I think I better leave right now

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I'm tired.
I feel unappreciated almost all the time.
And last night was the last straw.
When I'm in it,I'm in it.
It's not a game to me.
For some people it might be so.
Still,I've given it everything that I got.
I leave everything to God to decide.
And yes,I do love you.
But I think I better leave right now.



Monday, August 23, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Yep,I decided to change my blog template to a much simpler one..the former was getting old for me and feel so cluttered!

Been so busy lately.Drove back & forth last week from SA(Shah Alam) to PA(Puncak Alam) because my dad got admitted into the hosp.A day before that,boyf's family hse got robbed while all of them went back to their kampung for his aunt's passing.Dugaan2.

BUT,ayah got discharged on Friday & the boyf is coping with the situation.

Saturday,buka puasa with the ex students + Fana & then they teman-ed me to watch boyf play footie at Stadium Mini Shah Alam.Lepak2 with naqib,acap & the boyf & went home...zzzz.

A few hours ago,went to KL to meet up with Izza after sooo long cos' I was suppose to meet her b4 she went to Korea but due to work & stuffs,didn't manage to..T_T

Spend hours shopping from noon to buka puasa.Bought a jacket,2 cardies,a dress,a watch,a necklace & a pair of earrings + 2 shirts for the boyf..:)..Mission accomplish!But 2mrw I've to buy 2 or 3 pair of shoes.Can't wait!!

Will try to blog more this week..promise!!:)



Friday, August 20, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Ayah is out of the hospital!

After sahur I can sleep until noon!!!!woohoooo

And then berbuka with my ex-students!

Sunday will be a day of shopping!!yippeeeeeee


Book Review:Sweet Little Lies.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Come on,just admit it..I’m sure everyone of us at some point of our lives have watched reality tv shows right?I admit that back in the past when I had lots of free time on my hands,I watched a heck load of reality tv from Survivor,Amazing Race,The Apprentice,Laguna Beach,The Hills,The Mole,ANTM,and many many more.

Which brings me to the topic of someone who become famous because of it—Lauren Conrad.She has come a long way from being featured on MTV in high school through Laguna Beach and then The Hills.Now she has her own fashion line,2 books under her name,and many endorsements and magazine covers.

The 2 books that she has supposedly written(because I think she had a collaborator working with her to write it) has become quite the best seller.Although it’s not exactly on the same stage as Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy(which by the way although really long,is a great great read although the name of the characters can be very confusing & a mouthful being they’re RUSSIANS), is actually quite enjoyable.

The 2 books that Conrad wrote are titled L.A Candy & Sweet Little Lies.I read both books in just 2 days.It doesn’t require much brain power because it’s basically like you’re in a reality show.I’ve explained about the book L.A Candy in one of my posts so I’ll touch a bit on Sweet Little Lies here.

After I finished reading Sweet Little Lies I came up with the conclusion on why Lauren Conrad decided to dropped out from The Hills for it’s 5th season.It’s not really a ‘reality’.Read this book to get all the inside scoop on what a ‘reality show’ truly is.

As I’m reading the book,I can’t help but feel that some of the characters are actually based on people that’s in Lauren’s real life.For example,the character Jesse is so her ex,Jason Wahler in real life!He has a horrible drinking problem and has been in and out of rehab many times and is such a player.Jane is also like,duh,totally Lauren Conrad(pardon the bimbo slang in this particular sentence..:P).

Madison reminds me of Heidi Montag.Hannah is soo Whitney Port.Caleb is probably Stephen Coletti.Fiona Chen soo reminds me of that West Coast Editor of Teen Vogue that Lauren worked with.ahaha.So,although Lauren’s book won’t win a Pulitzer prize anytime soon,it’s a great light read for you to take your mind off from the ‘real’ world..pardon the pun!:P


Ajal dan maut di tangan tuhan

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I did a post with the same title 2 years back HERE & today it happened to an aunt of my boyfriend,with almost the same situation & also during the fasting month. Condolences to his family.Innalillah..


Book Reviews!

Saturday, August 14, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Haven’t done this in awhile and in fact,just wrapped all of the books that I bought yesterday.Yes,I am a big nerd!All of the 150++ books in my collection are wrapped in embossed pvc plastic(the smooth one,not the shiny one!) and no other kind of plastic wrap will do.

1. Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

This is a new genre by Sophie Kinsella since it involves a girl being able to see a talking ghost.Truthfully,compared to her other books,I didn’t enjoy this book as much.I much much prefer her shopaholic series and even her other non-shopaholic books.Basically the book is about Lara who is able to see her dead great aunt but in a much younger form.She has to help her great aunt Sadie find her lost necklace.

There are some plus points in the book like the great big reveal on Aunt Sadie’s love.The relationship between Ed & Lara.But I so don’t like the idea that a ghost can make you do things that you don’t want to..That’s just scary!Although Kinsella put it in a funny way.If I have to rate this book it’ll be 3 out of 5.

