Beauty products & foooodd!!:)

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Bought and tested a few beauty products recently because I just love them!Tried the new Neutrogena wave(same name as my hp!hehe) power-cleanser & it's so fun because the thing is like a massager for your face..super cool!!You'll feel all tingly and dirt comes out from your skin and it feels great when you move the wave thing around your face..try it!

Bought some spa pampering stuff because life is becoming more hectic nowadays.Oooh I just love love the Spa Wisdom Africa scrub because once you apply it on your skin,it reacts with your body and turns hot.Like you're in a sauna!!It makes your skin feels super smooth afterwards..yeay!

The monoi body balm is to replace my shea body butter.And it's super moisturizing & I need that since the place that I am currently working at is so cold!The peppermint pumice foot scrub is because I don't like getting cracked heels & this prevents them from becoming so and the eye mask is because..have you seen my eyebags??ahahah
Below is one of my favorite things to eat,once every few months(sbb sgt kenyang kot!).Everytime I eat this,it'll remind me of my friend Yaya..hehe.We like to go to Only Mee for this dish--dry wantan noodles(it comes with soup with 2 wantans in it).It's soooo yummah!!

I need to take some time & actually blog about more important and pressing issues than what I eat and buy nowadays BUT I have no time to do so..will try and post my opinions on certain issues like I used to do in a few weeks time.Take care people!


Samsung Wave

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I finally succumbed and bought a new hp.I need a new one because my current hp's camera sux & I love taking pics..and so I bought this baby---

Initially I wanted to buy an iPhone 3g(afraid the iPhone4 will have too many kinks) & the merchant that I went to survey the hp told me that I can order 1 today & tomorrow I'll get it.BUT THEN,he showed me this brand new hp from Samsung and after much demonstration & coincidentally there was a customer there who came & have an iPhone 3gs & when compare with both,I was sold & just had to buy the Wave.And I have to say that I am very satisfied with my first smartphone.

The camera is awesome,the video plays in HD!I can upload all of my tv series into my memory card & watch them anytime,even the movies because this baby can play AVI &Divx video yoo!!The anti-scratch surface is awesome too & the fact that this baby is waay lighter and thinner than iPhone makes it another plus.I am beyond happy with it!!!



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I just love love love Tee Too!I remembered the 1st ever item I bought from the store was a cute yellow t-shirt a few years back when they 1st opened at Asian Avenue at Sunway,with a saying that made my mama said that I am very vain when she read it.muahahaha.

Now they have expanded and have 4 stores in Klang Valley,with 2 of them in Sunway Pyramid.I am a member of TeeToo(spend up to rm200 & you'll become a member there) & just keep coming back for more of their pretty vintagey looking dresses.I like the fact that they have only one dress in one particular color although they have the same design because it meant that you have less chances of your dress being worn by the same person.

I am more of a clothes(40+ dresses & counting)and accessories person.I can wear one bag till it's in tatters and the same goes for shoes(but I do have a lot of shoes too..ahahaha).Below are some of my recent TeeToo purchases & I love all of them(oh,the 2 bags on the right aren't recent purchases but I wear them a lot).Especially the black dress with pretty colorful hoops on them--they remind me of fruit loops & I always feel so cheery when I wear it.



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Today was a packed Sunday filled with fun activities.Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy..eh2..ahaha..Woke up,& la familia came to grandma's hse,went to watch Despicable Me 3D with my 2 brother's,Syafiq & Raffiq.

The movie was okay lah.Nothing can beat Inception I guess.But the 3 sisters in the movie,especially Agnes is just sooo cute!!I want my own cute daughter too.:P..*wink wink*..bwahaha.And can you believe Steve Carrel's ability in changing his voice & sounding like Gru?

Oooh2,after the movie,walk a bit & bought a few tops at Tee Too(again!)& a book that will be a great addition to my ever expanding collection(I think I've almost 150+ books in my collection now..ahaha)--Every Day In Tuscany by Frances Mayes.I have all of her travelling books-Under the Tuscan Sun,Bella Tuscany & A Year in the world.This book cost me rm99.90-the most expensive amount that I've spend on just 1 book..ahaha..But it's worth it cos' it's been years since she's written a new book & I can't wait to read more of the book.



