Retail Therapy--the best form of therapy..ahaha

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Man I haven’t really shopped in a long time...As in buying lots of things at once.I am not the kind of person who shops every week but when I do shop,I buy things in quantities.hehe. When I shop,I don’t like just buying one measly thing.I must atleast buy a few things.Like what’s the point of shopping if you don’t buy lots of things..what’s the fun in that?Okay I sound like such a bimbot now.muahaha.

I mean,I didn’t even shop for my trip to Tioman except for a pair of skinny and a top(of which I haven’t worn yet cos’turns out it’s not really beach wear so I didn’t bring it to Tioman..bwahaha) & toiletries shopping—boy do I love beauty products!

Anyhoo,went to shop twice with my mum and my brothers these past few days.Once at the Amcorp Flea market and another at Sungei Wang--cos’ my 2 lil’ brothers have been pestering me to take them there since forever..muahaha).I’m very very happy with my purchases.

Funny story,almost got lost along the way to Sungei Wang but due to Izza giving me directions over the hp & coincidentally she was there as well—I managed to arrived there safely & even waved at Izza who was eating at the restaurant there..Sorry babe couldn’t hang out—busy with the family.:)

BUT I still haven’t found the right vintage medium size belt—I’m sooo over the huge belt/cincher fad.Now I want to either buy a vintage looking skinny or medium belt,in black.Akin to the one that Izza’s mum has which is just so simple & chic & I’ve borrowed it a couple of times..hehe.Loves it!

Above is a pic of some of the things that I bought recently(not in the picture—a deep grey cardy with pearl buttons—soo comfy & cute & is in the washing machine, and a pretty green tiered top which my nenek loves me wearing it..hehe).Along with a bag,a few accessories,I bought the book by Nicholas Sparks,The Last Song and a sketch of one of my favourite actress,Audrey Hepburn.:)

On another note,I’m dying for new shoes..preferably a chic and sturdy wedges since my sayang is much taller than me..haha.And a few ballet flats too since 3 of my Cotton On is already in tatters—I guess that’s why they’re so cheap??

I also need a semi-formal pair for work.Sigh.Work.boohoo.Welcome to the real world Liyana.:(