2. The Wedding Girl by Madeleine Wickham

This book is also written by Sophie Kinsella albeit in a different name.I love this book because of the simple yet complicated plot.It’s about Milly who’s about to marry Simon,the son of Harry Pinnacle,a millionaire, when something about her past is about to resurface and ruin the wedding of the year.

The characters in the book-- like Milly’s family which consists of -James & Olivia her parents and her sister,Isobel, Simon’s father Harry,Milly’s godmother-Esme Omerod & Rupert,tied the whole story together and was essential in making this book a very enjoyable read.The book also touch a bit on gay relationship,something that you never thought Madeleine Wickham/Sophie Kinsella can do.

There are many twist and turns in this book and I like the theme of this book which is essentially about relationships and family.The relationship between Milly and Simon;Olivia and James;Harry and Isobel(spoiler!),Rupert and Allan. I’d give this book 4 out of 5.

3. L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad

Ever since I watched MTV’s reality show Laguna Beach when I was a teen(I have all 3 seasons on dvd!) I became a big fan of Lauren Conrad.What not to love about her anyway?She’s nice,fashionable,beautiful and real,not at all flaky.

I read this book in 1 day.It was like The Hills only much much juicier.The main character is Jane who along with her best friend Scarlett,is on a reality tv-show called L.A Candy along with 2 other girls,Madison and Gaby.

Although this can’t be compared as a literary gem,I thought that for a first attempt by Lauren,this was pretty good.Can’t wait to read the sequel to this book Sweet Little Lies!

Currently I am reading 2 books-The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell & Every Day in Tuscany by Frances Mayes.Hopefully I'll finish reading both books by the end of this week!:)


Sahurrrr & other things

Saturday, August 14, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

During the fasting month,I love waking up for sahur and never miss it.I think it’s one of the great things about fasting.Besides,I don’t usually wake up that early on a normal day,although I do so back during UiTM in order to complete last minute assignments(man I miss those times).Heck,I don’t even eat breakfast on most days.Below are pictures of what I ate during sahur this week.

And yes,I love yakult nowadays.The murtabak in one of the pics(which my mum bought all the way from Puncak Alam on Thursday & send to me in Shah Alam,along with my fave puasa dessert,dadih!) below was utterly inedible that I had to throw them away.bleargh.Why oh why the murtabak seller near my parents house doesn’t open his stall this year?I miss it!!

*Durian(hehe),wild mushroom soup,garlic bread,murtabak(which I didn't eat cos it taste awful!),yakult & mango flavored dadih*
*Ori glaze krispy kreme,kfc coleslaw + whipped potato,hot & spicy popcorn chicken,garlic bread & yakult*

Currently I am at home,being my parents place.Got MC yesterday because had vertigo in the morning..bleargh..Was in the bathroom,about to get ready for work when I felt my head move to the back...arghh!Thankfully after a few hours of sleep it subsided a little.Got the usual neurobion pills & a brand new medicine from Japan(forgot it's name)!Cool!ahaha.

The neurobion is from Austria.Vertigo is a weird condition & besides me,people whom I know that has it too are my own beloved boyfriend(he was worst as he once had it for 1 week--mine usually last up to 3 days),a lecturer of mine & another one is a former senior at my faculty.

Bought various flavor of dadih at the bazaar near my parents house yesterday.I love them!And hey,it's my first bazaar trip for ramadhan!Today was the second.Got pics from yesterday & today but because my Maxis broadband connection is being a total bitch,I have to wait until tomorrow to be able to upload them.hurmph.

Oh,on Thursday was a pretty surreal experience at work because I finally had a customer who used profanity towards me.I heard it happened to my other workmates but I've never experience it myself.Amazingly I was able to keep my anger in check.But of course,had to blow of steam on the phone to the boyfriend during break afterwards.

Thankfully the day ended on a great note.Got lots of warm hugs & kisses!!hehe.IMY!..:)


Pretty Little Liars

Thursday, August 12, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Only 2 more episodes to go before I finish watching this show.I have to say that I actually love the concept of PLL.It has gorgeous babes/dudes,beautiful clothes,an intriguing plot and a sense of mystery.

Although I love Gossip Girl,I've to admit the fashion looks in this show are more wearable in daily life compared to GG.I love the fact that each character have their own sense of style.And the fact that all of them have long flowy hair which they wear either straight or wavy.Seeing their hairstyles encourage me to keep my hair even longer.hehe.

The fact that all 4 main characters are beautiful is a big plus too,for the male audience I guess..ahaha.I love Aria(played by Lucy Hale) & Emily(played by Shay Mitchell) because they look amazing everytime they appear on screen..sigh.

Some of the episode was just heart thumping.Especially the one when A hid in Spencer's closet.Man that was really really scary!!