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Counting tomorrow's trip to Sunway,it'll be my FOURTH trip there this week & my THIRD time watching a movie this week too..Man do I spend a lot of time there..ahaha.Last night watched Inception with the boyf and it was AWESOME!!!The cinema was packed!!How do I know this?Well,we managed to snag the last 2 remaining empty seats & although it wasn't at the front(it was about 5 rows from the front)&we had to be separated by an aisle.sob sob sob..

The sacrifices that the boyfriend make because I really wanted to watch that movie--he was willing to sit on the STAIRS while I sit on the seat.....awww..I love you baby!!
But,the person sitting next to me went out of the cinema like 30 minutes before the movie ended cos' her employer's daughters(middle eastern people) wanted to go & out & didn't like the movie--kids kot!So he got to sit next to me after all..:))

The movie WAS JUST MIND BOGGLING & I super duper love the idea of a dream within a dream within a dream.BRILLIANT!I would love to own the original dvd and study the movie again.I won't reveal much of the movie here but PLEASE PEOPLE DO WATCH IT!It's worth every single penny.

Went to Murni SS2 for dinner & the food was awesome & my boyfriend loved it better than Williams & I have to agree.:P..The place was JAM PACKED with people.Ate chicken maryland fried rice while the boyf had the chicken chop fried rice & half-way through the meal I wanted the dragon-something pizza but alas,they only told us it was unavailable after my hopes was already up in eating it..:((..Some other time I guess..

Ooh I love2 my drink..which the boyf ordered for me thus I don't remember the name but it was pink & had watermelon,longan & nata de coco in it.The boyf ordered a pisang special.ahaha.

Today after Master's seminar went to Sunway with Syud & I finally bought the Charles & Keith bag that I wanted although there weren't any discount for it..damnz.Whatever..I need a bag new bag anyway..ahaha..Look below,isn't it gorgeous??

Bought a few stuffs(3 dressses + 1 cute sling bag) at Tee Too & become their member for free & got a card cos' I spend..erm..better not tell the amount here in fear that the boyfriend might read this..ahaha.Bought a few stuffs at Forever 21 & Cotton On too..hehe.I promise that I won't shop so much anymore atleast for another month..I hope..:P

Ooooh,we ate at Sushi King & I had the bento set which I haven't had in a long time but I've to say that I prefer the bento at The Garden's Mid Valley food court..yummah!!ahaha

Tomorrow going to go to Sunway with the little brothers & treat them to a movie..huhu..4 days this week that I've been to Sunway but I just love it there cos' everything is there..btw,Krispy Kreme is opening at Shah Alam Mall soon--habisla,gemokla I nanti..damn!


reading materials

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*This post was supposed to be publish on the 21st but I was wayyy busy & preoccupied that I forgotten about it..hehe..sorry peeps!*

Yesterday was my first day ever on the job after 1 month & 4 days of training!Wooohooo.It was super duper hectic that it was the FIRST time in the 1 month & 4 days of training that me & my friends didn't get to enjoy our lunch break and instead,took a quick bite & continued working!woaahh..

There were some uber difficult cases that I had to handle and it happened during my first day!!uwaaaa..Thank god for my friends,the seniors and team leaders for helping me!Some of them involved people with accents whom I just didn't understand what they were saying and thankfully I managed to overcome that by listening intently and asking questions.Phew!Some cases involved 2 people at once and some involving people from outside of Malaysia.Some were complicated and man am I glad that time travel so fast!

Got lots of things to blog about but because I have other things to do that I have put off since the internet can be addictive,I will leave you with a picture of some reading materials that I bought yesterday,on a whim.I just couldn't resist all the books and of course InStyle mag is a monthly purchase..:)..Bought The Carrie Diaries by Candance Bushnell,LA Candy by Lauren Conrad,The Wedding Girl by Madeleine Wickham and Why Men Don't Have A Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes..hehe..The last book was recommended to me by an old friend & I was intrigued by it..Just read a few pages & it's quite okay..


My first job before I truly graduate

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Actually,I have not officially graduated from my uni since my convocation will be in November.Right after I finished sending my thesis for degree,I got call backs from a few jobs ranging from a publishing company,a language center,a teaching job and a certain bank for CSE(customer service executive).

