Beauty products & foooodd!!:)

Friday, July 30, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Bought and tested a few beauty products recently because I just love them!Tried the new Neutrogena wave(same name as my hp!hehe) power-cleanser & it's so fun because the thing is like a massager for your face..super cool!!You'll feel all tingly and dirt comes out from your skin and it feels great when you move the wave thing around your face..try it!

Bought some spa pampering stuff because life is becoming more hectic nowadays.Oooh I just love love the Spa Wisdom Africa scrub because once you apply it on your skin,it reacts with your body and turns hot.Like you're in a sauna!!It makes your skin feels super smooth afterwards..yeay!

The monoi body balm is to replace my shea body butter.And it's super moisturizing & I need that since the place that I am currently working at is so cold!The peppermint pumice foot scrub is because I don't like getting cracked heels & this prevents them from becoming so and the eye mask is because..have you seen my eyebags??ahahah
Below is one of my favorite things to eat,once every few months(sbb sgt kenyang kot!).Everytime I eat this,it'll remind me of my friend Yaya..hehe.We like to go to Only Mee for this dish--dry wantan noodles(it comes with soup with 2 wantans in it).It's soooo yummah!!

I need to take some time & actually blog about more important and pressing issues than what I eat and buy nowadays BUT I have no time to do so..will try and post my opinions on certain issues like I used to do in a few weeks time.Take care people!


Yaya said...

Yes2! it's super delicious.And for extra yummah. please order chicken alot with ur DWM :D

aish Li, you made me.. MISS YOU BABE! :hugs: