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Counting tomorrow's trip to Sunway,it'll be my FOURTH trip there this week & my THIRD time watching a movie this week too..Man do I spend a lot of time there..ahaha.Last night watched Inception with the boyf and it was AWESOME!!!The cinema was packed!!How do I know this?Well,we managed to snag the last 2 remaining empty seats & although it wasn't at the front(it was about 5 rows from the front)&we had to be separated by an aisle.sob sob sob..

The sacrifices that the boyfriend make because I really wanted to watch that movie--he was willing to sit on the STAIRS while I sit on the seat.....awww..I love you baby!!
But,the person sitting next to me went out of the cinema like 30 minutes before the movie ended cos' her employer's daughters(middle eastern people) wanted to go & out & didn't like the movie--kids kot!So he got to sit next to me after all..:))

The movie WAS JUST MIND BOGGLING & I super duper love the idea of a dream within a dream within a dream.BRILLIANT!I would love to own the original dvd and study the movie again.I won't reveal much of the movie here but PLEASE PEOPLE DO WATCH IT!It's worth every single penny.

Went to Murni SS2 for dinner & the food was awesome & my boyfriend loved it better than Williams & I have to agree.:P..The place was JAM PACKED with people.Ate chicken maryland fried rice while the boyf had the chicken chop fried rice & half-way through the meal I wanted the dragon-something pizza but alas,they only told us it was unavailable after my hopes was already up in eating it..:((..Some other time I guess..

Ooh I love2 my drink..which the boyf ordered for me thus I don't remember the name but it was pink & had watermelon,longan & nata de coco in it.The boyf ordered a pisang special.ahaha.

Today after Master's seminar went to Sunway with Syud & I finally bought the Charles & Keith bag that I wanted although there weren't any discount for it..damnz.Whatever..I need a bag new bag anyway..ahaha..Look below,isn't it gorgeous??

Bought a few stuffs(3 dressses + 1 cute sling bag) at Tee Too & become their member for free & got a card cos' I spend..erm..better not tell the amount here in fear that the boyfriend might read this..ahaha.Bought a few stuffs at Forever 21 & Cotton On too..hehe.I promise that I won't shop so much anymore atleast for another month..I hope..:P

Ooooh,we ate at Sushi King & I had the bento set which I haven't had in a long time but I've to say that I prefer the bento at The Garden's Mid Valley food court..yummah!!ahaha

Tomorrow going to go to Sunway with the little brothers & treat them to a movie..huhu..4 days this week that I've been to Sunway but I just love it there cos' everything is there..btw,Krispy Kreme is opening at Shah Alam Mall soon--habisla,gemokla I nanti..damn!


Yaya said...

meowww.. (bile sgt jeles :P)

shopping sakan miss yana nie ek. haha!

I love the bag, unique la. and hat tuh. comel ja.. ngee~ :D