

Li said...

syud:ish kureng btul mamat tuh!!
tu la psl..dh name ladies coach..paham2 je laaa

btul skang ssh nk cari lelaki gentleman(boyfriend aq excluded)....

Anonymous said...

i really hate to see guys in ladies coach...sometimes i pergi tegur dia org..ada yg senyum minta maaf dan turun...ada yg buat tak tau saje...benci betul...mesti komplain kat ktm

Liyana.H said...

Hey anon!dah 3 tahun i xnaek ktm so i xtau if ada perubahan ke x..tp dr komen u i guess masih ada lelaki xtau malu buat benda yg sama ish2..good for u tegur dieorg!