Pretty Little Liars

Thursday, August 12, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Only 2 more episodes to go before I finish watching this show.I have to say that I actually love the concept of PLL.It has gorgeous babes/dudes,beautiful clothes,an intriguing plot and a sense of mystery.

Although I love Gossip Girl,I've to admit the fashion looks in this show are more wearable in daily life compared to GG.I love the fact that each character have their own sense of style.And the fact that all of them have long flowy hair which they wear either straight or wavy.Seeing their hairstyles encourage me to keep my hair even longer.hehe.

The fact that all 4 main characters are beautiful is a big plus too,for the male audience I guess..ahaha.I love Aria(played by Lucy Hale) & Emily(played by Shay Mitchell) because they look amazing everytime they appear on screen..sigh.

Some of the episode was just heart thumping.Especially the one when A hid in Spencer's closet.Man that was really really scary!!

I am tempted to buy the books but I already know who A is (all you have to is google it & you'll know as well) and I still have many other books that I haven't finish reading yet.Can't wait to download the last 2 episodes!