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*the pics during my 3 days 2 nights trip to tioman with 7 of my friends-Izza,Nadia,Tatie,Fifi,Ella,Azri & Ejam---in no particular order..:))All of the pics are in my FB account..

After 5 years of being a student of UiTM,me & my friends didn’t have the privilege of going on a vacation together and I thought,why not go since after this everybody will be busy with work,pursuing their masters or maybe even building their own family.BUT unfortunately due to clash of dates and lack of funds,only 7 of my friends managed to get on board and head over to Tioman and stayed at Sun Beach Resort.

Initially we(me & Izza who planned it) wanted to get Panuba Inn and I tried calling them and make a reservation but since it’s school holiday,they were fully book and they were only available rooms from 31st May-3rd June, and sadly during that time the list of people going on the trip wasn’t confirmed yet.So I search and search the Ping Anchorage website & found Sun Beach resort.E-mailed them and after a few exchanges, Izza took after ,since I had no internet access for 1 day and she also bought us bus tickets & deposited money to the resort.

FYI,each of us paid rm60 for the bus tickets and rm335 each for the 3 days 2 nights package at Sun Beach.I advice you guys to bring atleast rm100 or more while staying in Tioman for other things like food(although it is in the package,you might want to snack or whatever),souvenirs,Marine Park entrance(rm5 each) and renting the snorkelling + life jacket gear(rm18 each).


Arrived at Bukit Jalil bus station about 30 minutes earlier courtesy of the boyfriend who drove me there,but he had to make 2 U-Turns since we were not familiar with the area.We were almost left by the bus driver since our bus tickets was with Izza but all was well when she came at the very last minute.hehe

The bus left at about 9.15 am and there was only 2 stops on the way to Mersing.The journey took about 4 hours.We took a cab from the Mersing Bus Station to the jetty which is rm10.At Mersing, we ate lunch at this cafe of which I forgot it’s name but has festive pirates decor and you won’t miss it since it’s directly next to the Mersing Jetty.Excellent food which is worth its prices since it’s a bit expensive than other places.

Our ferry arrived at 4.30 and around 6 pm we were at Kampung Genting,Tioman.
Checked in at Sun Beach,left our bags,change clothes and went to the beach to take pictures and then straight to dinner.After dinner we walked around the village and then went to bed.


Woke up to a hearty breakfast and then we were off to Rengis for snorkelling.I managed to face my fear of death by drowning since I was traumatised when I almost drowned in Langkawi years ago.My friends did not know this at the time(they do now!) because I didn’t want them to stop me from joining them.

At first I was dead scared when I was actually in the sea but thanks to Nad,Izza,Fifi,Tatie & Ejam who helped me on the sea(Azri & Ella was off doing their own thing)I managed to actually make 1 whole round the island!!WOOHOO!!Hats off to me for conquering my fears although I ended up almost choking on sea water twice when I accidentally breathe through my nose while snorkelling.

Both of my armpits was painfully chaffed since the lifejacket bit into my skin while I swam in the sea.It was so damn painful man when I put aloe vera gel(which I bought to the island along with 3 sunblock which still made me turn black!damn!) afterwards!
Thankfully while I’m blogging this,the scar has healed nicely..phew---if not,bak kata boyfriend sy yg jahat,for each scar that I have,duet hantaran kene kurangkan..-___-.

At the Marine Park we had packed lunch and then off to duty free where I bought Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans which were far cheaper than in Shah Alam & had many many cool flavours like Toasted Marshmallow,Choc Pudding,Island Punch and even Buttered Popcorn.I will only eat Jelly Belly jelly beans or no jeally beans at all.All of the other jelly beans just can’t compare!:PAlso bought a shirt for the boyf there.:)

Went back to Sun Beach and all of us took a little nap.Of which Ejam(izza’s teman tapi mesra) didn’t sleep and instead went online & told my boyfriend about it.Which resulted in a hilarious phone conversation with him since he mocked me for sleeping on vacation.haha.

After going online for a bit thanks to Ejam's laptop, I thought that I wanted to snorkel with Ejam & Izza but couldn’t find em’ at the beach after I went to my room to get my things..ahaha.Went back to the room & had a heart to heart about racy stuffs with the other 5 friends of mine.Like what I wrongly said, ‘What stays in the room,stays in the room(which should have been ‘What was said in the room..’)

Had a sumptuous and stomach bursting BBQ dinner afterwards & then all of us buried Ella underneath a pile of sand.(Pics from that night is in El’s camera).Bought a few stuffs to bring home at the shops nearby and I bought this cool plain dark brown thick wood bangle(miss my green thick wood bangle which a friend broke) & a tie dye shirt for myself.

Afterwards we watched this crazy movie OTIS which had a cool creepy opening scene but a stupid ending which made it not worth the fact that we slept very late to watch it.


Woke up and all of us didn’t bathe(because we plan to swim in the sea afterwards) and brushed our teeth,went for breakfast.Played a few silly games while we were in the sea and it was fun waiting for the waves to crushed us..ahaha.Wish we could have taken pics of the fun we had there though..:(

Lunch afterwards at this super busy cafe which did not have enough people to help them causing us to get our food like 1 hour late.We didn’t complain because the people who were running the place is a family and the waitresses were their little daughters and plus the chef(the dad) was actually the one who drove our speed boat to all 3 destinations the day before.

While waiting for the ferry at the jetty we had a touching moment with Abg Syam(one of the workers at Sun Beach) whom was tormented by us for many reasons..one of the biggest one is of course Izza who probably made him feel like one big joke(I'm kidding!).

Hopped onto the ferry at about 4.45 pm and then went to the pirate’s cafe for a late tea.Ordered the Sailor sandwich because before we went to Tioman,I ordered it and it wasn't available..but it was a bit meh..should have stick to chicken & cheese that I ordered the first time!The bus came at 6pm and we arrived at B.Jalil around 12 am,& the dearest boyf was there already & I finally went home!

*Gonna miss everyone & hopefully everybody will be successful in anything that they wish to do in these upcoming months!Can’t wait to see you guys at either my birthday bbq or our convocation in November..:)


im gonna miss the trip too!! :( btw, you forgot to mention about the game we played that night! hahaha

Li said...

tu laa i forgot to blog about it but xpe,kat fb ade pics time maen game tuh..ahahaha
miss u babe!