Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Weekdays I am busy because my work starts at 8.45 and ends at 5.45.pheww..But so far it's a great experience.My workmates are fun and friendly.And so are the seniors and trainers.Haven't done anything fun lately cos been busy.

I am still pondering whether I should do my masters this semester or defer it & do it in the upcoming semester since I'm busy with work now.I want to adapt to it first and not do two things at once & risking spreading myself too thin.

Haven't had the time to even go out with the boyf as at night all I want to do is sleep..hehe.The only thing I did recently was went to his football match Sunday evening and that was that..Sigh.I miss your hugs & kisses!:P

Finished reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks but haven't got the time to blog about my review on it yet.Want to watch Toy Story 3 and Sex & The City 2 so badly but have no time to do so...weekdays are busy!!

I vow to start going to the gym since my workplace has a fully equipped one..so cool!We can use it for free!!Now I've no excuse to not be fit anymore..hehe.Oh,did I mention that the dress code for my workplace is smart casual?Yeah!!We can wear jeans!!woohooo..They change the dress code like two years ago..

Plus,there's a karaoke room,foosball,pool table & PS3 at the entertainment center which me & my workmates use during our lunch break.In fact I just sang a few songs at work today..ahaha.And my friends taught me how to play pool!

The only downside is that my hp has to be silent during working hours.Thus,can only check my hp during lunch break..:(

Okay,toodles.Am so tired,& I want to go home & sleeeppppp..Blogged this while at my aunt's house...So need to buy broadband because I need my internet!