Hot Springs

Sunday, June 06, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Who would have thunk it that deep in the middle of nowhere,which is Felda Trolak,Perak,lies a beautiful hot springs and spa place.I went there a few weeks ago with my former lecturer,Ms.Salliza and her parents who came all the way from Kuching,Sarawak.I never thought I would enjoy myself at first because as we all know,Malaysian weather is already so hot so why would people relax themselves at a hot spring?But still I went because I’m always ready for a trip!

My perception was shattered once we set foot there. It was beautiful. Especially the villas for rent there and it is expensive if you do choose to rent –600-1000 per villas and get this, it was fully book until Fasting month! How do I know this? Because we asked,duh!ahaha.It’s rm10 per adult for the entrance fee.You get this armband sticker thing to wear.There were buses of people there.Especially the Chinese.I guess they know about the health benefits of the hotspring.

I walked 11 times(I got addicted to the pain cos’ I know it did my body & feet good!) on this long and hot reflexology walk(pic above)at the Therapeutic Park that was made out of small pebbles and running hot water. Other big males who sat foot on it was ouching away as they can’t stand walking on the walk. I guess all those years of wearing high heels have prepared me for that walk and I actually like it.Although the day after,both of my foot was a bit painful.ahah.Ah,the price of beauty.

The hotsprings was great too. I soaked myself in the medium pool which was at 30-40 celcius.While I merely dipped my feet at the super hot spring and I had to take out my feet after a few minutes.And you can only soak in the hot pool for 30 minutes and not more because it is stated on the board that it’s not good for your health. There were quite a number of hotsprings that was categorized according to it’s level of hotness(pardon the pun!).Some people were boiling eggs at one of the hottest springs.

There is also this huge swimming pool/oasis for people to bathe that was filled with warm water.

I actually enjoyed my time there and yeah,my body felt a lot lighter after soaking in the various hotsprings.I actually want to go there again and this time I’ll bring my family because it’s very good for your health.And no,the hot water from your water heater/tub is not the same thing as going there.


It looks pretty but I can't imagine getting into water that dozens of other people have sat in - yech!

Li said...

ellen:yep it's pretty & great for ur health..:)
yes,actually i didn't think about that when i went there..but it's hot water right so doesn't it kills bacteria or something??hehe