And I decided to choose the one that is near my house (I don't think I can work outside of Shah Alam because I have to be near my family and the person that I love..being miles away from them is just so not happening to me!) and pays the most,regardless whether it is related to what I had studied in Uni,because I thought that I can use my knowledge in the future,since I just want to dip my feet into the working world first.So I took a job that I thought was relatively simple,with a certain bank(company policy so I can't discuss much about it).

I was a bit reluctant to explain to people what I am doing now, initially, because people do have this perception that we are paid peanuts or it is an easy job or it is just a simple thing.Boy were they wrong!Today while me & my workmates attended a talk by Mr.M, it made me proud the fact that the bank choose me out of many applicants,along with my other fellow workmates.He told us that there are people who look down on us,whom he calls 'Musang' just because they hate others being happy and it rang a bell inside of me.

Because I've to admit it was hard to explain to people whom thought that I should not have taken this job since they say that I have bigger potential in life.It's very degrading since I think this job is cool!I get to interact with other people(understanding the myriad of accents of people in this country-like eventhough they're speaking in English or BM,it might not SOUND like it so it is indeed improving my listening skills!!) and I can literally find out what ANYONE who has a credit card with the bank is buying everyday,even celebs..*wink wink*.Just type in a name and bam,I can find out anything I want about their cc.

And to be truthful during this 1 month of training on the various aspects of banking,going back to classes,pages and pages of notes,learning the complicated computer system,it sort of made me afraid whether or not I can do this job.BUT,after a few days of actually answering calls and solving the credit cards problems of various people,it was fun and it gave me an adrenaline rush.

And yeah,we don't just 'answer' calls.We have to use a few system on the computer that are created solely for the purpose of cc and you have to be trained 1 month before you can actually do the job.Thus you have to be able to multi-task while on the job--answering calls,checking their accounts on the pc ,solving their problems and keying them in the system.I learnt a lot of new things like balance transfer,linkage,credit limit,gst,waiver,interests,finance charges,late charges and so many other things and now I have much knowledge on cc management,aside from what I studied in uni which was the English language, which is super cool!

I can actually say honestly that I love my job.It is a bit scary when I have to talk in Malay because my words become all jumbled up,but in time I know I'll get better and better.Besides,you have to start somewhere,even it is small and life is full of opportunities and I know that the world is my oyster.:)


Beauty Product Junkie

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My close friends and my family members knows that I spend a lot of my money on beauty products.I don't even use all of them at the same time but I just love buying them and trying out new beauty products in the market be it haircare(I use 3 kinds of shampoo,alternating them according to my moods),cosmetics and skincare.Thus I thought why not I share with you readers some of my favorite and inexpensive cosmetic beauty products.:)

I have been using Rimmel London Renew and Lift powder for years and I don't know if this is the tenth or eleventh compact that I have bought so far.It's just amazingly light and doesn't feel heavy and cakey at all.I buy the color 103 True Ivory.

Recently I thought that I'll try their newest foundation which is Stay Matte because when I tried the tester,it was okay.And I choose the same color as my compact,103.Unfortunately,the foundation is too watery as it spills everytime I unscrew it and it doesn't give me up to 12 hours of natural shine control like it said it would.

I still have to use my pink grapefruit Clean & Clear control film.Once this foundation is finish,I'd stick to Silky Girl BB Cream in Radiant,which is far better.

For concealer,I have been wearing The Body Shop's for years.Usually I wear the stick/pencil kind but nowadays I've switched to that silver tubed thing.I don't remember it's name but I think it's brightening-something.ahaha.The pic is above.

For blusher,it's from The Body Shop as well and I love the fact that the color is pretty natural and peachy with a bit of gold specks in it.Lovely!


Eyes are the windows of the soul.Thus even on my busiest days and I've no time to put on any eyeliner,I make sure that I atleast curl my lashes.My favorite mascara,along with millions of other women in the world has got to be Maybelline.

I've tried various mascaras from them since I was a teen!But my favorite one has got to be the one in the baby blue tube which I've forgotten the name for it.Nowadays I'm wearing Magnum Volume Express in Black which does not dissapoint!It does not clumps and gives you amazing looking lashes!

For eyeliner,I use Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black or Brown.This gel eyeliner is AMAZING!It does not smudge and stays put for up to 12 hours or more!It's so smooth and easy to apply and I one gel eyeliner pot can last up to 7-8 months!
I also use a pencil liner from Body Shop in 02 Rich Brown.

I rarely use eyeshadow but if I do,Elianto has a variety of fun colors to choose from!

