Reunion,gaga-ing& cupcakes!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Been super bz with my life right now.About to finish with my last semester and my beloved faculty,Faculty of Education.hehe
Below are some of the things that I have been up to lately.

Whoa Willow Reunion Party

Went there with Izza,Adela & Shamsul(who's my ex student & a friend of Ziany,Sonia & Rawr).It was raining cats and dogs on the way to Ad's house in USJ & it ruined my hair waaaay before the party started.Sigh.ahaha.But it's okay though.The place is amazing!Would love to have a place there.:)Below are some of the pics taken during that night.

I went as a butterfly fairy but people thought I was going for a tooth fairy.whatever lah!ahaha.Didn't have much time or money to find a more elaborate costume.Wore my old white dress and grey leggings courtesy of Izza.Izza wore my red dress & she went as a vampire.Adela went as wonder woman & Shamsul didn't wear any costume.hehe.

Izza's Lady Gaga thingy

Went to Sunway Ginza to accompany Izza to this Lady Gaga dance thingy whereby they teach you how to dance to her song at True Fitness which she won via Hitz FM.I met up with her at KL Sentral(explaining the previous post on KTM) via KTM and from there went to Sunway Giza which is near The Curve.We arrived a bit late and I decided to not dance after trying out a few moves and go like man,I can't do this.ahaha.Izza however boogied and afterwards we had lunch at The Curve & browse at the Flea market.

Before that,we went to this super pretty cupcake store just a few steps outside of Sunwat Ginza because I wanted to buy some stuff to decorate my boyfriend's birthday cupcakes with.Bought some cute football candies,cupcake wrappers & candles for his cupcakes(the things I do for love..ahaha).

Oh,saw Amber Chia & Lee Sin Je at this boutique launch & Izza wanted to take a pic with Amber but by the time we got back from the cupcake store(will be explained below),she had already left.Saw Raja Azura at The Curve because there was this Ideal Celebrity Chef thing going on.


Baking Birthday Cupcakes!!

Both Syud & Izza helped me with baking cupcakes for Ewan's 25th birthday which was yesterday!!Baked the cupcakes on Monday night and it was fun & I learnt how to make em' from the master baker that is Syud.hehe.He was happy with it & I am glad that although life is a bit busy now,I managed to spend a few hours baking it for him.:)

Lots more to update but I've no time to do so & will do it right after I send my AE.hehe..Take care people!