Made me cry buckets:Grey’s Anatomy season 6 finale—(warning:full of spoilers)

Sunday, May 30, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I love Grey’s Anatomy.Quoted the quotes years ago,especially Christina’s ones because she’s my favourite character and I loved her relationship with Burke.But when Burke left at the end of season 3,I didn’t watched season 4 at all.Just a few episodes here and there.I started to continue following the series again during season 5 and the finale of season 5 was heart pounding.

And now, the end of season 6 has came upon us and it was just one of the most emotional and adrenaline-filled and fear inducing finale ever!I can’t wait what season 7 will bring to us ardent followers of the show.

This episode (including the 23rd one) was just heart pounding. I was going like OMG2 a lot of the time and covering my eyes during the scary parts(imagined being shot like out of the blue & having a mad man who shoots anybody,near you—super scary man!) which woke someone up a few times.

That dude was just crazy.Like he shot whomever he wanted or got in his way.The elevator scene between him & Christina was just like----dup dup dup,goes my heart!Man Reed should have been nicer to him!

I cried buckets during that crucial scene between Ted,Bailey & Mary(Mandy Moore).Cos’ he told Bailey to tell Reed that he loved her and he never got a chance to say it and we know what happened to Reed in the episode before the finale. It made me cried a lot because not being able to say I love you to someone that you love until you’re about to die has got to be one of the saddest thing in the world ever. I am never embarrassed ever to tell the person that I love that I love him. I think that’s very important because you never know when your time is up.

Oh,Lexie told Alex that she loved him,in front of Sloane who still loves her.I guess McSteamy now knows definitely where he stands.Sad though cos’ he wants to make her his wife and Alex actually said Izzie’s name when he thought he was about to die.But that didn’t stop Lexie from being by his side when he was okay.I guess Sloan will be with Teddy now since Owen choose Christina.

When Owen choose Christina over Teddy,it made me cry too.Like,yes,he actually do really love Christina because I tend to doubt him since he’s pretty much ‘kayu’ in that department.And when Christina told Mer to save her guy since she’s saving hers,it was a very touching moment.Poor Mer too because she lost you know what.I really hope that in season 7,they’ll promote Christina to a surgeon because she single- handedly (with the help of the gorgeous Jackson Avery) saved the life of the Chief!