For my eyebrows,I use Maybelline Browdefinist in 01 Dark brown,which does a wonderful job because I find that eyebrow pencil does not look natural at all.Browdefinist consist of both wax and a brow powder.


I don't like the feel of gloss or lipstick on my lips.I only wear them when I really have to or for special occasion.

Thus I tend to use lipstain.Plus gloss sticks on the people that you kiss(ahaha) and glues your hair to your lips--blearghhh.

My favorite lip stain are from The Body Shop and Elianto(Forever Duo Lip,number 1).I would like to try Benetint though but haven't got the chance to go & buy it..yet.hehe.

For lip balm,I use Maybelline in Cranberry Jam and actually this is the colour that I wear everyday.

For gloss,I wear The Body Shop Love Gloss in number 11.

So people,that's all the makeup that I usually wear.:)Hope that it helps!



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Been under the weather recently and I think there's a bug going around,infecting almost everyone I know.I just hate being sick.Because there's so many things that can be done.But I guess sometimes its your body's way of telling you to slow down and take care of your health better..:(

I especially detest having the flu because atleast when you have the fever,your body get's hot and you pop some pills and take a nap BUT with the flu,you need lots and lots of tissues,your nose feels really2 bad and red,mucus comes out of your nose every few minutes and!

Thus,I'm loading up on fruits and juices.Bought plump and juicy cherries(not the candied kind) and blackcurrant+cranberry juice.It's been about 1 day & 1/2 since I have the flu and it is the pits!Thankfully my savior(hehe) came to the house and fed me some pills for the flu yesterday and I just ate another pill a few minutes ago which means that I'll be in lalalala-land in a few minutes or hours..Oh,I refuse to take an MC because I'm a fighter!ahaha..:P

Didn't go to the gym after work today because my body temperature was high a few hours ago.Plus my stomach still hurts from the 100 sit-ups that I did on Monday(yeah it still hurts!)--I beat my workmate,a dude,at sit-ups & he even did the inverted kind,not a full sit-up..hehe..My 3 other workmates,2 girls & 1 guy goes to the gym with me as well & it's fun cheering each other on to become fit and healthy.Yeay!

Last weekend was packed with activities!

Saturday was crazzy!!!Had Masters seminar in the morning--which taught us about stuffs we already know!And I instead choose to sleep a little,discuss Sep's engagement/wedding preparation(congrats!!!) with him, & ate while the prof was talking in front..hehe----afterwards, went shopping with Syud and splurge on work clothes,manicure stuffs and bought a super duper big make up bag that now has managed to fit EVERY single one of my beauty products--impressive!

Send Syud to the KTM and then helped my mum to buy groceries.We used this 2 huge shopping bag from Nestle, which fits everything in it and is in line with Selangor's no plastic bag day every Saturday which to me is a step in the right direction(I even taught my students back during practicum about why no plastic bag day is a good thing..which shocks them because they had no idea how harmful plastic bags are to the environment--man I can blog about this for hours!).

Then got home,got ready for In and her 2 friends to pick me up to go to Lot 10 for my friend, Ad's performance.It was a great one and even managed to do some window shopping--Matthew Williamson's 'Butterfly' collection for Debenhams looked amazing!Ate at Pak Hailam's Kopitiam(I think that's the name..sorry if I'm wrong!) in Sungei Wang and had super delicious wholemeal paus although their chicken chop was just WRONG!Don't order it when you go there!

Lepak2 at Pelita after the show and it was great catching up with old friends.Especially Elin(who is back in Malaysia for good after pursuing her Masters in Michigan) and Shaema(who got a smokin' hot makeover and now she'll be working with me as well..yeay!!We have the same birthday btw..ahaha).

Sunday woke up and then had brunch with Adela at Pak Hailam(ahaha) in Shah Alam.Had their fried rice which was okay and of course one of their scrumptious Kaya pau.Went to Cheer 2010,met up with Izza and her sisters.Met lots of my ex-students and most of them were guys--surprise2..ahaha.

Went shopping with Adela at Empire--I just love it there & they still have free parking inside!!woohoo---splurge at La Senza and got this cool booklet with lots of vouchers and became their member as well..hehe.

