Life oh life...

Sunday, July 11, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Due to the fact that I had to submit my thesis abstract this week and the fact that I now have broadband,I have been sleeping for less than 4 hours every night.Juggling work and studies is not an easy feat.I decided to do my masters thesis base on one of my past ideas for my degree thesis,which has something to do with blogging.

Since I already have a lot of information on the topic,I thought why not I do about it for my masters?Besides that was what I answered during my Masters interview anyway.Thus,that is why I managed to complete the abstract mere minutes before I had to go to work,emailed it to one of my seniors/co-workers who was willing to print & send it for me.Thank u!

Work-wise,I will now be working for Amex.Which means more stress and pressure since I have to deal with expatriates and elite customers and they expect high level of service.ayeyayayay.Have to practice speaking in a very formal and refined manner.ahaha

I have been spending far too much money nowadays.Sigh.I can't help it!There's so many pretty things to buy..:P.Bought a few tops and pants and shoes.hehe.Lots of beauty products cos' I love trying new products in the market.And this gorgeous necklace from Old Blossom Box Store that I just can't stop wearing(bought a top there too).

Now I just need that white dress from Zara and I promise that I will stop spending money..atleast until my salary comes out.hehe.My cousin who works at one of the Zara outlets(they pay you very very well!) is trying to secure the dress for me because when I went to Lot 10 tonight for my friend Ad's performance,the only size available was L & there was only 1 piece & there wasn't any left.Hopefully there'll be one in S or M tomorrow at the other outlets.It's just so beautiful and breathtaking & I did tried on the L size one & it drooped.:(

Been so busy that I have not even finish reading Twenties Girl or continue watching episodes from Sex & The City(got all 6 seasons from Ms.Salliza a few months ago).

Got so much to blog about but I can't remember and I'm so sleepy now.Been going out since 9 am until now!huhu...Masters seminar,shopping spree with Syud,helped my mum buy groceries & then went to Lot 10 with In and 2 of Iki's friends and then lepak2 & now I'm back home.

Tomorrow morning will be going out with Adela & then maybe if I can make it,to support the man that I love while he kick some balls..on the field.ahahah.:P..Nite peeps!