Monday, July 26, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Today was a packed Sunday filled with fun activities.Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy..eh2..ahaha..Woke up,& la familia came to grandma's hse,went to watch Despicable Me 3D with my 2 brother's,Syafiq & Raffiq.

The movie was okay lah.Nothing can beat Inception I guess.But the 3 sisters in the movie,especially Agnes is just sooo cute!!I want my own cute daughter too.:P..*wink wink*..bwahaha.And can you believe Steve Carrel's ability in changing his voice & sounding like Gru?

Oooh2,after the movie,walk a bit & bought a few tops at Tee Too(again!)& a book that will be a great addition to my ever expanding collection(I think I've almost 150+ books in my collection now..ahaha)--Every Day In Tuscany by Frances Mayes.I have all of her travelling books-Under the Tuscan Sun,Bella Tuscany & A Year in the world.This book cost me rm99.90-the most expensive amount that I've spend on just 1 book..ahaha..But it's worth it cos' it's been years since she's written a new book & I can't wait to read more of the book.


Read my books! Pleeeeease?

Li said...

ellen:i have 5 books that i bought that I haven't finish reading yet...haven't had the chance too..would u be willing to me your books for free??kidding!:P