Sahurrrr & other things

Saturday, August 14, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

During the fasting month,I love waking up for sahur and never miss it.I think it’s one of the great things about fasting.Besides,I don’t usually wake up that early on a normal day,although I do so back during UiTM in order to complete last minute assignments(man I miss those times).Heck,I don’t even eat breakfast on most days.Below are pictures of what I ate during sahur this week.

And yes,I love yakult nowadays.The murtabak in one of the pics(which my mum bought all the way from Puncak Alam on Thursday & send to me in Shah Alam,along with my fave puasa dessert,dadih!) below was utterly inedible that I had to throw them away.bleargh.Why oh why the murtabak seller near my parents house doesn’t open his stall this year?I miss it!!

*Durian(hehe),wild mushroom soup,garlic bread,murtabak(which I didn't eat cos it taste awful!),yakult & mango flavored dadih*
*Ori glaze krispy kreme,kfc coleslaw + whipped potato,hot & spicy popcorn chicken,garlic bread & yakult*

Currently I am at home,being my parents place.Got MC yesterday because had vertigo in the morning..bleargh..Was in the bathroom,about to get ready for work when I felt my head move to the back...arghh!Thankfully after a few hours of sleep it subsided a little.Got the usual neurobion pills & a brand new medicine from Japan(forgot it's name)!Cool!ahaha.

The neurobion is from Austria.Vertigo is a weird condition & besides me,people whom I know that has it too are my own beloved boyfriend(he was worst as he once had it for 1 week--mine usually last up to 3 days),a lecturer of mine & another one is a former senior at my faculty.

Bought various flavor of dadih at the bazaar near my parents house yesterday.I love them!And hey,it's my first bazaar trip for ramadhan!Today was the second.Got pics from yesterday & today but because my Maxis broadband connection is being a total bitch,I have to wait until tomorrow to be able to upload them.hurmph.

Oh,on Thursday was a pretty surreal experience at work because I finally had a customer who used profanity towards me.I heard it happened to my other workmates but I've never experience it myself.Amazingly I was able to keep my anger in check.But of course,had to blow of steam on the phone to the boyfriend during break afterwards.

Thankfully the day ended on a great note.Got lots of warm hugs & kisses!!hehe.IMY!..:)