I am tempted to buy the books but I already know who A is (all you have to is google it & you'll know as well) and I still have many other books that I haven't finish reading yet.Can't wait to download the last 2 episodes!


1st day of puasa

Thursday, August 12, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Surprisingly,my first day of puasa was a breeze & I didn't feel hungry but a bit thirsty though.Mostly sleepy..ahaha..Should have listened to the boyfriend's advice that I should sleep early...

So although it's the fasting month,because I working with a banking company(though I don't actually work at a bank),we don't get to go home earlier than usual.Thus,by the time I'm on my way home,the traffic is congested with people rushing to the ramadhan bazaar so I decided not to go there and instead bought take-out at The Chicken Rice Shop,1/2 dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme & even whipped potato at KFC for sahur.hehe.

The empty parking space at the mall was plenty!wooohoo!!And the original glazed doughnuts at Krispy Kreme was still there compared to yesterday where they sold out when I went after work.

Now ever since I've been working for about a month or so,I realize that yeah,it makes you have no time to do the things you used to do before this back in uni life.Man,life is busy!That's why everybody is so happy when Friday arrives because it's the last day of work for the week.ahaha.

I've been trying my best to finish with my reading so that I can review the books here and actually blog something that has more weight to it.Okay,gonna catch a few winks before I go to work in a couple of hours!


Sahur for 1st day of puasa

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

A bit sad over the fact that I couldn't sahur with the family for the 1st day of fasting month..T_T..Never mind,I'll go home on Friday and I'll get to sahur with them then..yipeee!Besides,my brother is also in the same boat as I'm in since he's studying in Johor.But he'll be back on Thursday so yeay the whole family will get to berbuka together on Friday!

The picture above is what I ate less than a few minutes ago for sahur..Fried chicken,garlic bread,mozarella stick & salad(to balance all those fats!ahaha).Plus 100 plus(sorry for the pun) & Yakult for digestion..ahaha.And litres of plain water..I'm a bit apprehensive whether I can survive today because I always get thirsty very easily...sigh..I guess we'll see how it goes in a few hours..wish me luck!:)

To my Muslim friends,hope you had a great sahur as well.


Things I'm supposed to do

Monday, August 09, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I can be a pretty disorganized person..ahaha.And thus,I hope that by doing this list,I'll be able to keep my life in check more!:)

1)Finish reading my books--The Carrie Diaries,L.A Candy,The Wedding Girl,Everyday in Tuscany...

2)Get my bangs trimmed.

3)Do any resemblance of an exercise--maybe Mari Windsor pilates.

4)Watch all the dvd's that I haven't had the time to watch.

5)Start a little bit on my master's research.

6)Sell my old books & clothes that I haven't worn in years.

7)Spend less time on the internet!

8)Oh, and stop being a doormat for someone!


Random pics

Sunday, August 08, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Random pic taken these past few weeks..too busy to blog..

Oh kpd Shazrul Hezwan,saya rindu anda!Anda tak rindu saya ke??Asyik2 bola jer..sheesssh!ahahah.Kidding!Td jumpa anda pon sekejap sahaja--mana boleh begini!It is not good for my health!:P



Tuesday, August 03, 2010 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

As per request by Izza yg poyo..here's the result of me using the brand new hairdryer/blowdryer of mine(refer to past post)...:)--It gave me a salon worthy blowout within 15 mins!Yessss!!!



Tuesday, August 03, 2010 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Lima tahun berada dalam UiTM,sekarang semua sibuk dengan haluan masing2.Lima tahun berkongsi suka dan duka,pahit dan manis.Saya betul2 merindui anda semua.Walaupun kita jarang2 berhubungan sejak akhir ni(maaf,sibuk dengan kerja,belajar + cinta..ahaha) tapi saya tahu bahawa kalian juga tahu anda semua sentiasa dalam hati dan fikiran saya.

Sangat2 gembira kerana rakan2 rapat saya semuanya sudah bekerjaya sekarang.Tapi rindu sangat2 kerana semua berada jauh2.Cuti saya hanya 12 hari je dalam 1 tahun.Bagaimana nak jumpe anda semua?

Waktu inilah saya sangat berharap mempunyai kuasa ajaib yang membolehkan saya bergerak dari satu negeri ke satu negeri dengan beberapa minit sahaja.Mesti best!Boleh jumpa Hanna & Napisah di Kedah.Mak & Izza di KL.Syud di Pahang.Dan ramai lagi rakan2 yang sibuk mencari rezeki sekarang..sob sob sob.

Dahlah bulan puasa semakin mendekat & ingat lagi bagaimana kita masak ramai2 waktu sahur.Sedih!!Berbuka juga ramai2..Rindu anda semua sangat2!!!Saya doakan yang terbaik dan indah2 sahaja buat kalian semua.Doakan saya juga ya??Miss you guys so much!T_T