FINALES--beware:lots of spoilers!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Ever since I submitted my thesis,I have been catching up on a lot of my fave tv series,thanks to the help of fast fast torrent download.:)

So,I will keep my review on the finales of some of the series that I have been following quite faithfully,short.Since I finished watching some of the series like a month ago,I’m blogging from my latent memory,sorry if I got some things jumbled up and not in order..I don’t feel like watching so many episodes all over again just to blog about it.haha.

GOSSIP GIRL-season 3

To sum it up—I hate Chuck & Jenny.I mean,readers of the Gossip Girl books(I read it back in high school) know that Jenny will eventually get out of Constance & have her own life (the book was named the It Girl—BLEARGHHH) so maybe,maybe they eventually decided that Taylor Momsen will be cut from the show?Those gnarly hair extensions of hers has got to go!

And Chuck,oh stupid Chuck.People can’t survive on love alone.Just because Blair loves you so much,doesn’t mean that what you did to her is forgivable—practically sold her to your uncle and then slept with a 16 year old after you planned on proposing to her.WTF!!

Man do I feel for Blair.But yeah,what will happen to Chuck?I don’t think he’ll be dead though.And the whole Serena + Dan thing is soooo tiresome.Really.Can you please like find new hot guys for both Blair & Serena?And Nate,becoming another seriously?Sigh.

The whole Georgina carrying Dan’s child—can you say ick?And I know Gossip Girl is known for their fashion but seriously—what’s up with Serena’s outfit to the hospital???That’s like wayyyy too much for just going to the hospital!Did you looked at her outrageous Louboutins? Hehe.Loved her earrings though!I know Blake got those implants of hers recently but does she have to exposed them in like every episode?tsk2.

I just hope that the 4th season of Gossip Girl won’t suck!

GLEE-season 1,2nd half.

The second half of the 1st season is just FANTASTIC!From Madonna,to Gaga to Neil Patrick Harris(he loves magic—shown in HIMYM a few times & he showed it his magic chops in GLEE too!) to the hilarious Olivia Newton John vid with Sue Sylvester,GLEE brought it home & showed people why it’s THE tv show to watch nowadays.

In my opinion,Sue Sylvester has got to have some of the best lines in the series.Her insults are so meticulously thought off.ahaha.I love her many many jokes on Will’s hair.

My favourite performance this time around has got to be when all the boys sang the song Beth by KISS,aside from Bad Romance,Hello(that was an amazing duet!And Jesse & Rachel are best friends in real life since they were in high school.) and Like A prayer and Neil Patrick & Will audition face off.

It was soooo sweet when Finn said ‘ I love you’ to Rachel before they performed at Regionals.awww..And Sue actually voted 1st place for them.I love it when she announce the runners up and she said ‘the not so stupidly name Aural Intensity’—LOL.Aural Intensity—REALLY??

I was so so damn jealous of the audience in the auditorium—how amazing is that being able to witness one of the best tv performance ever,live on stage?argghh!!
I hope for better and brighter things for season 2 & please please let them win in the next season.Oh did you know that Artie and that Asian girl actually is a real life couple?How sweet!


This season,more celebs guest starred on the show from Jennifer Lopez to Tim Gunn to Rachel Bilson.To me,you can learn A LOT about relationships from this show.Or what not to do atleast,in Barney’s case.ahaha.

I love the episodes about the fact that the ‘mother’ is actually the roommate of a girl(Rachel Bilson’s character whom I forgot her name) that Ted used to date but he didn’t know it at that time and the one when Ted bought the run down house which is actually the house that he is telling his kids about how he met their mother.awwwwwwwwwwwwww...:)

Or the one whereby Ted’s past love life with Stella was made into a movie by her husband& it sooo wasn’t true since the real story was twisted.Imagine if that happened to you!I love love the musical episode too!!

Don is a dick!Robin should have told him that she forgo the job over him but he didn’t!I thought she’d end up with him..:(

In this season we found more about the characters like about Lily’s dad and the fact that all of them are smokers!wtf!ahaha.Hopefully in season 6,we’ll get a little closer in finding out who the mother will be.:)

90210-season 2

Can somebody please kill Annie?I really don’t like her!And seriously—her & Liam???ewwwwww.

I have to say that the finale for 90210 sort of sucked!What the hell will happen in season 3?

Teddy & Silver aren’t together anymore.Ivy & Dixon will be going to Oz for the summer,I guess.Dixon & Annie’s parents marriage are in shambles.God,the drama was just painful to watch,not that I feel for them but it’s like having a toothache. Did Liam kill that crazy dude?What will happen to Naomi since it looks like Mr.Cannon will rape her since no one will be able to save her.Mr.Cannon is a devil!

I’m happy for Adriana & Navid but it’s like watching Haley & Nathan in OTH all over again when Haley had to choose between singing and her marriage.I’ve no idea what will happen in season 3 but with that stinker of a finale,I hope 90210 won’t lose its viewers in the new season.They seriously need to revamp it and bring new faces to the show!And kill Annie!Thank you.haha.