Did threading for the 1st time too!!It wasn't painful at all when the super nice aunty did my eyebrows but I did feel a little pain on my upper-lip though.The aunty,who's Indian,was embarrassed when everyone was watching her from outside of the shop(I guess they were just curious!) but I told her that it was good for her business since I looked very relax on the chair..And I was right because as I paid her,more people queue up & ask her to thread their faces.:)
OMG do I love JAYA GROCER--there's huge puff pastry dough,buttermilk, and many many more ingredients that I can't find in normal supermarkets.Yes,I can cook/bake so many more things now that I know where to buy the right ingredients!Saw various flavor of Poptarts(my breakfast when I was 15 years old) and the BEST THING IS--THEY HAVE BEN & JERRY'S in various flavors!!!warghhhh..My favorite ice cream EVER!!!Lotsa lotsa cool candies like Wonka's,Twizzlers and even Paul Newman's treats.Sigh.I was in a foodie heaven..:))

Saw this video thank on one of the ex-students in my old school FB.So sweet!!Casillas was about to cry when he kissed his girlfriend on NATIONAL tv yoooo and so did she after he did.Translation for what both of them said,in English is at the video link in Youtube..:)


Life oh life...

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Due to the fact that I had to submit my thesis abstract this week and the fact that I now have broadband,I have been sleeping for less than 4 hours every night.Juggling work and studies is not an easy feat.I decided to do my masters thesis base on one of my past ideas for my degree thesis,which has something to do with blogging.

Since I already have a lot of information on the topic,I thought why not I do about it for my masters?Besides that was what I answered during my Masters interview anyway.Thus,that is why I managed to complete the abstract mere minutes before I had to go to work,emailed it to one of my seniors/co-workers who was willing to print & send it for me.Thank u!

Work-wise,I will now be working for Amex.Which means more stress and pressure since I have to deal with expatriates and elite customers and they expect high level of service.ayeyayayay.Have to practice speaking in a very formal and refined manner.ahaha

I have been spending far too much money nowadays.Sigh.I can't help it!There's so many pretty things to buy..:P.Bought a few tops and pants and shoes.hehe.Lots of beauty products cos' I love trying new products in the market.And this gorgeous necklace from Old Blossom Box Store that I just can't stop wearing(bought a top there too).

Now I just need that white dress from Zara and I promise that I will stop spending money..atleast until my salary comes out.hehe.My cousin who works at one of the Zara outlets(they pay you very very well!) is trying to secure the dress for me because when I went to Lot 10 tonight for my friend Ad's performance,the only size available was L & there was only 1 piece & there wasn't any left.Hopefully there'll be one in S or M tomorrow at the other outlets.It's just so beautiful and breathtaking & I did tried on the L size one & it drooped.:(

Been so busy that I have not even finish reading Twenties Girl or continue watching episodes from Sex & The City(got all 6 seasons from Ms.Salliza a few months ago).

Got so much to blog about but I can't remember and I'm so sleepy now.Been going out since 9 am until now!huhu...Masters seminar,shopping spree with Syud,helped my mum buy groceries & then went to Lot 10 with In and 2 of Iki's friends and then lepak2 & now I'm back home.

Tomorrow morning will be going out with Adela & then maybe if I can make it,to support the man that I love while he kick some balls..on the field.ahahah.:P..Nite peeps!


The Vampire Diaries-finale

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I didn't know what made me wanted to download the series in the first place.But as I continued to watch episodes after episodes,I got more hooked,wanting to know the mystery behind the characters.

22 episodes altogether in the first season and I have to say that for a new series that has to compete with a more establish vampire series like True Blood,The Vampire Diaries was not bad at all.

The Salvatore brothers,Stefan& Damon are smokin hot,especially Damon.haha.I just adore the fact that Stefan is madly in love with Elena.Super sweet!I like Elena's character too although if you noticed that throughout the whole season,she only wore dark colors,nothing cheery or bright except for that pageant thing episode.I love the fact that she was not like any other girls on tv and she was just very level headed.

I have to say that the finale was definitely the cliffhangers of cliffhangers.ahaha.Can you believe it that Katherine came back?man!Wonder what will happen next.And what exactly is Tyler?His father ears bled during the whole making the vampires deaf ritual.I'm guessing that Tyler's a werewolf?And I can't believe that Anna's dead!And Damon will think that Elena was the one who kissed him.Damn.So many questions and I guess we'll have to wait for season 2 to know what will happen...