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Been under the weather recently and I think there's a bug going around,infecting almost everyone I know.I just hate being sick.Because there's so many things that can be done.But I guess sometimes its your body's way of telling you to slow down and take care of your health better..:(

I especially detest having the flu because atleast when you have the fever,your body get's hot and you pop some pills and take a nap BUT with the flu,you need lots and lots of tissues,your nose feels really2 bad and red,mucus comes out of your nose every few minutes and it.is.just.horrible!

Thus,I'm loading up on fruits and juices.Bought plump and juicy cherries(not the candied kind) and blackcurrant+cranberry juice.It's been about 1 day & 1/2 since I have the flu and it is the pits!Thankfully my savior(hehe) came to the house and fed me some pills for the flu yesterday and I just ate another pill a few minutes ago which means that I'll be in lalalala-land in a few minutes or hours..Oh,I refuse to take an MC because I'm a fighter!ahaha..:P

Didn't go to the gym after work today because my body temperature was high a few hours ago.Plus my stomach still hurts from the 100 sit-ups that I did on Monday(yeah it still hurts!)--I beat my workmate,a dude,at sit-ups & he even did the inverted kind,not a full sit-up..hehe..My 3 other workmates,2 girls & 1 guy goes to the gym with me as well & it's fun cheering each other on to become fit and healthy.Yeay!

Last weekend was packed with activities!

Saturday was crazzy!!!Had Masters seminar in the morning--which taught us about stuffs we already know!And I instead choose to sleep a little,discuss Sep's engagement/wedding preparation(congrats!!!) with him, & ate while the prof was talking in front..hehe----afterwards, went shopping with Syud and splurge on work clothes,manicure stuffs and bought a super duper big make up bag that now has managed to fit EVERY single one of my beauty products--impressive!

Send Syud to the KTM and then helped my mum to buy groceries.We used this 2 huge shopping bag from Nestle, which fits everything in it and is in line with Selangor's no plastic bag day every Saturday which to me is a step in the right direction(I even taught my students back during practicum about why no plastic bag day is a good thing..which shocks them because they had no idea how harmful plastic bags are to the environment--man I can blog about this for hours!).

Then got home,got ready for In and her 2 friends to pick me up to go to Lot 10 for my friend, Ad's performance.It was a great one and even managed to do some window shopping--Matthew Williamson's 'Butterfly' collection for Debenhams looked amazing!Ate at Pak Hailam's Kopitiam(I think that's the name..sorry if I'm wrong!) in Sungei Wang and had super delicious wholemeal paus although their chicken chop was just WRONG!Don't order it when you go there!

Lepak2 at Pelita after the show and it was great catching up with old friends.Especially Elin(who is back in Malaysia for good after pursuing her Masters in Michigan) and Shaema(who got a smokin' hot makeover and now she'll be working with me as well..yeay!!We have the same birthday btw..ahaha).

Sunday woke up and then had brunch with Adela at Pak Hailam(ahaha) in Shah Alam.Had their fried rice which was okay and of course one of their scrumptious Kaya pau.Went to Cheer 2010,met up with Izza and her sisters.Met lots of my ex-students and most of them were guys--surprise2..ahaha.

Went shopping with Adela at Empire--I just love it there & they still have free parking inside!!woohoo---splurge at La Senza and got this cool booklet with lots of vouchers and became their member as well..hehe.

Did threading for the 1st time too!!It wasn't painful at all when the super nice aunty did my eyebrows but I did feel a little pain on my upper-lip though.The aunty,who's Indian,was embarrassed when everyone was watching her from outside of the shop(I guess they were just curious!) but I told her that it was good for her business since I looked very relax on the chair..And I was right because as I paid her,more people queue up & ask her to thread their faces.:)
OMG do I love JAYA GROCER--there's huge puff pastry dough,buttermilk, and many many more ingredients that I can't find in normal supermarkets.Yes,I can cook/bake so many more things now that I know where to buy the right ingredients!Saw various flavor of Poptarts(my breakfast when I was 15 years old) and the BEST THING IS--THEY HAVE BEN & JERRY'S in various flavors!!!warghhhh..My favorite ice cream EVER!!!Lotsa lotsa cool candies like Wonka's,Twizzlers and even Paul Newman's treats.Sigh.I was in a foodie heaven..:))

Saw this video thank on one of the ex-students in my old school FB.So sweet!!Casillas was about to cry when he kissed his girlfriend on NATIONAL tv yoooo and so did she after he did.Translation for what both of them said,in English is at the video link in Youtube..:)